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Chapter 110 Part 2 - The Founder of Great Financial Family

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"We have the justification to control all the financial resources of the empire, so even if we help His Highness Christian, both of you will have no objections. We can even use this to cook the Sinclair family."

"Will the Sinclair family remain quiet?"

"That's why we have a good justification, don't we? To control all the financial resources of the empire. In any case, we will soon enter the war. Not the war for the crown, but the war with the Black Label Union. Will we even have the spare capacity to help the Sinclair family? Honestly, we can find plenty of excuses not to help them. So don't worry about that. It's a matter I'll handle myself."

Rockefeller asked the 1st Prince directly.

"In that sense, I will ask Your Highness. If we were to support His Highness Christian, would Your Highness Ryan try to stop us?"

The 2nd Prince Christian winning the war for the crown instead of himself and Calman?

The prince of the Ismail family, which is now barely maintaining its prestige?

He was a hopeless man who had even been abandoned by the Order.

"How foolish. So you're saying you'll stick to the 2nd Prince no matter what? The Church doesn't even look favorably upon him. Even if he wins the war for the crown, the Pope will not permit it."

"Your Highness Ryan, do you really not understand my intentions?"


The 1st Prince, who did not reply, turned his gaze back to his sister and asked.

"What do you think? This crazy guild leader here wants to support Christian instead of me and Calman."

Trinity, who had been focusing on their conversation earlier, immediately replied.

"That's not what he meant, right?"

"Well, it might not be what he meant. He says he has a reason for doing so."

From the 1st Prince's perspective, there was no reason to stop Rockefeller's decision to support the dead 2nd Prince instead of himself and Calman.

Of course, it was somewhat uncomfortable that one of the empire's biggest sources of money was going to support the 2nd Prince, but he saw no chance of the 2nd Prince winning the war for the crown due to the fallen Ismail family and the Church branding them as heretics.

And he thought that the reason for the Lyon Guild supporting the Ismail Prince had some persuasiveness.

'If it were the old Ismail, it might be different. But not anymore. Ismail is already over.'

To encourage the 1st Prince, Rockefeller also conveyed these words.

"And if we manage to control all the imperial funds like this, no matter which prince becomes the emperor, we plan to help them make the empire the best on the continent. If Your Highness Ryan ascends to the throne, don't worry too much about the war funds."

The following words were the most pleasant for Ryan to hear when he met him.

"We will support all the funds without having to raise taxes. All you have to do is lead the imperial army and expand across the continent."

Could there be better words for a warmonger?

'It sounds good.'

The 1st Prince, who had been thinking about Rockefeller's words for a while, suddenly smiled.

"It seems that you are not very interested in this crown war. All the other nobles are busy lining up."

Rockefeller, who took the prince's smile as a positive signal, also smiled similarly.

"Why should we take that risk by taking sides? From our point of view, it doesn't matter who wins the crown war, as long as we can work with them."

The 1st Prince seemed to agree and began nodding his head.

"You're lucky. Originally, I didn't come here with this intention. You really won't support Calman?"

For that question, Rockefeller only responded with a smile.

"Who would dare support Prince Calman, knowing who would win the crown war? If Your Highness wins, it's obvious what would happen to us."

"It's obvious. You can look forward to that. If I hear that you support Calman, I'll kill you first for deceiving me, no matter what happens later."

"Haha, don't worry unnecessarily. As I mentioned earlier, we plan to support Prince Christian. I've briefly explained the reason, so I guess you won't ask."

As Rockefeller said, the 1st Prince did not bother to ask.

He thought it was an impossible thing in the first place.

"At first, I wasn't very impressed."

Was he tempted by his words that he would lend war funds without limit in the future?

Or was he moderately satisfied with the words that he would not support Calman?

The 1st Prince of the Empire, Ryan Tepez, who was thinking not only about the upcoming crown war but also about the future, decided not to become an enemy with Rockefeller here.

Isn't it true that there are no eternal enemies or eternal allies in the world?

For the sake of the future, this heartwarming conclusion was a good thing for the 1st Prince as well.

"Talking with you, I see you're a thoughtful person. I apologize first for the rudeness I committed at the beginning. I didn't think much of the leader of the Lyon Guild."

Who would have thought that such words would come from the mouth of the 1st Prince?

The power of money seemed to be quite amazing.

"No, I am the one who committed a greater rudeness to Your Highness. I am also sorry."

"Since the unpleasant things that happened earlier were misunderstandings between us, today's events will be easily forgotten."

The 1st Prince, who seemed to be about to leave, stood up from his seat and reached out to Rockefeller, who was also standing up.

"I look forward to the time after the crown war. Your name is Rockefeller, right?"

"Yes, Your Highness. My name is Rockefeller Rothsmedici."

"I don't know whether the integration with the Black Label Union will be an integration or absorption. Anyway, I will support you. Just keep your promise not to support Calman."

"Don't worry too much about that."

Rockefeller's following words were also sincere.

"I will never support Prince Calman even if the sky falls. Who would support him for whom? In the future, I could be with Your Highness, right?"

"I hope there will be no unpleasant things between us."

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