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Chapter 71 Part 1 - The Founder of Great Financial Family

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My Dear, You're Swallowed by Debt  #3(4)

That was the problem.

The reason why Rockefeller wanted to unnecessarily pay off the lord's debt and wanted the lord's daughter to marry his younger brother was.

"Even if we hold this land as collateral, we cannot easily assert our rights, as the imperial law dictates."

"But hasn't the matter already been settled in front of the priest?"

"Yes, it is. So if we go through the complex process, we can assert our rights to the land. The problem is the process."

Rockefeller continued.

"In order for us to claim the rights to this land, we must suddenly visit His Majesty and seek the rights to this land. But would His Majesty or other nobles welcome this? It happened because of the debt owed to the bank."

Losing the land due to debt?

Neither other lords nor the emperor would have liked it.

So their opposition was quite predictable.

That's why Rockefeller didn't like the complicated process and thought of this matter.

"Indeed... they wouldn't like it. Other lords would be cautious about this matter, and His Majesty wouldn't want to bother seating another owner here."

"That's right. But that doesn't mean they can ignore us, who have taken this land as collateral."

"Well... it's because God has been watching."

"Yes, that's right. Since a pledge was made in front of the priest, the lord cannot fully exercise his rights to this land either. So what I'm saying is that this land has become quite ambiguous. No one can fully assert their rights to it."

A land where no one can assert their rights.

Wasn't it as good as dead land?

Rockefeller continued.

"Of course, if we go through a lot of trouble, such as providing funds to the financially struggling royal family or buying off strong-speaking high-ranking officials or opposing nobles with money, we can solve this problem since we also have a valid reason. However, in my opinion, that's not the best way."

In the end, it all came down to money.

"And I think it's not quite right to do that."

As the conversation reached this point, Stella could understand what Rockefeller truly wanted.

Rockefeller wanted to resolve some of the troublesome processes involved in making Montefeltro territory his own land through an agreement with the lord.

In return, debt clearance for the lord.

And as a promise and collateral for that, marrying Stella into the Rosmedici family.

That seemed to be what Rockefeller truly wanted.

"So, we would like to have an agreement among ourselves to hold the actual rights to this land, but not report it to His Majesty. And since such a verbal agreement is somewhat insecure, we think of accepting you as a member of our family as a promise for that. That way, the lord will have a child, so you can't talk nonsense later."

Hearing his words, Stella realized her worth.

The land granted to the lord by the emperor was more complicated than she had thought.

"What do I gain by doing so?"

"Of course, debt clearance. We will take full responsibility for that debt. In return, we will have full ownership of Montefeltro territory."

She seemed reluctant, and Stella showed discomfort.

"I'm getting married here for my father. Debt clearance is important, of course. But I can't let my father down like that. Giving up everything because of debt..."

What she was worried about.

Rockefeller was not unaware of it.

"Of course, we will leave the lord's castle and the surrounding land as it is. If the lord's dignity is taken away, how can he be respected here? At least, where the lord lives should belong to the lord, shouldn't it?"

"What do you mean?"

The land was equal to the lord.

The lord was equal to the land.

Rockefeller changed that thinking.

'I also thought about becoming a lord here. The land is troublesome, but since I have it as collateral, I thought I could buy enough rights to this land from the royal family if I invested some money.'

Then what was the problem?

'But I was a little skeptical about the responsibilities and duties that come with becoming a lord. What I wanted was the power of the lord, not the work.'

The lord had his own responsibilities and duties.

In the end, this was what he hesitated about.

"What I said earlier still stands. You will continue to be the lord of this place. However, since we own the rights to this land, we will naturally collect taxes."

Stella expressed strong doubt, as if she couldn't understand.

"Is that... possible?"

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