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Chapter 85 Part 1 - The Founder of Great Financial Family

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Guild Meeting #2(1)

With only a week left until the guild meeting hosted by the guild leader, an unwelcome guest visited Benjamin, the owner of the Lyon Bank and the leader of the guild.


"That is the intention of Prince Ryan. He made it clear that if you support someone other than him in the upcoming Crown War, you will have to pay a hefty price for it."

The person who unexpectedly visited Benjamin was an imperial military officer dressed in a neat military uniform. He was a follower of Ryan Tepez, the first prince of the empire, and his purpose for meeting the leader of the Lyon Guild was to deliver a direct warning from the first prince.

"Now, look here. How am I supposed to respond when you suddenly come to me with such words? Everyone knows that the Lyon Guild receives the protection of the Sinclair family."

"That doesn't matter to Prince Ryan. What he cares about is the upcoming Crown War, and everyone involved in it should take his warning to heart."

The imperial military officer continued.

"And as you may have heard, Prince Ryan has no mercy."

"No mercy, you say..."

"Have you not heard any rumors about Prince Ryan?"

"I knew that the Tepez family was originally cruel and ruthless. It has always been such a family."

"He is a true heir to that family's blood. So, it would be best for you not to support the third prince in the upcoming Crown War."

Benjamin, who found himself in a difficult position, naturally argued.

"Then what about the Sinclair family's opinion? What should I do about that?"

The visiting imperial military officer smiled faintly.

"That's not our concern."

"Not our concern, you say..."

"I am only here to convey Prince Ryan's warning. The decision is entirely up to you, Benjamin."

'This is crazy. I never thought it would come to this.'

The Crown War was an age-old tradition of the imperial family, which valued the survival of the fittest and the strong preying on the weak. The war was their unique way of selecting the crown prince from among the princes who inherited the emperor's blood. Only one prince could survive and attain the status of crown prince and the title of emperor.

'Why should we be involved in the Crown War? All we need to do is quietly do our business.'

Benjamin could not simply accept this and tried to show some backbone.

"Look here. Do you think I'll just blink at that? We're under the protection of the Sinclair family. If you mess with us, the Sinclair family won't stay quiet either."

The visiting officer laughed, seemingly finding Benjamin's bravado amusing.

"Haha, depending on the outcome of the upcoming Crown War, Prince Ryan may completely eliminate the Lyon Guild."

"What? Eliminate the guild?"

"Isn't the bank already ostracized by the church and the academy? It's a place with a notorious reputation for usurious practices and is despised by the citizens of the empire. Even if all such places were closed down, it wouldn't be a problem, would it?"

"Wh-who says! We're conducting our business according to proper procedures!"

"If Prince Ryan becomes the emperor, there's nothing he can't do. It's the imperial law, after all."

The imperial military officer, who seemed to be smirking, continued.

"Isn't it all according to the emperor's will?"


Benjamin couldn't help but sigh at the situation.

Ryan Tepez, the first prince, was one of the strong candidates for the next crown prince among the various princes. Therefore, the words of the visiting imperial military officer did not sound light to Benjamin.

'I can't ignore the Sinclair family's opinion, but he's not wrong either.'

The first prince, Ryan Tepez, received full support from the swordsmanship family Tepez, while the third prince, Calman Sinclair, received support from the magic family Sinclair. If both princes participated in the Crown War, the position of the Lyon Guild, which received the protection of the Sinclair family, would become very difficult.

"Give me some time to think. We're also under the protection of the Sinclair family, so it's unreasonable to come out of the blue and tell us not to support the third prince. Our guild has its own position."

The visiting imperial military officer did not seem to be in a hurry.

However, that did not mean he was considerate of Benjamin's position.

"We will give you plenty of time to think. Prince Ryan will likely visit Lyon soon for matters related to the magic stone tanks, so you can think until then."

"Wait. Prince Ryan is coming to Lyon soon?"

"Yes, the schedule hasn't been set yet, but he'll be visiting soon. It will probably be right after the suppression of the Yormungand Revolutionary Army."

"Heh... I heard that the suppression of the Revolutionary Army is almost over."

"That's why he'll be coming soon."

The visiting imperial military officer, seemingly satisfied, delivered his final words to Benjamin.

"Then, I believe Benjamin will make a wise decision. If Benjamin and the guild members want to continue doing business as they have been, that is."

After the imperial military officer left and Benjamin was alone in his office, he began to ponder, wrapping his head in his hands.

'Damn it! To hell with...'

However, all that came to mind were curses about the current situation.

'The world is coming to an end with that madman, warmonger Prince Ryan visiting Lyon? If the suppression of the Revolutionary Army is over, that means he'll be coming soon.'

In the midst of preparing for the guild meeting, the visit of Ryan, the first prince, who was a strong candidate for the crown prince, also became a headache for Benjamin.

'I know he's a merciless person like the rumors say. After all, the Tepez family is known for that.'

A swordsmanship family notorious for its cruelty and lack of mercy.

Historically, members of the Tepez family were described as madmen who were consumed by madness, slaughtering their enemies and reveling in the carnage.

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