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Chapter 15 - Can We Become a Family?

Forced to be Empress, Navia craves acceptance, but faces betrayal. She pursues revenge and new life. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translations,CWBF,Shoujo,Fantasy

The mansion of Duke Nikan Agnes, enriched by the mana stone mines, was entirely covered in gold.

The golden chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, adorned with top-grade crystals, scattered the light beautifully.

The red carpet on the floor was woven from expensive wool.

The latest artisan guild furniture made of rosewood, ceramics with paintings drawn with delicate craftsmanship, and masterpieces created by the family's painters and sculptors were placed everywhere.

Nikan Agnes, owning a mansion not inferior to the royal palace, feared nothing in the world.

There were no difficult tasks for him; only impossible and easy ones.

The impossible was becoming the emperor himself, while the easy was making the next emperor.

"This is enough! Let go, you vermin!"

For the first time, everything seemed a complete mess.

Nikan looked down at his son Wood, who was kicking the knights and cursing, with his cold green eyes.

Wood was the spitting image of Nikan's youth.

Superior physical stature, innate magical talent, and a distinguished appearance.

Indeed, he was a true son of his.

But the fool screaming and throwing a tantrum on the floor was not the son Nikan wished for.

"Bring that low-class wench! I'll kill her!"

Getting so angry at a powerless commoner woman was not befitting a noble. The stress from yesterday's commotion hadn't subsided yet. And now, today again...


Just as Nikan was about to sigh,



Then came the sharp cry of his daughter. Turning around, he saw Vivian with a furious face.

Caught off guard by the unexpected situation, Nikan was momentarily dazed. Vivian pouted and lashed out at Wood.

"You played in the water with Navia? Why didn't you invite me!"


The maids, who followed her, looked anxiously at Wood and Nikan's expressions. It was clearly not a post-water play mood.

Nikan, unable to scold his young, sick daughter, softly admonished her.

"Vivian, your brother and Navia didn't play in the water, so stop..."

But Wood's rationality snapped faster than Nikan could finish his sentence. Wood's face, full of anger, yelled.

"Do you want to die? Get lost!"

Wood felt an immense sense of shame and humiliation from today's events. And now, Vivian was not just fanning the flames, but pouring oil on them.


Nikan hurriedly reprimanded Wood, but it was already too late. Vivian had received the sharp rebuke.

What did my brother just say? He didn't just tell me to die, did he?

Vivian, who had always been treated with affection and care due to her terminal illness, saw her warm and sweet life torn apart in an instant. Her face turned pale.

"How could you say such a thing to me...?"

Tears quickly filled her big eyes, and she burst into loud sobs.

"Sniff, sob... Waaaah! It's too much!"

Nikan hugged Vivian, who was covering her face with her arms and crying loudly, with a fierce look on his face.

"You've gone too far!"

Wood, not intimidated by Nikan's scolding, retorted.

"She's mocking me!"

"Vivian doesn't know any better. She's only six years old!"

Wood was increasingly hurt and infuriated by Nikan's constant scolding.

"Why do you always blame me? That low-class tried to kill me earlier, why don't you cut her throat!"

Nikan felt a dizzying anger due to Wood's nonsensical talk. Had there ever been such a headache?

Finally, he released a murderous aura mixed with mana.

"You've dragged my dignity to the ground today."

Wood wanted to argue, but was helplessly crushed by Nikan's determined aura.

"Fine. If you continue this way, I'll cut off all your allowance."


"And the hunting trip is canceled. I won't send you to any social parties either."

Wood sensed his father wouldn't change his mind.

'Why is the heir of Agnes going through such humiliation?'

Wood, who always found the world easy, was now helplessly defeated by this immense power. But this place belonged to his father. Wood slowly lowered his eyes.

"…I'm sorry. I was wrong."

Finally, Nikan retracted his aura, feeling mentally exhausted.

"Go back to your room quietly."

Nikan, with sharp eyes, glanced around at the maids and asked, "Where is Philippa?"

"Um, well..."

The maids were momentarily speechless.

Philippa was probably somewhere, idling around.

Nikan licked his lips as if he knew and then turned away from Vivian, who was still sobbing.

"That's enough. Take Vivian with you."

"Yes, sir."

Nikan walked out of the first-floor east wing with a cold expression. Despite pretending not to care, he could feel curious gazes passing over him.

He clenched his fist in growing anger but managed to regain his composure.

"If anyone spreads unnecessary rumors about the children's quarrel today, I will not let them off!"

As the Duke spoke sternly, the servants immediately kneeled on the floor and lowered their heads.

"Yes, my lord."

Nikan returned to his study.

Only then did he remember about Edward, who he had left without saying a word.

Butler Lyndon informed him, "Lord Spencer left, saying he did not see or hear anything about today's events."

"...I see."

Nikan gave a brief response, as if he didn't want to think about it any further.

The stifling silence filled the study.

Knock, knock.

Someone knocked on the study door.

"My lord, Lady Navia sent snacks."

Nikan furrowed his brow slightly.

Lyndon, the butler, kicked his tongue.

‘The Master isn’t even a child, what kind of snacks.”

“Go back, the Master has to rest.”

Nikan shook his hand.

“Let her in.”

Lyndon quickly bowed his head and followed Nikan's orders. When the door opened, Charlotte entered with a tray, her expression cautious.

"Navia sent this?"

"Yes, sir."

Nikan still looked puzzled as he spoke.

"Bring it here."

Charlotte placed the tray on the table with great politeness. Lyndon came up and checked the tray.

The snack was nothing special. It was a cold herbal tea and pumpkin porridge made with bored ingredients.

Lyndon chuckled inwardly as he checked the contents.

It wasn't a high-class dessert made by a famous chef. What is this commoner-like food?

Lyndon, who was already in a depressed mood, hurriedly spoke, worried that the master might get angry.

"Miss Navia is still young and seems to lack understanding. Shall I quickly replace it with something else...?"


Nikan stopped him.

Nikan tasted the pumpkin porridge in the small bowl with a spoon. The soft texture filled his mouth.

He had never tasted such a strange yellow porridge before, but he continued to eat it with a puzzled expression.

Strangely enough, it suited his taste perfectly.

He had been quite captivated by the fancy snacks the chef created. He had thought snacks were all childish things.

After finishing the porridge, he rinsed his mouth with cold tea.

He felt refreshed.

"Did Navia personally instruct you to prepare this?"

Charlotte, clasping her hands together and bowing her head, replied "Yes. Miss instructed me to prepare a simple snack in case you get hungry."

Lyndon made a sheepish expression at her words.

He had been so preoccupied with Wood being trapped in the water column that he had missed the time to prepare a simple snack before the meal.


Nikan chuckled softly as he put down his teacup.

It was unbelievable that Navia, who was not even related to him, acted like an ideal child.

"Navia seems to be mature for her age."

Despite their superior lineage, Navia seemed to have more charm than her own children, who were corrupting his family.

It was a common wish for parents to hope their children are intelligent and excellent.

It was also a parent's heart to wish for their children to be lovable.

Nikan felt more at ease knowing that his judgment in choosing Navia was not wrong.

"By the way, Navia needs new winter clothes and accessories."

Lyndon quickly replied with a smile, noticing that Nikan's mood had softened.

"That's right. With the way miss takes care of the house, I have no place to step forward."

"Haha, you're right."

Nikan seemed lost in thought for a moment before he spoke.

"Send Navia to the Ansier Boutique to pick out suitable items."

Upon hearing that, both Lyndon and Charlotte were surprised.

It was an extremely expensive premium boutique that only dealt with high nobility.

The items Navia usually used were not even worthy of being called boutique clothes.

Lyndon expressed his concern at the quite radical decision.

"Master, but that place..."

"Are you trying to make me change my decision?"

"No, sir. I will handle it as you said."

Charlotte gave a respectful bow.

"Miss will be very pleased."

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