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Chapter 146 Part 1 - The Founder of Great Financial Family

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The Crown War #2(2)

The perfection of the absolute currency.

It was possible due to Lee Han's power.

"I did some research on my own on how to easily produce money, and this is what I came up with."

When Lee Han flicked his finger, several metal discs were summoned in mid-air.

The detailed shape of the discs was not yet determined, but it was clear that they would later take the form of Goblin Dollars that Rockefeller wanted.

"Everything printed with this will be connected to the blockchain magic you mentioned. Then it would look like this."

Lee Han took one of the floating discs and stamped it onto something like paper.

"As soon as the magic engraving is created, the virtual ledger will be shared. And when these are brought together."

When the two stamped papers were brought close together, they both began to emit a blue light.


Rockefeller looked at the blue glowing paper with curiosity.

It was not much different from the design he had come up with himself.

"If you process these discs into the shape of the Goblin Dollar you want, make sure to give one to me, alright?"

A promise is a promise.

Rockefeller intended to keep this part clear.

"Of course. But please use that disc only for yourself. That's my condition."

"Well, that's a given. But what if I print out a huge amount?"

"Think of it as a kind of reward for completing the Goblin Dollar."

"A reward, huh? It would be quite a lot."

"Print and use as much as you want. You might get tired of using it, and then you won't want to print anymore. At that point, money will become meaningless."

"I wonder if that will really happen?"

"You'll naturally find out when you try."

Before leaving, Lee Han asked about another matter.

It was about anti-counterfeiting measures.

"Is there no other mechanism besides the blockchain? I've come up with a magical mechanism, but wouldn't it be good to have another mechanism to distinguish counterfeit currency?"

Rockefeller, as if he had been waiting for this, answered.

"I have looked into various aspects and plan to apply a special dye to the new promissory notes. In addition to that, I have already devised physical devices to distinguish counterfeit promissory notes. And this is also a result of a guild meeting that combined the ideas of several guild members."

"I see."

"Don't worry too much about this part since we can filter out counterfeit promissory notes in multiple layers."

A few days later.

The work of replacing the existing promissory notes with new ones was carried out throughout the Lyon Guild.

Existing promissory notes could be exchanged for new ones at the banks affiliated with the guild, and the exchanged promissory notes were actively circulated in the market again.

The Lyon Guild announced that promissory notes not exchanged within the designated period could be invalidated or ignored later. People lined up in front of the banks to hand over their existing promissory notes and receive new ones connected to the blockchain.

As a month passed, only new promissory notes circulated in the market, and as more time passed, the issue of counterfeit promissory notes began to emerge.

The counterfeit Goblin Dollars, unknowingly produced by the Sinclair family, had reached a bank.

"I'd like to exchange these all for Dalant."

An unidentified man visited a bank located in the Imperial Road with Goblin Dollars.

The bank owner, who was also a member of the Lyon Guild, carefully examined the Goblin Dollars handed to him and then held up his own Goblin Dollar to check its authenticity.

'It looks exactly like the real one, but something feels off.'

He habitually held his real Goblin Dollar to the one handed by the man.

At that moment, his Goblin Dollar started to emit a red light, indicating that it was counterfeit.

The funny thing was that, on the contrary, the man's Goblin Dollar began to emit a blue light, indicating that it was genuine.

"Where did you get that?"

"Is there a problem?"

"They're all fake."


The man looked confused.

'That can't be. These were taken from the Sinclair family.'

"That's impossible. This is genuine."



The man, who firmly believed in the magical power of the Sinclair family, became even more confident in this situation.

"Something seems to be wrong. The fake one is the fake one."

The bank owner raised his voice at the man, who was making ridiculous claims.

"The fake one is the one you brought! We don't accept such fakes here, so go somewhere else and find out."

Confused, the man stood in the store without knowing what to do. When the store owner picked up a broom and started to use violence, the man hurriedly ran out of the store.

'What the hell? What happened?'

That day.

That day, the 3rd Prince's minions, who had tried to obtain Dalant by using fake bonds from various banks in the empire under the 3rd Prince's orders, had no choice but to return empty-handed.

As the battles with the 2nd Prince intensified every day, the 3rd Prince found it hard to believe that his expected minions returned empty-handed.

"What are you talking about? All of them are counterfeit currencies, so they can't be exchanged for Dalant."

"We don't know. We thought they were almost perfectly counterfeited, but at the bank, they immediately recognized them as fake when we brought the real Goblin Dollars."

"Why, even though they emit the same blue light?"

"We don't know."

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