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Chapter 150 Part 2 - The Founder of Great Financial Family

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"Thank you, Your Majesty."

As Rockefeller smiled pleasantly,

Sinclair, who couldn't bear to see it, stepped forward.

"Do you really trust that man, Your Majesty? He is trying to satisfy his misguided desires by mentioning a crisis that has not yet come to the empire."

Then, Empress Lucia, who had been silently guarding her seat until now, sternly rebuked him.

"Are you still doubting my husband's sincerity?"

Although she was young, the empress, who was thought to be nothing, spoke like that.

Even if it was Sinclair, he had no choice but to bow his head for the time being.

'I've laid the groundwork very well. I forgot that the empress had such a personality because she was so unnoticeable... I was too careless. I never thought it would go this far.'

"Your Majesty, the Empress, if my words have offended you, I apologize first. I just..."

Lucia was as relentless as Rockefeller.

"Be quiet."

Aware of his bold young empress, the emperor also raised his voice to protect his wife.

"The person next to me is my wife and the empress of the empire. Since she is in the same position as me, I will not tolerate any rudeness to the empress from now on."

No matter how much Rockefeller was disliked, there were too many mountains to cross to attack him.

It was unprecedented for the mighty Sinclair to be so pathetic in the history of the empire.

However, the times have changed, and he had to adapt to the changed world.

"I seem to have been too rash. Please calm your anger."

As Sinclair lowered his head,

Now it was Rockefeller's world.

In a place where no one dared to argue with him,

Rockefeller confidently raised his voice.

"Your Majesty, I have a humble request. The Goblin Dollar is still being ignored by some of the empire's people despite my numerous efforts."

Some of the empire's people who did not trust the Goblin Dollar were still stubborn about using Dalant.

But Rockefeller wasn't the one to allow them.

If they don't need Goblin Dollars, then make it necessary for them.

"So, I have a proposal for Your Majesty. To activate Goblin Dollars, please allow all taxes in the empire to be paid with Goblin Dollars from now on."

The last step to complete Goblin Dollars was to give value to Goblin Dollars for everyone in the world.

"From now on, taxes should only be paid in Goblin Dollars?"

"Yes, if you do that, Goblin Dollars will have greater value and be widely used in the empire."

Some nobles opposed this, but they had no place to step in, as the Tepez and Sinclair families were already in a difficult situation.

Furthermore, with the young empress who had just scolded the head of the Sinclair family, only the voices of Rockefeller and the emperor echoed in the room.

"Will there be any problems?"

"Haha, Your Majesty. What problems could there be? Goblin Dollars are already fully exchanged for Dalants by our Lion Guild. There will be no problems derived from this. Rather, it will be an opportunity for Goblin Dollars to be widely used."

The emperor hesitated a bit, but he had already married the head of the Ismail family. He decided there was no need to worry, as the Ismail family would be there even if problems arose. Reluctantly, he approved.

"Very well. Let it be so. From now on, all taxes in the empire shall be paid not in Dalants but in Goblin Dollars. Announce this widely and implement it."

Rockefeller, who barely held back a smile as permission was granted, showed a hypocritical courtesy to the emperor.

"Thank you, Your Majesty. I, Rockefeller Rothsmedici, once again pledge to contribute sincerely to the prosperity and peace of the empire as your loyal servant."

The nobles, who could not even open their mouths, finally acknowledged the birth of a new prestigious family.

In just a few hours, the Tepez and Sinclair families, who had been dominating the empire with their absolute positions as sword and magic families, were pushed down, and the Rothsmedici family, a financial family, rose above them.

'Really amazing. I heard he was a commoner not long ago...'

'I've heard of commoners rising, but I never thought someone of such humble birth could become like this.'

'He's practically at the level of a Grand Duke. I used to think he wasn't a big deal because he didn't have a fief, but now I'm ashamed of myself for thinking that. His influence is second only to the emperor.'

The nobles stared at Rockefeller, lost in various thoughts.

However, their final thought was this:

'We must definitely look good. If we get on his bad side, it's over.'

'With control over currency, he's practically no different from the emperor.'

'I mustn't show any hostility. Should I send him a valuable gift on this occasion?'

'He looks young... Is he married? My daughter is pretty, so I might have a chance...'

Of course, Rockefeller knew what the nobles were thinking.

'It's better for them to act accordingly and not be annoying in front of me. My power here is absolute.'

Among those watching Rockefeller as he left his seat was Eliezer Tephez, the head of the Tepez family and who had a brief dispute with Rockefeller earlier.

He watched Rockefeller very interestingly.

'At first, he didn't seem very impressive.'

But as he saw him wielding his power in front of the emperor, he naturally changed his initial thoughts.

'Now that I keep looking, he doesn't seem that bad. At least he seems much better than those Sinclair fellows.'

Unlike the hostile Sinclair family, he was a man of outstanding financial ability.

In other words, there was much to gain from being on good terms.

In other words, it seems there's nothing to lose by getting along well. After all, there's absolutely no reason for our martial-focused family to be hostile to a money-oriented family like theirs.

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