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Chapter 90 Part 2 - The Founder of Great Financial Family

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"Come on, there's no one else here! There's no one who can kick me out of here!"

But that was his own misconception.

Guild members who had been dissatisfied with the guild leader began to raise their hands one by one.

"What the hell are you doing! What are you doing!"

As the guild leader's voice grew louder and louder in his excitement.

One by one, the guild members who had turned their backs on him raised their hands confidently toward the sky of the conference hall, and the number of them exceeded half.

Initially angered by the sight of the guild members who didn't trust him and were even trying to expel him, Benjamin eventually became engulfed in a feeling of emptiness.

He hadn't realized until now that he was such an insignificant existence.

'How... can this happen? This is... too much.'

Just a few days ago, they were coming to him with friendly smiles and flattering words, but now they were casting their votes to kick him out!

With the majority of votes in favor, the guild leader could do nothing but stare blankly as Rockefeller spoke calmly.

"According to the majority rule, it has been proven in front of everyone that you are not fit for that position. If you have anything to say, say it. Everyone is listening."

This is wrong.

Something is terribly wrong.

He tried to appeal to the seated guild members, but it seemed like no one was going to listen to him.

With his eyes blinking, the guild leader began to speak in a low tone, as if clinging to his last straw.

"Look, guys. My way is the right way. That's the right thing to do. Instead of paying interest to the person who holds the money, it's right to receive a storage fee for the money."

He tried to explain calmly, but the response was cold.

"Why? Now, the inexperienced newcomer who has just become a moneylender is swayed by a single word. That's not it."

As he tried to persuade them somehow.

Rockefeller just shook his head.

"How can you be so sure about that?"

"What do you, an inexperienced newcomer, know for sure?"

"Me? Haven't I already proven everything in front of everyone?"

"What have you proven!"

At the end of Benjamin's gaze,

Rockefeller stood with Bishop Verkis in the background.

"Are you still asking that after seeing everything so far? I haven't said anything wrong. You are not fit for that position at all. Please step down from the guild leader's position as soon as possible for the development of the guild and for everyone sitting here. That position should be given to someone who is more progressive and better than you."

Benjamin had nothing more to say to that.

What else could he say when the result was proven in front of everyone?

"If I leave here, then the church's support will be gone. Are you guys still going to kick me out knowing that you can't do the Bango job without the church's support?"

At that, Bishop Verkis, who had been watching, stepped forward.

"Don't worry too much about that. Even if Benjamin leaves, I probably won't harm this guild."

Bishop Verkis emphasized in his next words.

"Of course, as long as my man continues to hold the position of guild leader here."

As the somewhat meaningful words continued, Benjamin couldn't help but raise his voice toward Bishop Verkis.

His index finger pointed at Rockefeller.

"Are you saying that you're going to entrust this place to that inexperienced newcomer there?"

At his question, Bishop Verkis showed a cruel smile.

"Why not? At least he's better than you."

"That guy hasn't even been a moneylender yet, and he's the most inexperienced among those who have only been assistants to moneylenders! What do you trust in him to entrust this position to such an inexperienced newcomer?"

"That young man will prove it step by step from now on. I already have faith in him. I plan to watch him slowly."


Benjamin sighed openly and asked the guild members sitting there.

"Do you all think so too?"

Of course, there were some guild members who did not raise their hands in favor of his expulsion, but that didn't mean they were defending him.

They were just taking a neutral stance, not knowing how things would turn out.

The rest were also dissatisfied with him.

"Nobody has anything to say. It seems like you all think it's best for me to step down from this position. After all I've done."

Then one guild member spoke up.

"What have you done for us, guild leader? All you've done is manage the church's property by yourself and collect storage fees. When have you ever allowed us to use the church's property?"

He shook his head outright.

"Other than not paying attention to the Lyon family and the church, there was nothing helpful about you being here. Rather, haven't you been using your position as guild leader to take care of your own interests?"

At his words, the majority of the guild members present began to nod.

In fact, he was right.

"So is it right for me to step down?"

Another guild member spoke up in response to Benjamin's question.

"Since it's come to this, we hope you will step down from the guild leader's position. That position should be occupied by someone who can help both the guild and all of us, as that young man said earlier. Ask yourself if you were really the right person for that position."

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