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Chapter 128 Part 1 - The Founder of Great Financial Family

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Black Label Union #4(3)

The torches held by the imperial soldiers illuminated Joseph as he ran.

The place where Joseph ended up was none other than the chancellor's side.

As Joseph seemed to be reporting something, the expression of the union representative who finally realized everything began to distort severely.

'That bastard!'

But it was too late to recognize Joseph's betrayal.

A moment later.

The union representative, who was confronted by the chancellor in a restrained state, appeared to be the winner and the loser.

The chancellor, who had a triumphant expression, spoke on behalf of the union representative, who was just glaring with narrowed eyes.

"I'm sorry, Sir Warren. I'm not that weak, but how could you think of going back to the sea?."

"How dare you, you bastard..."

"If you had quietly stayed on land as the union representative, I wouldn't have done this."

Despite this, Warren's burning gaze was directed at his subordinate who was firmly guarding the chancellor's side.

However, Joseph, who easily ignored Warren's gaze, spoke to the chancellor.

"I said I would buy a ship later with the gold coins loaded there. If the chancellor had missed it here, you would have regretted it for a long time. Because all the ships that Warren will buy later will be pirate ships."

The chancellor, who smiled lightly, asked the restrained union representative.

"Do you hear what your subordinate is saying?"

The union representative, who didn't even look at the chancellor, yelled at Joseph, who had betrayed him.

"You bastard, who are you betraying now! Even in hell, I'll make you...ugh..."

As the Union representative, who couldn't finish his words after being hit hard in the stomach, collapsed weakly, the chancellor, who had been watching, sneered and stroked his mustache.

"Unfortunately, it seems like you're out of luck going to sea alive. And the gold coins loaded in that carriage."

When the chancellor signaled, one of the soldiers guarding the carriage opened the box full of gold coins with all his might.

The amount of gold coins visible under the torch was considerable.

"Since it was intended to be used illegally later, I, the chancellor, will recover it and use it very conveniently to eradicate the pirate bastards. I thought that as a union representative, you would have a lot of gold coins, but you've collected quite a bit without any regrets. It must have been quite a hassle"

The union representative, whose eyes were bloodshot, glared fiercely at the chancellor.

Unfortunately, that was all he could do.

"Then go well, Sir Warren, no, the pirate fool."

A few days later.

Warren Dragoon, who was sentenced to death, died with his neck hanging on the gallows.

And his subordinate Joseph came to Rockefeller on behalf of the vacant union representative position.

"I came here as a union representative on behalf of the late Warren."

Joseph, who had come all the way to Rockefeller's store, seemed to have made a decision, as he had been lowering his tone from the beginning.

Rockefeller opened his mouth quietly towards Joseph.

"It's a pity to hear about Sir Warren. I didn't know he would be caught by the chancellor while fleeing at night and stand in court. Besides, I didn't expect him to be hanged."

It seemed that the money for the afterlife did its job properly.

'So why did you pick it up?'

"Anyway, it's a pity."

Joseph waved his hand at the words.

"Oh, no. It's not a pity. It's rather a good thing that our tyrant-like representative is gone. Everyone is not talking about it, but the atmosphere is secretly welcoming the death of the representative."

"Is that so? But he was in the representative position... The union people are too harsh."

"That's why he should have done well in the first place. To me or to the union people. Anyway, I had a favor to ask, so I came here like this."

Although the reason for coming was obvious.

Rockefeller, who pretended not to know, expressed doubt.

"So, what's the matter with the union? I don't think we have such a friendly relationship."

"In fact, after the death of the union representative, I took the initiative to go to the union people and share various stories. Everyone judged that there was no chance of winning in this fight. And with the representative dead, there was no need to stick to the union anymore."

"Is that so?"

"So the thing is."

The following words were what Rockefeller truly wanted.

"Since things have come to this, can't you accept us as guild members? We're all doing the same job anyway, so what's the point of blushing each other?"

At that, Rockefeller pretended to ponder for a moment, then nodded his head and showed a convincing appearance.

"I didn't know that I would be one with the union. I knew that the fight here would become a mud fight, but I didn't know that I would reconcile with the union so quickly."

Rockefeller continued to ask.

"But there must have been a lot of dissatisfaction on the union side. Were there any objections to joining us due to this?"

"There were a few, but what's the point of insisting on the union side when there's no chance of winning in the first place?"

Joseph continued.

"And after the election of the new guild master at Lyon, I heard that the income of the guild members increased. Please make us rich with that wisdom as well. The only wish of our union is that."

To make them rich.

Rockefeller just laughed.

"Rich... that's a word I like. All right. From today, the union people will be accepted as our guild members. In the future, union people, please act according to the guild guidelines and regulations, and I would appreciate it if you could follow the direction I lead sincerely."

And at this, Ricardo, who had been silently watching from the side, was lost in thought.

'So the two banking alliances have become one. I didn't expect this to happen.'

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