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Chapter 111 Part 1 - The Founder of Great Financial Family

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After shaking hands with Rockefeller, the 1st Prince glanced briefly at Lee Han nearby before leaving.

Trinity also alternately glanced at Rockefeller and Lee Han before immediately following the 1st Prince.

As the two left, Lee Han, who had been quietly watching them, spoke.

"Money must be nice. I never expected that guy, who was so determined to devour you just a moment ago, would change his attitude so quickly. I didn't even see it coming."

The last impression the 1st Prince left was only considering the aftermath of the Crown War.

Rockefeller, who knew this well, smiled at the thought of the departed 1st Prince.

'I never thought his favorite thing in the world would be war funds.'

"Money is nice indeed. Aren't you here because of money as well? And you protected me, a complete stranger. It's all thanks to the power of money."

At those words, Lee Han shook his head.

"It's not money. To be precise, it's magic stones. What I need right now is magic stones."

"But in the end, can't you buy those magic stones with money? So, it's money."

"You're skipping the middle part. What I need right now is magic stones to raise this guy."

Lee Han tapped the sword belt on his waist.

At that moment, an indescribable, profound energy briefly flowed out before being hidden again by Lee Han's interference.

Lee Han spoke again.

"Anyway, it seems like the job ended rather blandly."

Unfortunately, the 1st Prince left quietly, and Lee Han couldn't enjoy the fun.

It would have been really fun if there had been a commotion here, or if he had brought the army outside the city.

Seeing Lee Han genuinely regretful, Rockefeller gave a faint smile.

"Well, you still earned a day's wage, so it's not a loss. As promised, I will give you 70 magic stones. I have no intention of ripping you off, so please be at ease."

At that, Lee Han retorted bluntly.

"What about the bonus? Weren't you going to give the bonus as well?"

"Isn't the job too bland for that? If you just show your face and take 70 magic stones, anyone would think it's a good deal. And you're still talking about a bonus?"

As Rockefeller said, Lee Han hadn't done much since he came.

"Still, you should take care of me a little. I'm not that cheap labor, you know."

"Next time, there will be an opportunity for you to get a big bonus. I'll consider it then."

"Next time?"

Lee Han tilted his head.

"Where's the next time? It seems like our meeting is over with this."

"There's no way our meeting would end so easily. I don't think our encounter will end like this."

Rockefeller showed the pendant he had received from him and continued.

"In that sense, I will treasure this. I'm thinking of calling you whenever you're needed."

At those words, Lee Han shook his head.

"Hey, you seem to be greatly mistaken. I'm quite a high-class worker. I'm not a cheap laborer who can be easily ordered around like a neighborhood dog."

"As long as the conditions are the same. Even if the job ends blandly like today, I will immediately give you 70 magic stones. You must have come a long way, so I should at least give you some travel expenses."

"What if I don't need magic stones by then?"

"Don't worry too much about that. If it's not magic stones, I'll just give you something else of equal value. After all, it's not like you're coming for free."

Lee Han, laughing lightly, pointed at Rockefeller with his raised index finger.

"Remember, I'm not a cheap laborer who can be easily bossed around like a neighborhood dog. It's up to you to call me, but the price must be certain."

Rockefeller laughed deeply.

"Isn't that obvious? Of course, I'll take care of you properly when I call you."

"Then, it's settled."

As Lee Han was about to leave, Rockefeller called him.

"Ah, hold on. I might have to call you for another job soon."

At those words, Lee Han expressed doubt.

"Another job? What do you mean by another job? It won't be related to escorting, right?"

"It's not that."

"Then, what is it?"

In order to complete the Goblin Dollar and to completely break free from the shadow of the Sinclair family, Lee Han's power was essential.

"I'm planning something very interesting lately. It's related to that."

"Interesting plan?"

"Yes, simply put, it's complete independence. You probably know very well that we are associated with the Sinclair family."

Lee Han didn't reply and decided to keep listening to Rockefeller's words.

"We even use a very special paper provided by the Sinclair family for the promissory notes we use in our Banco Alliance to prevent forgery. Without that paper, we can't issue promissory notes in the first place, and if we don't use that paper, we can't determine whether it's a forgery, which would be a huge problem."

Rockefeller's words continued.

"Who knows? So far, I don't think there have been any such incidents. The Sinclair family could forge our promissory notes whenever they want. Honestly, who can tell? They provided the special paper and the magical tools to distinguish it. So if they want, they can play with us as much as they like."

"That could be possible. It would be a headache if the relationship turns sour."


Rockefeller finally told Lee Han what he really wanted.

"In order to completely break free from the influence of the Sinclair family, I want to try a very ingenious project, and your power is needed for that."

What could that be?

Lee Han was filled with strong curiosity.

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