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Chapter 103 Part 2 - The Founder of Great Financial Family

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"Anyway, please make the advertisement big. No one knows where Lee Han is right now."

Ricardo asked.

"As for finding Lee Han, we can place ads in as many places as possible. But what about the magic stones? How do you plan to get them?"

Rockefeller still had a smiling face at the question.

'Hey, you're my assistant first of all. I should be able to boss you around comfortably.'

"I'll leave that to you too. As the guild leader, I have my own duties, and it would be a bit funny for me to personally move around to gather magic stones, wouldn't it?"

If the head of the Assassin's House were to collect magic stones, it was certain that many stones would be gathered in a short amount of time.

Moreover, they had plenty of money to purchase them, so what could be the problem?

"Alright, I'll do my best to gather as many magic stones as possible."

Since Ricardo's desired direction was the same as Rockefeller's, there was no particular reason for him to cause any problems.

Thus, Rockefeller, who would soon be busy, offered some encouragement to him.

"Then, I'll count on you."

* * *

Bloodstained ground.

A man stood in the midst of a battlefield littered with corpses all around, without any particular emotion.

Wearing bloodstained armor and letting his red hair blow in the wind, he was Ryan Tepez, known as the First Prince.


A female knight, who also possessed the distinctive features of the Tepez family, approached him.

She, too, was a bloodstained figure, and if there was anything remarkable about her, it was the numerous swords falling from the sky as soon as she took her position to report.

Ignoring the loud crash of the falling sword rain, she spoke to the First Prince with a discontented expression.

"Did you really have to go this far?"

It was a fight without pleasure or excitement.

A one-sided massacre would be the most fitting description.

The leader of the Revolutionary Army had long ago lost his head, and the First Prince had ignored the surrender of the revolutionaries, ending the war with nothing but slaughter.

That was the Tepesz way.

Standing on the corpses of the revolutionaries, the First Prince turned his head to look at the female knight who had come to him.

Although they shared the same blood, she was an incredibly beautiful sister.

Finally, the First Prince, whose expression had changed, spoke.

"There was no fun in it at all."

"Did you expect any fun in something like this?"

"There should at least be some pleasure in trampling on something. I thought they would resist more desperately when cornered. It's my mistake to think that it would be this boring. It was too one-sided, wasn't it?"

Born from the same womb, she didn't particularly like the First Prince's way.

"They had surrendered; you could have just let them live, couldn't you? Even if they were wrong, you could have given them a chance to repent."

At her words, the First Prince shook his head.

"That's not the Tepez way. And if we show such mercy, people will take us lightly. They'll think it's okay to make mistakes. That's not right. We can't let that happen. We must become fear itself."

Ryan reached out and lifted his sister's face.

Surprised by his sudden action, she stopped talking and looked at him.

"What are you doing?"

It was something the brother did when he was bored.

As her expression hardened, she roughly pushed away his hand, and the First Prince chuckled.

"I don't particularly like you either. It's just that you're the only person who can handle my blood."

Her expression remained stern, and the First Prince continued speaking to her.

"Or introduce me to a nice woman, preferably stronger than you. Then I'll leave you alone."

"Instead of paying attention to me, why don't you prepare for the upcoming Crown War?"

The Crown War.

It was an event that couldn't be better for a war-crazy man like him.

"That's right; the Crown War will be completely different from this punitive battle. That arrogant Calman will appear."

Excited at the thought of cutting off the head of Calman, a prince from a different mother, Ryan couldn't hide his enthusiasm.

"But don't worry. Calman will never be able to beat me."

"Calman isn't such an easy opponent, is he? I heard that unlike Christian, he has the support of the Sinclair family."

The Sinclair family.

They were not an easy opponent to overlook.

However, he seemed to have some kind of plan, as he was even smiling.

"Don't worry, I've got it all figured out."

"You've got it figured out?"

She couldn't help but feel a sense of foreboding.

"What exactly have you figured out?"

"I've blocked his source of money. Without money, he can't win in a war. After all, in war"

With confidence, he continued.

"Money is everything."

At that moment, a soldier hurriedly ran towards him.

He was a messenger with news.

Receiving something from the soldier, the First Prince unfolded it immediately.

It was a royal letter.

"What's the content? Is it bad news?"

As his sister Trinity asked out of curiosity, the First Prince, who had slightly narrowed his eyes, opened his mouth.

"His Majesty is about to grant a title to a new guild leader. They say he was originally a commoner... That's why the title was a bit delayed."

The new guild leader of the Lyon Guild.

From the perspective of the First Prince, who had previously dealt with the former guild leader, it wasn't a very sweet piece of news.

"Read it. That's what it says."

Handing the received letter to Trinity, the First Prince looked at the corpse-filled battlefield with a dissatisfied expression.

'Did the guild leader change in the meantime?'

While the progress wasn't to his liking, he didn't think there would be much difference.

'I don't need to worry about it. It might even be a good thing. If the new guild leader is from a commoner background, it'll be easier to deal with than the previous one.'

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