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Chapter 139 Part 1 - The Founder of Great Financial Family

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The One Closest to God #2(2)

Rockefeller couldn't recognize him right away.

It was because they were meeting for the first time.

"...But who are you? It seems like we've never met before."

"Nice to meet you for the first time. I am the second prince of the empire, Christian Ismail. I have heard a lot about the Lord Rockefeller from Sylvia and the people around me."

Rockefeller, who was acting appropriately, stood up from his seat.

"Could it be Prince Christian? It is even more of an honor for me to meet you in such a place."

As Rockefeller shook hands with the second prince, he suddenly turned his attention to the woman who had been guarding his side.

"Then, who is this...?"

"You can think of her as the current owner of the Ismail family. She is my poor younger sister, who is leading the fallen family on my behalf."

Rockefeller, who was busy acting out his expression, turned his gaze to the other side and asked.

It was a question about Ricardo, who could not fit in this place.

"Then who on earth is that person? It seems like I picked him up as an assistant."

When he asked about the identity of his assistant, who he had thought to be Ricardo until now, Sylvia answered on his behalf.

"He is from the same family as us. He is taking on the role of the late Ricardo, my older brother, on my behalf from time to time."

"Then... that person is not your real brother?"

The man called Ricardo kept his head down without any movement at this point.

"Yes, my brother passed away a long time ago."

The second prince stepped in on behalf of her, who couldn't continue her words.

"Ismail is a place with many secrets. And anyone can impersonate someone. Sylvia, depending on her will, can also impersonate Ricardo."

"But she is a woman?"

"It's not difficult for a woman to act as a man. It is a natural talent that the Ismail family possesses."

"Ah... I see it's actually possible. I didn't know that."

"You don't need to know too much about us."

"Yes, I think so too. If I find out more about Ismail, my life will only be in danger, right?"

Rockefeller asked, looking back and forth between the two.

"But what is the reason for coming out like this? Suddenly revealing your identity and making it burdensome..."

Rockefeller's gaze lingered on the woman who introduced herself as the head of the Ismail family.

Then she answered honestly.

"I've been watching you. And now I've judged that I can trust you enough, so I called my brother Christian here. To achieve both your aspirations and our long-standing wishes."

Rockefeller couldn't help but know what she was talking about.

"I never thought this day would come. I never expected this at all. Who would have thought I would meet Prince Christian like this? And that you, who used to be my secretary, would be the head of the Ismail family... But isn't this a problem for my safety if things go wrong?"

"No. There probably won't be anything to worry about."

"How can there not be a problem when I know you, the family head?"

Then she answered with a slightly awkward smile.

"You made a bet with me back then. Don't you remember? We bet that if I lost, we would never betray each other."

Rockefeller could recall the bet he had made with Ricardo in the past.

"Do you mean the bet you made with Thomas?"


"But Thomas is..."

"That person was me."

"Really? Is that possible? You were definitely a man..."

"My nickname is the Face of a Thousand. I can transform and act as anyone. Even if that means a man."

"Ah... So that's what happened."

Here, Rockefeller had a question.

Was she really a woman?


'Honestly, I don't know. Who would think that what she said just now is true? It's just that a woman has been disguised as a man until now.'

While Rockefeller was thinking about something else, she spoke.

"I've prepared a place for you to my best ability, so why don't you two have a conversation now?"

Christian also spoke.

"I also wanted to meet the rumored you. I've heard various stories from Sylvia, but I didn't know what kind of person you were."

Rockefeller asked.

"Then how did she introduce me when you heard my story from her...?"

In response to his question, Prince Christian answered honestly.

"I heard you were a very cunning person."

Although he knew that nothing good would come out, it was too frank that it was a problem.

'Didn't you package it?'

"You introduced me too honestly. Well, it's somewhat correct. At least I don't lose."

Rockefeller sent a slightly resentful gaze at her, but her expression seemed completely unconcerned.

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