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Chapter 89 Part 2 - The Founder of Great Financial Family

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To that question, the entire guild members silently agreed.

From their perspective, there was no reason not to accept it.

After all, this was also up to the guild leader's discretion.

It was a matter they didn't need to worry about.

"Are we good now?"

When Benjamin asked, Bishop Verkis said no more.

As the bishop became quiet, Benjamin's gaze naturally fell upon Rockefeller.

"Well, you've become the guild member you wanted. You must know what to say in that position."

"Of course. I swear to tell only the truth here, in front of everyone and God. I promise that there will be no falsehood in what I say from now on."

"Good, I like that. Now, tell everyone about the foolish and stupid acts you've committed. Tell them how ridiculous it was."

Everything was in place.

With the guardian's consent already obtained, all that was left was the major operation to remove the incompetent guild leader.

Having prepared himself, Rockefeller began to speak to everyone.

"Everyone here knows as well as I do. Our main source of income is the interest income from gold coin loans. Of course, there are other sources such as exchanging gold coins and charging storage fees. We also charge separate fees for gold coin processing. But ultimately, our biggest source of income is the interest income from gold coin loans. You can't deny that."

The guild members gathered in the conference room agreed with Rockefeller's statement and continued to sit quietly, waiting for his next words. Rockefeller continued speaking in the quiet atmosphere.

"So, how should we expand this loan business? Obviously, we needed a lot of gold coins to lend. The more gold coins we lend, the more interest income we get, right?"

At this point, Benjamin's expression became slightly distorted.

'What are you doing right now? Something seems off.'

However, since Rockefeller's speech was not over yet, Benjamin decided to hold back and listen more patiently.

'No, let's listen a little more. It seems like he's explaining the background of giving interest first.'

While Benjamin was exercising unnecessary patience, Rockefeller calmly proceeded with the major operation to oust the guild leader, capturing everyone's attention.

"So I came up with a plan to pay interest to those who deposited gold coins. By doing so, we would lose the storage fee revenue we had been receiving, but in return, we would be able to expand the loan business and generate higher profits due to our strong belief in the plan."

At Rockefeller's words, the majority of the guild members began to nod in agreement.

As the person who had conducted the interest-paying business, their trust in him was strong.

"And the result is this. Our bank was able to generate higher profits than before, and our relationship with the church, which received interest income from us, became even more special. I believe you can see this clearly, as the bishop who just had a dispute with the guild leader on my behalf."

With the conference room buzzing, the guild leader could no longer hold back and raised his voice.

"What are you doing right now? Who told you to say that? That's not what you're supposed to say there, is it?"

Rockefeller stopped the guild leader's words for a moment by extending his index finger.

Then, as if he had more to say, he continued speaking.

"Of course, if we continue to pay interest, we may no longer be able to charge gold coin storage fees as we have been doing. If some people receive interest and others receive storage fees, where would people choose to deposit their gold coins? Obviously, they would choose the place that pays interest. It's common sense."

They say you should listen to a person's words until the end.

The guild leader, who had raised his voice for a moment, decided to be more patient and wait a little longer.

'Let's listen to the end. He wouldn't be talking nonsense there, would he?'

As Rockefeller continued speaking, the guild leader tried to be patient.

"I believe there will definitely be victims from this matter. Why? Because with the emergence of interest-paying banks, we will no longer be able to charge gold coin storage fees as we have been doing. People will no longer visit banks that charge storage fees. Naturally, banks without customers will suffer significant damage. So, I sincerely ask you all."

Rockefeller's eyes were burning more intensely than ever.

"From today, please withdraw the outdated business practice of charging gold coin storage fees."

The entire conference room was shocked by the unexpected statement.

It was because Rockefeller's testimony was completely opposite to what the guild leader had said before.

"That is not only a cumbersome shackle blocking our growth, but also, if we continue to insist on that method, we will become the victims I mentioned earlier and won't be able to avoid falling into poverty."

As Rockefeller finished speaking, the entire conference room began to buzz, and Benjamin, unable to bear it any longer, began to raise his voice.

"What is this nonsense! Who told you to say that?"

But Rockefeller showed no signs of backing down.

"And today! I have one more proposal for you all. From now on, please remove that incompetent guild leader! Remove him from that undeserved position right away!"

"What, what did you say? You want to remove me? Who do you think you are! What are you talking about!"

"Guild leader Benjamin is like a frog in a well. He's a foolish and naive person who can't see the bigger picture, only chasing after immediate profits. His only reliable support is his powerful family backing! He has nothing else to offer. As long as someone like him remains in that position, there will be no further growth for the Lyon Guild!"

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