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Chapter 146 Part 2 - The Founder of Great Financial Family

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The idea that came out in the situation where there was a lack of military funds to lead the army was to counterfeit the Lyon Guild's bonds and make up for the insufficient military funds.

However, it was the 3rd Prince who became troubled if he couldn't utilize counterfeit currency like this.

"Call the family members."

At the command of the 3rd Prince, several magicians belonging to the Sinclair family soon came to him.

"I heard it was perfect, so what's the problem?"

The magicians brought magnifying glasses and carefully examined the real and fake ones.

However, the fake Goblin Dollars they made were indistinguishable from the real ones at a glance.

"As you can see, what we made is perfect. The appearance is not almost, but 100% perfectly matched, and the blue light emitted when exchanged is also the same."

They thought that the real Goblin Dollars only emitted blue light.

"But why does the real one emit red light instead of blue light when the real and fake ones are attached?"

"That is……."

"Tell me the reason. If this isn't resolved, I'm the only fool who sent my brother away trusting you guys."

If counterfeiting Goblin Dollars was impossible, the 3rd Prince would never have sent the 1st Prince like that.

With the power he has now, it was almost impossible to deal with the 2nd Prince's army.

Only by counterfeiting Goblin Dollars could he find the meaning of his betrayal of the 1st Prince.

It was enough to refill the insufficient army with counterfeit currency.

However, even the famous magicians couldn't grasp how the real Goblin Dollars worked.

Would they even know the meaning of the term blockchain?

"Prince Calman. We don't know how this is manifested. To explain this, we have to bring the magician who implemented this directly."

They had nothing to say either.

"But the counterfeit currency we made is identical to the real one in appearance. The only thing that's bothering us is that the real one easily distinguishes the fake one when the real and fake ones meet. But we don't know the principle well."

"Is it enough to say you don't know? If we can't solve this problem right away, the army will collapse."

The magicians who only sighed eventually found their own way.

"How about calling Miss Isabella, who is the best in this field, and asking her?"

"Call Isabella here?"

She was in a direct confrontation with the papal army for the revival of the Sinclair family on the front lines.

There would be a considerable loss of power on the front lines if she was gone.

However, the 3rd Prince, who had a fire on his feet, had no energy to worry about that.

"Bring Isabella. We have to solve this problem somehow."

Isabella, who was fighting fiercely in the vanguard of the 3rd Prince's army, which was struggling against the papal army and the mercenary forces hired by the guild, hurriedly stopped the battle and came to the barracks where the 3rd Prince was.

"I heard you called me urgently."

"The counterfeit failed."


The 3rd Prince told Isabella about the story of counterfeiting bonds yesterday and today.

Isabella, who thought that the magicians of the family would solve it themselves without her intervening, couldn't help but be confused by the unexpected news.

"Are you saying that counterfeiting is impossible now?"

"Yes, counterfeiting is completely impossible now. No matter how perfectly we replicated it, the real one easily recognizes the fake bond."

"How is that possible?"

"I don't know either, so you take a look."

The 3rd Prince gave Isabella the real and fake Goblin Dollars.

Isabella, who had been looking at them for a long time, was reminded of the conversation she had with Rockefeller in the past.

'At that time, that person was too confident.'

Sinclair family was the best in the magic.

The fact that he could smile like that against a family of magicians meant that he had something to believe in.

Isabella quickly realized who had helped Rockefeller.

"It seems that a person named Lee Han helped."

"Lee Han?"

As soon as the story of Lee Han came out, the 3rd Prince's expression hardened.

Lee Han was a man who was active in the 2nd Prince's camp.

He was as much of a headache for him as the 2nd Prince.

With a dumbfounded expression, the 3rd Prince asked.

"Did Lee Han come up with that?"

"Yes, it seems so. At that time, the guild master was too confident. So I just let it go, but he trusted Lee Han."

"Whether it's Lee Han or not. Anyway, we have to counterfeit those Goblin Dollars to survive."

The 3rd Prince was really desperate.

'If I had known this, I wouldn't have sent my brother like that! Darn...'

"We must find out how the magic works unconditionally. That's the only way to make counterfeit bonds."

Then Isabella informed him that it was impossible.

"It's going to be difficult. If Lee Han intervened and helped in the first place, they might have created a perfect bond that is absolutely impossible to counterfeit."

"Is counterfeiting itself impossible?"

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