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Chapter 89 Part 1 - The Founder of Great Financial Family

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Guild Meeting #2(5)

Benjamin couldn't help but be flustered by the sudden attitude of the bishop.

'What is he trying to do? Coming all the way here.'

No matter how much he thought about it, Benjamin couldn't figure out the reason and wanted to ask Bishop Verkis, who was addressing everyone.

"Why are you doing this?"

"What are you talking about?"

"Well, there's nothing to do here now that the service is over, right?"

"I have something to say, so I stayed here."

"What do you mean you want to say something?"

"Have you been listening? If your ears are fine, you should have heard everything I said."

Annoyed, Benjamin let out a sarcastic laugh.

'Really, what is he trying to do?'

As Benjamin was contemplating how to respond, Bishop Verkis, who had been addressing everyone, continued.

"You all know that you are doing business thanks to me, right? So, you won't object if I make that young man a guild member here, will you?"

As the guild members were whispering amongst themselves, Benjamin stepped forward with a twisted expression.

No matter how much of a bishop he was, he was still a member of the same family.

Therefore, there was no need for Benjamin to be too intimidated by him.

If he had a complaint, he could just argue it out.

"Excuse me, but what are you doing? Coming to someone else's establishment and causing a scene. If you're done, just leave. You're just getting in our way."

But Bishop Verkis was not one to back down easily.

"What are you doing? Who do you think you're doing business thanks to? Have you already forgotten what I've done for this guild?"

"Haven't I compensated you enough for that?"

"What compensation! What exactly have you given me?"

"Do I have to list them all?"

"Is that why you even made this gathering, so you can't pay the church interest?"

"Why are you bringing that up here!"

As the voices of the two grew louder, the guild members became quiet, watching the two.

On the other hand, Benjamin, who had been glaring at Bishop Verkis as if he wanted to devour him, thought without holding back his twisted expression.

He realized the reason why the bishop came out like that.

'I get it. You're still upset about that.'

He wondered why he had stayed here so far, and it seemed that there was still lingering resentment about the withdrawal of the interest-paying business.

"Anyway, this matter is our business, so I would appreciate it if Your Grace would not interfere with our affairs any further."

"Why shouldn't I interfere? If you do that, both I and the church will be harmed! Do you want to be so hated by God?"

"Isn't it more accurate to say that I am hated by Your Grace rather than by God?"


"Ah... what blasphemy is this? If you are dissatisfied with this matter, I will compensate you later. Isn't that enough?"

"What exactly are you going to compensate me for?"

"Haven't I already paid you enough in donations? Have you forgotten all the donations I've given?"

"What about the donations! Are you trying to show off by giving them as donations! And if you were going to show off like that, you should have helped me back then!"

"Why are you bringing that up again! And didn't I tell you clearly back then that I was having a hard time too! I told you several times that I couldn't do it anymore because it was too hard."

As the quarrel between the two intensified again, Rockefeller, who had been standing there, cleared his throat and made his presence known to the two.

Then, Bishop Verkis, who had been getting angry, barely calmed down and stopped arguing with Benjamin.

"Anyway. I have to do my part, so I'll accept that young man as a guild member here. If not, I won't stay still."

"I can't do that."

"Why not?"

"Well, I just can't."

"Why can't you, tell me?"

"He's not even a goldsmith... no, that's not it."

With the bishop's gaze burning like fire and no other excuses, Benjamin twisted his expression and continued.

"Anyway, his experience is insufficient, so it's difficult to accept him as a guild member immediately."

"Now that he's a goldsmith, what do you mean he lacks experience? If he's done that much work, his qualifications and experience should be more than enough."

Then, Rockefeller, who had been watching, stepped in.

"Guild Master Benjamin. Didn't you say you would accept me as a guild member? Isn't this different from what you said last time?"

At Rockefeller's sudden words, Benjamin was flustered.

'What's with this guy? When did I say that?'

Just as he was about to respond, Benjamin, who had recognized the need for Rockefeller, swallowed his words again.

He realized that if he displeased Rockefeller, who would soon testify to everyone, things might not go in the direction he wanted.

'Why is this happening? Well, accepting him as a guild member isn't a big deal. I can just fire him later.'

Unwanted guild members could be fired later by making various excuses.

With that thought in mind, Benjamin reluctantly spat out the words he didn't want to say.

"Fine. From this moment on, I will accept you as a guild member of the Lyon Guild. This is a rare case, but since His Grace the bishop is staring at me like he wants to eat me, I have no choice."

Accepting a guild member was at the discretion of the guild leader, but since everyone was gathered, Benjamin threw a meaningless question to everyone.

"Is there anyone who objects to accepting that young man as a guild member? If so, speak up. Then, I won't accept him as a guild member."

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