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Chapter 128 Part 2 - The Founder of Great Financial Family

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Afterwards, the two, who shook hands, officially announced the integration of the two banking alliances, and this story became a big issue within the empire.

Thus, Rockefeller, who integrated the two forces into one, held a guild meeting as the guild master in Lyon's Ghetto Nuovo a few weeks later.

And he officially declared the integration of the two forces into one, and spoke of their vision for the future.

"Until now, all the banks in the Empire have been divided between the guild and unions, diluting their power. But from today onwards, all the banks in the Empire will be united under the name of the guild, forming a single force. We will fearlessly branch out across the Empire like soldiers unafraid of death, in order to rise as a central force in the Empire. And after today, any forces that threaten us or try to oppress us will be met with a heavy price."

The following words were quite meaningful.

"They will pay dearly."

With the guild leader's declaration, both the excited existing guild members and the newly joined members rose from their seats, sending cheers and applause.

"Long live the Lyon Guild!"

"Long live Rockefeller!"

After returning to Black Label, Rockefeller worked hard to sort out the chaos caused by the merger of the two forces. A few weeks later, once the chaos had completely subsided, he was able to visit the Black Label chancellor.

"Why are you visiting the chancellor?"

On the way to see the chancellor, his secretary Ellis, who was riding in the same carriage, asked him nonchalantly.

"I need to finalize some business with the chancellor."

"The finalization… is it about that matter you mentioned before?"

"Yes, the interest rate is too low."

Now that there was no need to ask the chancellor for exclusivity, Rockefeller decided to be bold.

"We don't really need exclusivity anyway. So I'm going back to settle the old matter."


Rockefeller, who was looking out the window, brought up another topic.

"It's about time to wrap up things here. I think I should leave this place to Joshua."

Black Label was one of the wealthiest cities in the Empire.

It wouldn't be bad for Rockefeller himself to stay in this prosperous place, but he was the guild leader, so he thought it would be better to be in Lyon. And to give his third sibling, Joshua, a lot of experience.

He thought it would be a good idea to send Joshua to Black Label.

So he told his secretary.

"Who is Joshua?"

At that question, Rockefeller looked at Elise.

'Why are you asking when you know everything?'

"He's my third sibling, and among my siblings, he has the most similar temperament to me. I think it would be a good experience for him to come here. There will be a lot of work to do, and as he deals with more money, he will develop a sense of responsibility."

After that, Ellis didn't say anything but subtly looked at him and asked another question.

"Can I go with you when you return to Lyon?"

"Yes, if you wish."

A moment later.

Rockefeller, who had gone to the black castle, was able to meet with the chancellor.

"Oh, Lord Rockefeller. Welcome."

The chancellor, who was now much more hospitable to Rockefeller, offered him a good seat and sat across from him.

"I've heard the news. After the union representative died, you merged the forces with the union, right? Everyone's talking about it."

"Yes, things happened that way."

"It wasn't my intention, but well, good things are good things. Congratulations."

"Thank you."

"But what brings you here?"

The reason for the visit?

'You were the only one who benefited from our fight.'

However, he had no intention of being too harsh on the chancellor of Black Label.

Black Label was an indispensable gold mine for Rockefeller.

If it was well managed, the securities transactions would become more active in the future, and he could make a lot of profit from the securities exchange he had established.

So he opened his mouth with the intention of slightly modifying the existing conditions.

"Honestly, I think I offered you too low an interest rate due to the bloody competition with the union. I came here to revise it."

At that, the chancellor's face changed.

"What? Now you're changing your words?"

"Even so, it's only 3 percent. It's not 6 percent, so I hope you can understand our position."

The interest on the loan itself was a lot of money for the chancellor.

"But still."

"And we're also planning to lower the deposit interest rate, which was set unusually high for Black Label, back down to 1 percent. With the loan interest rate being so low, having a 2 percent deposit interest rate is honestly a bit excessive."

"No, I entrusted my money based on that interest rate. Are you saying you're going to lower the deposit interest rate now?"

As the chancellor's displeasure grew, Rockefeller continued to speak on behalf of the guild's position.

However, their opinions did not narrow down easily, and when a compromise was needed, Rockefeller used his wits to secure an exclusive right for the future.

"Fine. Then I will offer the chancellor a 3 percent loan interest rate and a 1.5 percent deposit interest rate exclusively. However, please grant our family the right to have a monopoly on securities trading. If you take a small commission from that, the 0.5 percent deposit interest rate we offer you should be more than bearable."

"A monopoly on securities trading? What do you mean?"

The chancellor didn't fully understand what Rockefeller was saying, as the concept of a securities exchange did not exist yet.

"Yes, usually securities transactions are done through acquaintances. Since most people don't know who owns which securities, securities transactions usually take place through acquaintances. However, if a securities exchange is established where anyone can buy and sell securities, everyone will come to the exchange to trade securities. And we can make some profit from the fees generated in the process."

Rockefeller explained.

"We are willing to give you those conditions, so please grant us the exclusive right to that business."

The chancellor's hesitation didn't last long.

"Very well. Let's do that. I will grant your family the exclusive right to open a securities exchange, but in return, don't ever change the interest conditions."

At those words, Rockefeller smiled faintly.

"Of course. As long as you grant us exclusivity, you won't have to worry about interest issues at all."

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