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Chapter 90 Part 1 - The Founder of Great Financial Family

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Guild Meeting #2(6)

Rockefeller's shout turned the entire conference room upside down.

In the midst of chaos.

The guild leader, with his face red with anger, kept raising his voice at Rockefeller, who insulted him, and Rockefeller, who was unfazed, also raised his voice against the guild leader.

"Quiet! Everyone, be quiet!"

"We are still in the middle of a meeting!"

"Please, be silent!"

When even the guild leader could not mediate the meeting, several guild members stepped forward to try to quiet the noisy conference room, but despite their efforts, the excited guild leader's voice showed no sign of calming down.

"Who is going to drive me out of here? No one! And now this kid who just became a goldsmith dares to try to drive me out? This inexperienced brat!"

"You, who are more incompetent than a cow, no longer belong in that position. Please step down quickly for the sake of everyone here. It's for everyone's benefit."

"So, there's no one to drag me out of here, right? Why do you keep saying that?"

The guild leader, whose face was changing colors, quickly scanned the guild members sitting in the conference room.

"Is there anyone here who is dissatisfied with me holding this position? If so, come out!"

There was no guild member who came forward hastily.

In the first place, even if they didn't like Benjamin, they couldn't easily step forward because they were wary of the Lyon family.

"See! There's no one, right?"

Gaining confidence here, an excited Benjamin barely managed to calm down and even showed a smile of victory.

"No one! This ignorant..."


Bishop Verkis, who had been silently watching everything, opened his heavy mouth, cutting off Benjamin's words.

"I agree."

Everyone seemed surprised.

It was natural, as they thought that this person would never throw a vote of approval.

"What now? The bishop agrees."

"Hey, the two are from the same family, right? Does that make sense?"

"Is something wrong? It's a bit strange."

"No matter how emotional you are, that's too much. Even if it's a slip of the tongue, it's too far."

"Does he really agree?"

"I don't know."

The guild members' reactions were quite natural.

Even if they hated the guild leader, they thought it was impossible to reject a person from the same family like that.

So, some who were still confused thought that Bishop Verkis might have made a joke for a moment.

However, the bishop's expression, which was glaring at Benjamin without knowing it, was infinitely serious, and there was no sign of any joke mixed in.

"Why are you all like that? Am I not allowed to throw a vote of approval here as a believer? You know how much I've done for this guild so far. I think I can throw at least one vote of approval."

Benjamin, with his eyes wide open, asked the bishop in a trembling voice.

"Your Grace... What did you just say? You agree?"

"What did I say? I said I agree to you stepping down from that position. Why are you asking again when everyone heard it? Are you hard of hearing?"

"Is that... what you really meant? You're driving me out? Not someone else, but me?"

"What? Really?"

The guild leader's words made Bishop Verkis angry.

"Let's see, so I look ridiculous because this person is from the same family! No matter how much we're from the same family, how dare you to play with that dirty mouth of yours! Are you in your right mind now? How dare you insult me in front of the God who watches over us!"

"But that's too much! How can Your Grace do that to me! We're not strangers, how can Your Grace do that to me!"

"I'd rather ask! You're not a stranger to me, how can you do that? Are you a stranger to me? Are you from another family? Then how can you do that to me! Wasn't it you who was wrong from the beginning?"

"Was I wrong from the beginning? What did I do wrong?"

"You did everything wrong! Isn't it the same now! Why did this meeting happen! What did you think of me and the church that you even held such a meeting! Was it so hard to pay interest to the church! Were you that greedy for church property!"

"Ha... That's our business. It's not something the church should interfere with."

"That's why I agree! You are not a suitable person for that position! Step down from there right now!"

"That's not for Your Grace to decide! It's a matter for us guild members to decide!"

"Who made it this far thanks to who! And yet you dare to say that in front of me? You're spouting such nonsense in front of the God who watches over us! Do you want to be punished by God!"

Only then could the guild members who had been watching the fight easily accept it.

No matter how much they were from the same family, if the emotional gap was so deep, it would be no better than a stranger, right?

In that case, it was understandable that Bishop Verkis wanted to drive out Guild Leader Benjamin.

"Anyway, I agree! Drive that person out of that position right now! Or you all know how I'll come out! You know better than me that you can't do business here without me."

With a mocking smile.

Benjamin, who openly snorted, spoke to everyone sitting in the conference room.

"Don't listen to what His Grace says here. He has nothing to do with us anyway. And there will be no problem even if this position ends."

Like the other guild members, Rockefeller, who had been quietly watching the situation, stepped forward.

"I also agree."

As Rockefeller confidently raised his hand, the guild leader's eyes shot daggers at him.

'That bastard!'

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