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Chapter 84 Part 2 - The Founder of Great Financial Family

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“Bishop, are you sure it's okay for someone like me to sit in that position? Wasn't that seat always for the Lyon family?”

Bishop Verkis, who had made up his mind, didn't seem to have much interest in taking back his words.

"I came to that conclusion after much consideration. As far as I can see, it seems right for you to take that position. You're still young, aren't you? And I've heard about the Montefeltro territory issue, so I know it well."

"Do you mean the story of our Carter Bank taking over the rights to the territory?"

"Yes, that's right. When I heard that story, I thought you were a very clever person. I never imagined that a mere bank would take all the rights to the territory."

"I am grateful for your kind words."

"And even though things turned out that way, there hasn't been any trouble so far, has there? That's because you used your head wisely. If you had foolishly ousted the lord and taken his place, both Peter and I would have been in a very awkward position. Although that matter is not under our jurisdiction, it's not entirely unrelated to us either."

"I thought there would be various stories coming out from here and there, so I prioritized taking over the rights to the territory. I thought it would be best for us to guarantee the lord's rule as it was."

"That was a wise decision. Most people would have been blinded by greed and messed things up. It may not seem like a big deal, but there's actually nothing more sensitive than that."

"Well, looking at the situation so far, it seems there have been no major issues."

"From what I see, you're the right person for the job. So shouldn't someone like you become the leader of this guild here? At least you're much better than that stubborn guy who only cares about what's right in front of him and doesn't know how to think big."

The words that followed were what he really wanted to say.

"And by being with someone like that, wouldn't a second chance come to me, who has entered the downhill path in my life as a member of the Order? So it's right for you to take that position."

Faced with the bishop's earnest request, Rockefeller never refused.

"If you allow me that position, I will do my utmost to serve you, Bishop Verkis."

Satisfied, Bishop Verkis nodded his head as he looked at the young man named Rockefeller.

'This young man is very ambitious. I used to think of him as just an assistant at a bank, but now he's even convincing me, trying to take a seat that would be impossible for an ordinary person.'

Facing an ambitious opponent, he could feel his long-lost passion coming back to life.

'I used to have that kind of passion, too. That passion must still be alive, even if I don't know it.'

"The position you've held so far, as an assistant at a bank located on the outskirts of the Empire, will be quite overwhelming for you. That position requires you to skillfully control all the bank merchants with thick bones."

Rockefeller nodded his head in agreement.

"I am well aware of that point."

"The one thing I'm worried about is whether you have the ability to control them."

At that moment, what Rockefeller showed was not humility, but confidence.

'If I show humility here, I will only arouse more resentment.'

"Bishop Verkis, you do not need to doubt my abilities. Of course, due to my youth, there may be some resistance from a few guild members. However, as long as you stand by my side, no one will be able to challenge my position. And if I, as the guild leader, bring them even greater wealth than before?"

Rockefeller's eyes shone more intensely than ever.

"They will have no choice but to accept my existence."

In response to his confidence, Bishop Verkis showed faith, not doubt.

Everything he had shown so far had been faith, and his current appearance was very trustworthy.

"Excellent. You look very trustworthy. I will definitely remember this moment."

"Please trust me. I assure you that you will never regret it."

As Bishop Verkis nodded in satisfaction, he suddenly raised a question.

"But even if I support you, can you become the guild leader? It's not my place to appoint the guild leader, is it?"

In truth, the position of the Lyon Guild leader was beyond his authority.

So when he asked, Rockefeller showed another confidence with a subtle smile.

"You don't have to worry too much about that. As you know, Bishop Verkis, the guild leader is traditionally determined through a guild meeting. And that guild meeting will take place in a week, right here in Ghetto Nuovo."

"Just because a guild meeting is held doesn't mean you're guaranteed to take that position, right?"

"There's no guarantee, but I plan to prove the incompetence of the current guild leader directly in front of all the guild members at the upcoming guild meeting."

"In what way?"

"Benjamin is openly declaring that paying interest on gold deposits is an absolutely unacceptable act and a very foolish thing to do. But this is just talk. In reality, if I testify in another way, Benjamin position will be very difficult."

Bishop Verkis nodded his head.

"I see."

"If I argue for the incompetence of the current guild leader at the guild meeting and expel him, then proceed to elect a new guild leader?"

Rockefeller slightly curled the corners of his mouth.

"In a situation where there are no suitable candidates, who else would be elected as the new guild leader?"

"Of course, it would be you, whom I support."

"Which is why this conversation was so important to me. Because without your help, Bishop, I could never take that position."

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