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Chapter 139 Part 2 - The Founder of Great Financial Family

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"Please sit down first."

Still, Sylvia, who was fulfilling her secretary duties, brought warm tea for the two of them.

Looking at the steaming teacup, Rockefeller, who was facing the second prince, began to speak cautiously.

"I can roughly guess why you came. Are you going to participate in the Crown War?"

In the upcoming story, the second prince would enter the Crown War without any support forces.

The only thing he believed in was one thing.

'Only Lee Han.'

Because he believed in Lee Han, the second prince, who had no support forces, was able to win the Crown War and eventually take the throne by repelling even the intervention of the organization.

'There were many unpleasant incidents with the organization afterward. But not now. I'll catch the organization.'

"If you go to the Crown War, the reason for coming here is obvious, isn't it? Isn't it to know my intentions clearly?"

Prince Christian could not deny it.

"Exactly. I wanted to hear the thoughts of Lord Rockefeller before participating in the Crown War."

At that moment, Prince Christian's gaze turned to Sylvia nearby.

"And Sylvia recommended this time. She said that even if I go to the Crown War, I should meet with Lord Rockefeller at least once."

Sylvia exchanged glances with Prince Christian without responding.

Meanwhile, Rockefeller spoke.

"Welcome. I've been wanting to meet Your Highness."

"Are you really considering supporting me?"

"You must have heard it through her? My intentions are obvious."

"Yes, but I've been wondering. There are other candidates besides me, so it's hard to understand why you chose me."

Prince Christian continued.

"As you know, my chances are not that great, are they? Or... were you just afraid of us?"

Rockefeller cut off the absurd question.

"Absolutely not. I also wanted to support Your Highness because I had something to hope for. But only if the conditions between us match."

Prince Christian knew that there was no such thing as a free lunch.

He started to speak with a worried look.

"Then I'll ask you bluntly. If you push me, what do you want when I win later?"

Finally, Rockefeller could smile.

'There are many things I want. But the core is just one.'

"First, I know that Prince Christian is not a person who speaks with two mouths. Is that correct?"

Prince Christian responded immediately.

"If there is a promise with you here. I will definitely keep it, even if I have to bet everything."

"What can't people do with words? So I want to bet on this condition first."

"What... are you saying?"

"I have a precious younger sister who I wouldn't trade for the world. Although she is still young, she is not lacking in any way to be a part of your Highness's entourage."

Prince Christian could not help but understand the meaning of Rockefeller's words.

'I expected it.'

After a moment of silence, Prince Christian nodded and opened his mouth.

"If that is God's will, I will gladly accept it."

He accepted Rockefeller's proposal without question and did not ask about Rockefeller's younger sister at all.

Even if she was half-paralyzed, he intended to take her unconditionally.

'I hope she's a good woman.'

When Prince Christian glanced at Sylvia nearby, she didn't say anything as if she agreed.

In order to revive Ismail, she thought it was enough to endure that much.

Rockefeller spoke, watching the two of them.

"It may not be desirable for Your Highness to take my younger sister, who was once a commoner."

"I don't think so. If this is truly God's will, I am willing to accept your sister as my wife."

"Then I'm glad. I was worried that Your Highness might be a little dissatisfied."

"You don't have to worry about that at all."

Rockefeller didn't even ask about Lucia's intentions, who was not present.

There was nothing better than becoming the empress of the empire in his sister's life.

'That man is not ugly, and he will be the emperor in the future. There's no reason for Lucia to dislike it. It will definitely be a good thing for Lucia.'

"And there is one more condition."

When it was said that there was another condition, Prince Christian and Sylvia showed a somewhat tense appearance.

The opponent was Rockefeller Rothsmedici.

He was a man who started from nothing and came up to that position.

It wouldn't be an easy condition.

"Is there another one?"

"The condition I put forward earlier is for building trust between us. And what I really want hasn't come out yet."

What is he going to ask for?

Prince Christian, who was tense, waited for Rockefeller's next words.

And he prayed that it would not be a difficult request.

'I hope it's not an absurd request.'

It didn't take long for Rockefeller to open his mouth again.

'This is important. This will be the final touch to complete the Goblin Dollar.'

"If Your Highness wins the Crown War, you will surely become the next emperor. Then the will of the empire will be Your Highness' will."

Rockefeller said.

"What I want here is just one thing. The authority to issue and control the currency of the empire."

At this moment, Rockefeller's eyes were frighteningly alive.

"Give it all to me. So that our Rosmedici family can have that authority in the future and forever."

At that, both Prince Christian and Sylvia were surprised.

What he said was, in other words, no different from asking to rule the empire on his behalf.

"Granting the authority to issue and control the currency of the country is... a difficult request. No, it's absolutely impossible."

Then Rockefeller insisted on his position as if he would not back down.

"Then it's a pity, but I can't help Your Highness either."

There was a problem here.

Sylvia, who had been watching quietly, stepped forward.

"Are you saying you want to control the entire empire's currency? It sounds like you want to rule the empire instead of the emperor."

Rockefeller smiled at her.

"Of course not. I'm simply asking for the authority to control currency. When did I ever say I would make the laws of this country? Laws are made by His Majesty the Emperor. It's not someone like me, who runs a money-lending business, can do."

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