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Chapter 16 - Can We Become a Family?

Forced to be Empress, Navia craves acceptance, but faces betrayal. She pursues revenge and new life. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translations,CWBF,Shoujo,Fantasy


Navia was busy flipping through a book when Charlotte, looking flushed, came looking for her in the library.

In her hands, she carried a blanket, hot water, and a neatly wrapped meal.

Navia took her eyes off the book and watched as Charlotte approached her.

"Did you bring a snack?"

Charlotte nodded vigorously.

"Yes! The master sent gifts from the Ansier Boutique as a reward. Agnes' orders are usually processed within two days, so you'll receive it soon."

Even most nobles had to go through a long reservation process to barely be able to purchase items from the Ansier Boutique.

But that was not the case for the privileged Agnes Ducal House.

"How did you exactly match the master's taste? I've never seen him eating pumpkin porridge before."

Charlotte had been anxious when preparing the herbal tea and pumpkin porridge following Navia's order. But that worry was unnecessary.

Navia shrugged.

It was a privilege of the regressor.

She murmured softly with an unreadable, calm smile.

"It seems the Duke is quite heartbroken."

Ansier Boutique, huh.

She hadn't planned on such a reward for this job.

'I've never received a gift from that boutique before.'

Ansier was a place permitted only to Vivian.

"Look, sister, isn't this pretty? Dad's the best! I'm the only one in high society with Ansier's latest dress."

"Father loves you, of course. I'll also have my coming-of-age dress from Ansier......"

"Oh, I saw a store yesterday that would suit you. It was a commoner's clothing store, what was its name? Anyway, we can get your coming-of-age dress there!"

"Ah... Thanks for thinking of me."

"Everyone's so indifferent to your affairs, I had to step in!"

At the time, she felt slightly bitter, but Vivian was so innocent that it seemed possible.

Recalling it now brought an involuntary smirk to her face.

‘It must have been Vivian’s own strategy to protect the fact that the real Princess of Agnes is herself.’

She wondered if even six-year-old Vivian felt that way.

"Charlotte, don't tell anyone about this."

Charlotte found it hard to understand why Navia wouldn't use this good news to elevate her status, but she nodded.

"Yes, I understand."

* * *

Just as the unexpected flood was being dealt with, Philippa, who had briefly gone out, arrived at the mansion.

She immediately received news about Wood.

"What? The young master was trapped in a water pillar!"

"And the master has ordered him to be confined again......"

"I must go see for myself!"

Philippa hurriedly ran to Wood's room.

"Young Master!"


As soon as she opened the door, an expensive vase adorned with flowers smashed against the wall, its fragments scattering everywhere. Wood was responsible.

"I'll kill them all! I'll kill everyone!"

Philippa's gaze landed on the frenzied Wood.

His hair was still wet from being trapped in water, and he hadn't changed his soaked clothes.

How could he neglect himself like this...!

Philippa slapped the cheek of a servant nearby with all her might.


"What have you been doing, not taking care of the young master!"

Since Wood had been in this state since arriving in the room, the servants hadn't had a chance to dry his hair or help him change.

But Philippa was not the kind of person to consider such things.

They had to bow their heads, swallowing their grievances.

"…I'm sorry."

"As always, nothing goes right without me!"

Philippa grumbled, then turned to Wood, her eyes brimming with pity.

"Oh dear, what if you harm your body like this...!"

Then Wood, who had been furiously destroying the room's contents, stood still, panting heavily.

Philippa hurried over and said, "Your precious self could get hurt! Please, think of your wellbeing."

Wood gnashed his teeth. "This is all because of that lowborn!"

At the mention of 'lowborn,' Philippa's expression darkened. It was a reference to Navia. 

"Miss Navia?" she inquired.

"That cursed lowborn tried to kill me! And yet, my father defends such a woman!" exclaimed Wood, to Philippa's horror.

"She tried to kill you?" she gasped.

"How did that lowborn manage to trap me in water? Cursed be!"

'Trapped in water... Could that be magic? Does that mean she's a sorceress?'

"Sir... Are you saying Miss is a sorceress?" Philippa asked cautiously.

Wood furrowed his brow. "My father said she's not. But clearly, my magic disappeared suddenly, and she used the same abilities. I saw it with my own eyes!"


Philippa internally breathed a sigh of relief. If Navia was not a sorceress, she couldn't have those powers. It must be Wood's mistake. She agreed, "If that's true, we must dismiss her immediately!"

"My father threatens to cut my allowance because of that lowborn. Not just that, he's threatened to stop me from hunting trips and parties!"

"How could that be!"

Philippa felt a heavy weight in her chest. To dare oppress Wood, the rightful heir, and even herself, loyal to the Agnes family for generations.

'The audacity to accuse me of embezzlement, and she's not even a true Agnes?'

Philippa couldn't stand the thought of Navia, an irrelevant stone, enjoying the luxuries of Agnes gold. She should be the one using that money, not Navia.

Yet they call it embezzlement? Philippa hated Navia too much to bear it. The same went for Wood.

"I can't live under the same roof with that vile woman who tried to kill me!"

"You're absolutely right. We cannot allow this to continue."

Philippa's eyes turned sinister. 'Navia must have learned about the embezzlement from someone. The chef, who's been conspiring with me, must be involved.'

Charlotte also seemed suspicious. 'They must be in this together!'

Philippa had suspected this since yesterday and had discreetly gone out today. She had prepared for the chef's betrayal by holding evidence of his other misdeeds.

In two days, she would have a ledger detailing his corruption with a trading guild associated with Agnes.

'It'll be easy to implicate Charlotte in the chef's corruption.'

Philippa said to Wood, who was still trembling, "This nanny will do anything to help you, Sir. You know that, right?"

"Just wait a little, Sir. I won't let those who dare block the future of our precious heir get away with it."

Philippa twisted her lips maliciously, already overjoyed at the thought of punishing those she loathed.

Wood, too, was lost in thought beside her.

'That lowborn must have stolen my magic. Then, if I don't use magic, it's fine, right? I am stronger.'

Wood admired his own cunning, boiling with revenge. He wanted to teach Navia a lesson right away, but if Nikan found out, he could lose his allowance.

He needed to choose the right place and act covertly.

He said nonchalantly, "Never mind, nanny. That lowborn is not worth my time."

'It was a mistake today.'

But next time would be different.

Wood and Philippa were lost in their respective thoughts, their eyes flickering.

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