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Chapter 88 Part 1 - The Founder of Great Financial Family

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Guild Meeting #2 (4)

Indeed, he was the assistant of Banco, who had caught the lord.

Daring to have such thoughts.

In the turbulent conference room, the guild members began to nod in agreement.

"Look at that young man. His way of thinking is completely different from ours."

"It's no wonder he caught the lord. There must be a reason for it."

"There are people who think like that too."

"Listening and seeing, it's true. We do have that much power. If it's not the emperor we're pushing for, then what is it?"

"Even if the 1st prince is talented, he can't win the crown war without money. Frankly, if we support one of the two princes properly, that person will become the next emperor, right?"

At this moment, Rockefeller's words continued.

"That incident was the result of the 1st prince underestimating us. How trivial a group must he have thought we were to ignore us like that? If he had known our true strength and continued to act accordingly! The attitude the 1st prince would have taken towards us would have been completely different from now."

Rockefeller's words implicitly implied that the Lyon Guild had been on the wrong path until now.

And those words indirectly revealed dissatisfaction with the guild leader who had led the Lyon Guild in that way.

"Quiet! Be quiet!"

After the conference room became noisy, the guild leader, with a more hardened expression than before, quieted the room and spoke to Rockefeller, who was looking at him.

"What does that ignorant kid know to babble like that?"

"You, my friend. I felt it back then too, but you're really an ignorant kid."

Benjamin's hardened expression was only for a moment.

He forced a kind look on his face and continued.

'I need it for my testimony later. I'll have to bear with it until then.'

"I understand. If you lack experience, you can naturally think like that. But, it's not that easy. On the contrary, if we show that kind of courage, we could be ruined. We might even see a very dangerous situation where a Banco merchant dares to set us up like that."

However, not everyone shared the same thoughts.

Several guild members who strongly agreed with Rockefeller's words stood up and continued to shout at the guild leader.

"Why are you doing this when he's right!"

"Right! It's all true! How much of a pushover were we for them to come out like that!"

"Let's show them how scary we can be this time!"


The conference room stirred again.

The voices of opposition, which did not even agree with his thoughts, were very unpleasant noises to the guild leader.

"Quiet! Be quiet!"

Once again, Benjamin, who had quieted the conference room, found Rockefeller, who was still holding the floor.

'If you're planning to stay in this guild, you shouldn't talk like that. What are you thinking? Don't you have any intention of getting along?'

"Since the topic has come up, why don't you tell us? Do you think I've been running the guild wrong up until now?"

In fact, there weren't many guild members who had the guts to say that in such a place.

Most of them couldn't dare to raise a rebel against Benjamin, except for a few guild members with considerable power or close ties with the upper echelons.

But Rockefeller was different.

'You don't fit in there at all.'

"My opinion remains unchanged. I believe the attitude the guild has taken so far is wrong. It's time for a change."


At that single word, the entire conference room began to stir again, and Benjamin's expression could only grow sour.

In the midst of the noise, the guild leader, who had been quietly chewing on Rockefeller's words, spoke in a low voice.

"You don't seem to care about my feelings at all. To say such things. Haha......"

At the end, even an absurd laugh escaped from him, and Rockefeller changed his attitude for a moment.

"Why would that be? I was just angry at what the 1st prince said, and I just made some nonsense out of it. It's purely my personal opinion, so I hope you don't get too swayed by it."

"Is there anything to be swayed by? It's just a babble from a kid who doesn't know anything about the world."

Rockefeller's gaze remained unchanged.

'He's definitely annoying and unlikable.'

A goldsmith?

A guild member?

'No way. I'll kick him out of this industry forever. It's not difficult with the power I have.'

"Now that you've said that, let's move on to the next agenda. In fact, the next agenda is more important for this meeting."

Then a guild member objected.

"Are you already discussing the next agenda when the first agenda hasn't been properly resolved yet?"

"That's a matter for me to decide, so I'll move on at my discretion. You don't have any good opinions anyway, do you?"

"We still have to look for it! Or what the young man said earlier isn't bad either!"

"If there had been a good opinion, of course, I would have accepted it. And the reason I brought up that story as this meeting's agenda was to ask if there were any good opinions among you, but ultimately, it's a matter for me to decide."

Benjamin continued.

"If you have any good ideas, feel free to consult with me at any time."

When no more words came out about the first agenda, Benjamin began to explain the subsequent agenda.

"Next agenda. In fact, it's no exaggeration to say that this guild meeting was held to discuss this issue. You've probably heard the rumors already. That young man over there had a ridiculous idea."

Benjamin pointed to the place where the young man named Rockefeller was sitting.

"In fact, that young man is neither a goldsmith nor a member of this guild. He's just a young assistant hired by Carter."

Benjamin, who didn't know that Rockefeller had become a goldsmith with the help of Bishop Verkis, continued to chatter.

"But he had a rather absurd idea and greatly disrupted our ecosystem."

The guild members, who were somewhat familiar with the rumors, listened quietly to Benjamin's words.

Members of the guild, who had some knowledge of the rumors, continued to listen intently to Benjamin's words in silence.

"Is there anyone who objects to this? Speak up if you have any. God is watching."

"In a situation where even the gold storage fees were insufficient, he came up with the absurd idea of not taking them and even paying interest instead. And there must be a few businesses that have suffered because of this."

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