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Chapter 71 Part 2 - The Founder of Great Financial Family

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"It's possible if we agree well."

"That's not what I meant. How can my father manage the territory without collecting taxes here?"

"Instead of collecting taxes, we, Carter Bank, intend to fully bear all the expenses required for the operation of the territory. From the salary of the city guards to the maintenance of the territory, and all the money used for defense. And we will also take responsibility for maintaining the dignity and salary needed for the lord's activities."

In other words, they wanted to give the lord control over the territory but separate the financial aspect, turning him into a half-lord.

"Does that mean my father has to consult with you for everything?"

"More precisely, he needs to ask for my permission."

Rockefeller continued.

"Without my permission, he cannot receive any financial support."

As Stella still showed discomfort, Rockefeller spoke seriously, as if he couldn't compromise here.

"Your lordship must clearly understand that the debt problem is entirely your responsibility for abusing promissory notes without thought. We can only help you clear all your debts if we reach that level of agreement. There is no other way."


Stella remained lost in thought.

Whether to accept Rockefeller's current proposal.

Or to find another way to solve her father's debt problem.

'There is... no other way. I have no choice but to accept that proposal.'

If there had been another way, she would have rejected it without hesitation.

Because that was the right thing to do.

But nothing could be gained without sacrifice.

Stella finally began to nod her head after much contemplation.

"If you continue to recognize my father's position until he passes away, I have no intention of rejecting your proposal. There is no other way to repay my father's debt."

At this point, Rockefeller could finally smile happily.

"My proposal is not that bad. Of course, it's not good for your lordship, but if the lady marries into this place, your lordship will eventually accept it."

Stella continued, considering the person who would most oppose this matter.

"My father might disagree, but I'll try to persuade him somehow. So don't worry too much about my father's problem."

"If you could do that, we would be grateful. Now that we've reached a good agreement, let's eat. I'm hungry from talking so much."

As Rockefeller finished speaking, he firmly established what he had been thinking.

'What I wanted was not power.'

The forces that unknowingly controlled such power from behind.

That was what Rockefeller truly wanted to become.

'What I wanted was the ability to achieve everything and true freedom from the interference of others.'

Power and freedom.

What could one call a person who possesses all of that?

Rockefeller thought.

'A god, in a way.'

As Rockefeller was briefly lost in thought, Stella, who had been about to eat, suddenly asked a question that had been bothering her.

"But how are you going to solve the debt problem?"

The debt issue.

The lord's debt was not a small sum.

Of course, if they had the gold coins from Carter Bank, it seemed possible to solve it to some extent, but Stella worried as the amount was not small. Rockefeller answered with a smile.

"Are you curious?"

"Yes, I am. It's not a small amount."

Rockefeller decided not to explain himself and threw a glance at Joshua, who was nearby.

Upon noticing this, Joshua began to speak to Stella, who had been looking only at Rockefeller.

"The debt issue is actually quite simple."

As Joshua opened his mouth, Stella naturally turned her gaze to him.

"How? It's not such a simple issue, is it?"

"The problem now is the Gold promissory notes held by the lord's subjects, right? All of them are worthless since they were issued as collateral."

"That's right."

"We're going to revive them. Then everything will end."

"Revive them...?"

Joshua smiled at Stella, who tilted her head as if she could not understand.

"If you're really curious, just watch. We'll show you how we solve your lordship's debt problem."

* * *

In the market square, where the lord's castle could be seen in the distance.

The lord's subjects who had heard the rumors were gathered in a noisy crowd.

They had been in an uproar since morning, hearing that their lord's debt problem would be resolved today, but the parties involved had not yet shown themselves.

"What the hell are they talking about? They're going to solve our promissory note problem at the bank?"

"I heard that rumor too. How the hell are they going to solve it? This is practically worthless already."

"That's right."

"What kind of trick are they using?"

"Let's just wait and see. They said there would be a major announcement here."

"I should have really dealt with that lord!"

"Lord? What lord? He's just a debtor!"

The market was chaotic with the loud voices of the crowd.

The lord, accompanied by his overseers, appeared at the market square amidst the angry shouts of his subjects.

The lord could not help but feel a headache and wanted to turn his horse around, but he couldn't because today was the day he would be saved.

Upon arriving at the central square, the overseer spoke to the lord.

"Please step onto the platform. He will be here soon."

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