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Chapter 64 Part 2 - The Founder of Great Financial Family

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The overseer answered that question.

"We don't know the exact background between the two. Although it's hard for us to interfere with the church's affairs, their relationship has been going on for quite some time. Perhaps their relationship with the bank might be deeper than with the lord. Isn't the bank also the one that pays the most tithes in this territory?"

[T/N: tithe - church tax]

The lord vaguely knew this.

He knew that they had been close since their beer business.


The lord, who coughed for no reason, looked closely at the group of seers who had come to him.

Something... the atmosphere seemed unusual.

They couldn't have thought of coming here without being truly crazy or somewhat prepared.

'These guys are not joking right now. It's like they've come to eat me.'

In an attempt to take care of his own people first, the lord calmed his confused mind and spoke.

"So, that promissory note is backed by my promissory note?"

"Yes, that's right."

The lord, who was looking for responsibility avoidance first, frowned and fell into thought.

'It's a really dog-like situation. This is what happens when I use my collateral?'

"Then what's the reason I have to compensate for it?"

The answer to that question was, surprisingly, his own promissory note that he had written to Carter Bank.

"The reason? The reason is right here."

"Why... Why do you have this? This is what I wrote to Carter Bank?"

"Have you forgotten already? Our Gold promissory notes are backed by your lordship's promissory notes. So, instead of gold coins, Carter Bank gave us your lordship's promissory notes, and now all of us here are holding your promissory notes."


The lord fell silent, at a loss for words.

'Something went wrong. Why...'

The situation seemed unusual as he looked at the big picture.

The lord unknowingly blinked his eyes as he swallowed his saliva.

"So... are you saying that all the Gold promissory notes you've been using so far have been replaced with my promissory notes?"

"Yes, it wasn't our intention, but somehow things turned out that way."

At this moment, the lord had only one thought in his mind.

'Damn it.'

His original intention was to deceive the powerless bankers by abusing the promissory notes, which were just pieces of paper.

However, it was never his intention for the promissory notes to leave the bank and end up in the hands of others like this.

'I thought it would be fine as long as it didn't end up in the hands of other lords... but it turned out like this.'

The overseer spoke with a fairly calm expression toward the lord, whose face was turning red and blue as he grasped the situation accurately.

"So, we have the right to demand the gold coins written here. Fortunately, your lordship's promissory note has this written on it."

This was also intended by Carter Bank a long time ago.

The overseer read the dreadful text in a calm tone, with as little emotion as possible.

"It is transferable."

"Transferable... of course."

"So, we had to come to you, rudely, late at night."

It might not matter to the powerless people of the territory, but it wasn't the case for the armed seers who were responsible for the defense of the territory.

"We must take the gold coins written here tonight. This is our rightful claim, and your lordship cannot refuse."

The rest of the seers, including the overseer, were not fools either.

The lord was currently in massive debt, and it was evenly distributed among the people of the territory through Gold promissory notes.

If things escalated, it would be impossible for the lord to fully repay the debt with his ability.

Before such a nightmare occurred, the group of seers, trying to secure their gold coins first, raised their voices towards the lord.

And this was a right that the creditor group could naturally exercise against the debtor.

"Give us our gold coins."

With those words, the lord unknowingly shrank back and stepped back.

'These guys...'

The eyes of the seers who had gathered to find their gold coins were quite fierce.

It was obvious what kind of bloody incident would occur if he did not give them the gold coins they wanted right now.

"First, calm down. I will naturally give you the gold coins, so don't worry too much."

The lord, who showed a completely different attitude from when Rockefeller came for the interest, continued his voice in a slightly tense manner to reassure the seers.

"If it were someone else, I wouldn't know, but I have to take care of your gold coins, right?"

The overseer, who had been loyal to the lord until now but realized the lord's incompetence today, was not very pleased with the situation.

Although the lord was like the sky, that was when the lord's authority was still alive.

"We will, of course, take care of our gold coins. But I have one question."

"What are you talking about?"

"Even if you take care of us, what will you do with the rest of the people? Most people in this territory are holding Gold promissory notes. What will you do when they all receive your lordship's promissory notes from Carter Bank?"


It was horrible just thinking about it.

A nightmare-like event.

"Can you handle that?"

After finishing his words, the overseer briefly turned his head and glanced at the seers who had followed him.

Although it was not a small number, it seemed very difficult to suppress all the angry people of the territory who wanted to recover their gold coins with this number.

Control would probably be impossible.

"With us here, we probably won't be able to stop the angry people of the territory who want to exercise their claims against your lordship. No, we would be overwhelmed."

The overseer's gaze gradually grew stronger.

"Of course, calming us down first would be the proper order of things."

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