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Chapter 151 Part 1 - The Founder of Great Financial Family

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Establishment of the Currency and Finance Department (4)

Money was absolute.

With enough money, one could have many allies, which would undoubtedly be a great help on the battlefield that the Tepez loved.

'Then... that's how we should proceed.'

In the general imperial tradition, after the Crown War, the three noble families would send their female members of noble birth to the new emperor.

The new emperor would also accept the women from the three families as his wives to unite the divided imperial factions after the Crown War, a long-standing tradition and custom that had always been observed.

Thus, Eliezer had intended to send Princess Trinity, the most beautiful and strong-willed member of the Tepes family, to the new emperor according to the existing custom.

That is, if he hadn't seen Rockefeller today.

'The emperor is not powerless, but if the empress is that man's younger sister and has a good relationship with the pope, the real power in the empire will probably be him, not the emperor. The emperor will have to watch the pope's mood, but that man won't have to.'

Then, who should he give his family's most beautiful woman to?

Is it right to give her to the seemingly unimpressive emperor?

Or is it right to give her to the young man who could be considered the real power in the empire?

The answer was clear.

'Since the emperor has already broken the existing custom by seating a noblewoman from another family, not from the three noble families, as the empress, it's only right to see the following customs as already broken. There's no need to adhere to them strictly.'

Having finished his thoughts, Eliezer called out to Rockefeller, who was about to leave the banquet hall with his wife.

"I made a great mistake earlier. Our family members are not so friendly to strangers. I would like to ask for your forgiveness before this event ends, Lord Rockefeller."

Rockefeller couldn't have missed him, approaching like a snake.

'It seems he's changed his mind about me, realizing that he can't do without me. After all, I'm the source of their money, so why would the Tepez people want to distance themselves from me? There's absolutely no reason for them to dislike me. If they really harbored ill feelings, it would be different.'

Rockefeller had no reason to turn away the head of the Tepes family who had come forward first.

They were one of the empire's most prestigious noble families, and there had never been a family that regarded the Tepez as enemies.

And soon, the Gold Vein War was approaching.

In that war, the most needed people were the members of the Tepez and Sinclair families, so Rockefeller welcomed them with a smile.

"Ah, isn't this Duke Eliezer, who said something to me earlier? Haha, I had already forgotten about the unpleasant argument we had. The Tepez are the empire's sword, so who would dislike and make an enemy of the sword that protects our country? I've forgotten about what happened earlier, so feel free to treat me as you please."

Both of them had hidden motives.

In a world where allies and enemies changed based on necessity, such occurrences were commonplace. Eliezer, too, erased his previous ill feelings and offered a smile.

"If we are the sword that protects the empire, then the Rosmedici family is the empire's financial lifeline, isn't it?"

"Is that so? Then it seems clear that both of us are necessary for the empire. I would like to get along well with the duke in the future."

"Rather, that's what I want to say. We want to maintain a good relationship with the Rothsmedici family."

As the two exchanged insincere jokes,

There was someone who watched them intently from afar.

It was Duke Austin of the Sinclair family, who had been scrutinizing Rockefeller just a few minutes ago.

'What is he doing now? Is he really trying to get along with someone as lowly as him?'

Austin couldn't help but change his mind because he also had an argument with Rockefeller just a while ago and couldn't think well of him and his family.

But now, seeing the snake-like Tepez duke extending his hand to the odd Rothsmedici family with a bright financial future, Austin couldn't help but change his mind.

'The Tepez lot always had money problems. They had a lot, but they were also notorious for squandering it.'

From Austin's perspective as the Sinclair family leader, the relationship between the two was quite uncomfortable.

'If they become that close, our position will only shrink.'

Imagining the Tepez family becoming even more powerful by getting close to the Rothsmedici family made him feel sick.

'I don't know about other things, but I can't stand that.'

So what could be a way to prevent that?

'At least, we shouldn't become enemies with that now-powerful family. If we just maintain a friendly relationship, the Tepez won't be able to act recklessly on their own.'

The most effective way to maintain that friendly relationship was through marriage between the two families.

Originally, both the Tepes and Sinclair families strictly protected their bloodlines and had strict laws against letting their blood flow out.

What they feared the most was someone with both Tepez and Sinclair blood founding a new family and establishing themselves as a dominant family in the empire.

However, the Rothsmedici family seemed too ordinary to be vigilant about protecting their bloodline.

'Although I don't like it. If I leave it like this, it will become a problem later. It's better to maintain a relationship, even if I don't like it.'

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