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Chapter 87 Part 2 - The Founder of Great Financial Family

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'Ryan... I didn't expect to hear that name here.'

As he said, the 1st Prince of the Empire was a very aggressive person.

He never avoided a fight and always paid back what was done to him—an owner of such a personality.

He was a typical prince who inherited the blood of the Tepez family.

"If His Highness Ryan wins the Crown War, those of us who did not support him could be abandoned in an instant. Do you really want to take such a risky gamble?"

No one answered his question.

"I'm not one for ambiguous gambles. Of course, there is a possibility that the 3rd Prince we originally wanted to support will win. But if we look at the momentum, His Highness the 1st Prince is quite formidable."

With that, he concluded his speech.

"So, I don't want to support the 3rd Prince by making various excuses. Instead, we should avoid the risk of closing our business if the 1st Prince wins the Crown War, even if the Sinclair family is displeased."

As the guild member sat down, another guild member raised his hand.

When Benjamin pointed at him, a chubby guild member began to speak to everyone.

"I've listened to both of your opinions. I also empathize with and respect your thoughts. We are in a crisis now. We cannot fully support either side. So, I have a suggestion."

As everyone's attention focused on him, he continued.

"We secretly support both. Then there will be no need to worry, right?"

Another guild member objected.

"Do you have the confidence not to be caught?"

"That's why I'm saying we should support both sides as secretly as possible. Then there won't be any problems, right? No matter who wins, we'll have a say."

Another guild member stood up and shook his head.

"It takes too much money. It's already a tremendous amount of money to support one side, let alone both."

His neck veins bulged.

"Do you think money falls from the sky? We do this to make money! No one thinks we're doing this to give money away!"

His shouting continued, and as voices joined in, the conference room became chaotic.

"Quiet! Be quiet!"

Naturally, it was Benjamin's job to deal with the commotion.

"Be quiet!"

After he shouted several times, the conference room finally quieted down.

"I didn't even give you permission to speak, and yet you suddenly interrupt and cause a commotion? If you keep doing this, I'll use my guild master authority to forcibly expel you from the conference hall. Just remember that."


After a short, fake cough, Benjamin raised his voice towards everyone.

"Does anyone have a better suggestion? If you have a good idea that everyone here can accept, don't just keep it to yourself. I'll give you the opportunity to speak up in front of everyone, so give it a try."

A good suggestion.

Everyone in the room just exchanged glances in silence, as if there was no such thing.

Watching the guild members like this, Benjamin couldn't help but feel frustrated.

He himself didn't have a proper solution either.


'What's going on?'

A young man, who was hard to classify as a guild member, quietly raised his hand.

Benjamin involuntarily frowned upon seeing the raised hand.

'What is he trying to say?'

Although Rockefeller raised his hand quietly, Benjamin ignored him for now.

He waited a moment for another guild member to speak up, but there was none.

'He keeps being annoying. What is he trying to blabber about?'

As reluctant as he was, Rockefeller was a necessary person for the second agenda item.

His testimony was needed to convince the guild members and enforce the new guild regulations.

'I have no choice.'

"You're not even a guild member here. But I'll still listen to your opinion."

Upon being granted permission to speak, Rockefeller, who had stood up, began to address everyone.

"I know it might be presumptuous for me to speak up since I'm not a guild member yet, as the guild master said. But I feel that I must say this for everyone here, so I took the opportunity to speak."

As Rockefeller stood up, the majority of the guild members who recognized him began to whisper among themselves.

It was because the rumored assistant of Banco had obtained the right to speak.

Rockefeller continued to address the guild members.

"I don't have any amazing solutions. However, I am extremely disappointed in all of your attitudes."

At Rockefeller's words, the entire conference hall began to stir.

Benjamin, who had slightly contorted his face, asked Rockefeller.

"Why do you think that? Do we look foolish to you, being caught up in the Crown War?"

Benjamin then subtly mocked Rockefeller.

It meant, what would a youngster like you know?

However, Rockefeller shook his head and denied everything that was happening here.

"Money is power and, in fact, everything. And we are the real powers holding that. Yet, our opponents underestimate us and only provoke us further. And we!"

Rockefeller's eyes burned with emphasis as he continued.

"We cowered before them and even bowed our heads. We showed only the typical appearance of the weak without even knowing the power we possess. This is a serious problem. Since when have we been weak and powerless? Wasn't it to grow this power that we formed this guild and united together?"

There was no guild member who could refute his final question.

They, too, secretly wanted to become strong, not weak.

"As far as I know, the power difference between the 1st and 3rd Princes in the upcoming Crown War is not significant. So, it's natural that everyone here has different opinions. If one side had an overwhelming advantage, there would be no need to even bring up this issue."

Rockefeller continued to speak on his own, facing everyone who agreed.

"Then, if we strongly push one side in this awkward balance, what will happen?"

In the silence, Rockefeller gave the answer.

"The side we push will become the Emperor."

Only then did murmurs begin to spread throughout the conference hall.

With just a slight change in thought, Rockefeller's words were somewhat accurate.

"In this way, we are the ones who can decide who among the two princes will become the Emperor. And yet, we bow our heads to them? Does that make any sense?"

Rockefeller shook his head, as if outright denying that they had done something wrong.

"You all made a mistake."

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