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Chapter 103 Part 1 - The Founder of Great Financial Family

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Magic Stone Tank(5)

While Ricardo was deep in thought about the possible war with the dwarves,

Rockefeller unfolded another letter that had come to him.

The letter, more luxurious and fragrant than the ones sent by the lord and his sister, was unfortunately not from the royal family.

The Sinclair family crest was stamped on the letter.

'It seems the Sinclair family is congratulating me on becoming the guild leader.'

A rough glance at the contents of the letter sent by the Sinclair family showed a message congratulating him on becoming the new guild leader, along with a statement that they respected the choice of the Lyon Guild.

"It seems I am being congratulated by the Sinclair family as well."

Ricardo responded to his words.

"Of course. Hasn't the Lyon Guild always had a deep connection with the Sinclair family?"

"It seems they will send someone soon, according to the letter."

It seemed that the Sinclair family didn't plan to end it with just congratulations now that a new guild leader had been elected.

"They would want to continue the relationship that has been passed down since before the new guild leader was elected. They will probably bestow favors materially or in some other way when they send someone from their family."

Rockefeller didn't deny it.

"Perhaps that's the case."

However, seeing the slight narrowing of his eyes, it seemed he had his own thoughts.

Seeing this, Ricardo asked about something else.

"Still, there is no news from the royal family?"

In fact, the most important thing was the letter from the royal family, more than any congratulatory message or letter.

Only with the royal family's permission to appoint Rockefeller as the head of the Lyon Guild could he truly act as the guild leader.

"Yes, there's no particular news yet."

Rockefeller also seemed a bit worried.

He thought that the royal family would appoint him as the guild leader, but he couldn't be sure since he was originally a commoner.

"If I were not from a commoner background but from a regular noble family, the royal family would not have hesitated so much."

Ricardo knew better than anyone about the noble society and the royal family.

In his judgment, the fact that Rockefeller, a commoner, was appointed as the guild leader might cause some discord among the royal family and high-ranking officials, but it seemed difficult to deny the appointment itself.

"There probably won't be any problem. Even if you are a commoner, neither the royal family nor the bureaucrats can ignore the Lyon Guild. The same goes for other nobles."

His words continued.

"And since the Sinclair family respects the choice of the guild, wouldn't the royal family be the same?"

"I hope so."

"Please be patient and wait a little longer. The royal family will send good news soon."

Rockefeller, who was sparing with his words, put down the letter from the Sinclair family and looked through the other letters as well.

They all contained congratulatory messages.

'These things are meaningless.'

Having put down all the letters addressed to him, Rockefeller, sitting at his desk, spoke up.

"I was thinking of putting out an advertisement."

When Rockefeller brought it up, Ricardo gave him a look.

"An advertisement?"

If it was a recruitment advertisement for an assistant, it would be meaningless since he already had one.

"What are you looking for?"

"A person."

"Are you looking for another assistant?"

At his words, Rockefeller laughed and replied.

"No, it's not that. I've already hired an assistant, so there's no need to hire more."

"Then who are you going to hire?"

"Since the First Prince is coming soon, we need to prepare for him."

Only then did Ricardo understand why Rockefeller was trying to place an advertisement.

"Do you plan to find an escort knight?"

"Yes, if we want to stand up to the First Prince, we have to."

Who could they possibly hire as an escort knight that could hold their head high even in front of the First Prince?

'There are a few...'

However, even those few were not easy for Rockefeller to hire.

In fact, they were impossible.

They were people who couldn't be dealt with even with money.

'It doesn't seem like there's any.'

No matter how much he thought about it, Ricardo couldn't think of a suitable escort knight and raised a question.

"Who do you have in mind? A half-hearted escort knight won't be enough."

"I am aware of that. That's why I plan to temporarily hire a very powerful person as my escort."

"Is there such a person?"

"There's only one."

At the mention of only one, Ricardo tilted his head for a moment, but soon was able to pinpoint one person.

"You don't mean... Lee Han, do you?"

Most of the people Ricardo thought of were ones that Rockefeller could hardly call or even dare to call.

The only one with a possibility was the man of rumors, Lee Han.

However, even Lee Han was not an easy opponent to call.

"Yes, that's right. I plan to have Lee Han as a temporary escort knight. Then the First Prince won't be able to do anything to me."

Ricardo asked with a reluctant expression.

"Can you even bring Lee Han? It's probably hard to buy him with money, right?"

In response to that question, Rockefeller answered with some confidence.

"That's why I plan to use something he needs as bait."


"I heard that he's been raiding various dungeons for magic stones."

The Behemoth's magic sword.

There was a rumor that it grew by consuming magic stones.

"If I offer him the magic stones, wouldn't Lee Han move for me?"

It was true that there were rumors that Lee Han was moving busily because of the magic stones.

"Magic stones..."

"I'm sure he'll move."

As Rockefeller spoke with a confident tone, Ricardo naturally expressed his doubts.

"How can you be so sure?"

"Didn't I tell you? My intuition is quite good. Lee Han will definitely come looking for the magic stones I have."

"Well... if he needs magic stones."

Rockefeller thought to himself.

'It's the time when he's desperate to grow the magic sword, so there shouldn't be a big problem.'

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