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Adopting Disaster - Chapter 190

 Disaster Turns into Peace (3)

Phoebe drooled as she looked around.

The appetizing scent of spices and meat mingled in the air, constantly stimulating her appetite.

She wanted to approach and ask for a piece, but Phoebe didn't move an inch from her spot.

"Smells good, right?"

As Reed, standing next to her, asked, Phoebe deflated and answered.

-It's agonizing.

"How long has it been since you ate?"

-Ah... Well... There's a separate stomach for eating delicious food! That's how dragons are!

"What an interesting structure your body has."

Reed chuckled and stroked her head.

"We'll eat our meal today, and you can eat to your heart's content starting tomorrow."

-Well... Okay.

"You're a good girl, so good."

Reed gently tapped her cheek.

She was determined to take in as much as she could with her eyes since she couldn't eat.

Phoebe's exploration ignited the stalls surrounding the Silence Tower.

"The Dragon Lord is watching us!"

"Cooks! Hurry up and show your skills! The honor of the Eren Kingdom is at stake!"

"We can't lose either!"

The kingdom's chefs had strong pride.

They became the kingdom's chefs because they insisted on being the best, and they wanted to be the best even among the best.

The chef who captivated the dragon's taste buds!

It was a once-in-a-lifetime title that no one else could obtain.

They tried their best to win Phoebe's favor by showing off their unique skills.

However, ironically, Phoebe's resentment and hatred grew as the chefs' skills stimulated her appetite.

* * *

* * *

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As night deepened and the lights of the night market gradually went out.

With the lights out, Phoebe fell asleep, and Reed laid down next to her, reading a book.

As a host, he waited as long as he could for the guest who had not yet arrived.

Shortly after, a twinkling light approached from the sky.

A sky carriage of incomparable size to those of other kingdoms.

It was as if an entire room had been detached and moved here.

There was no doubt that it was actually used for such purposes.

If they were nobles, they would know whose carriage it was.

'The Emperor of the Garcia Empire.'

Reed checked his attire nervously.

The door opened, and the man inside revealed himself.

The one who descended was the Crown Prince of the Garcia Empire.

"Welcome, Your Highness the Crown Prince."

"Nice to meet you, Master of the Silence Tower."

"I thought His Majesty the Emperor was coming with the carriage."

"His Majesty cannot participate in large events for the sake of preserving his health."

"His health must not be good."

"It's natural given his age."

After exchanging courtesies, the Crown Prince turned his head and looked up at Phoebe.

"Is that vicious dragon the deputy of the Tower Master?"

"Yes, that's correct."

"I heard she will return to being human soon."

"That seems regrettable."

"Wouldn't it be stranger if it wasn't regrettable? As the origin of dragons... If she had become the only dragon, she could have had a tremendous influence on this world."

His blatant honesty didn't feel disgusting at all.

The Crown Prince, who observed Reed's reaction, soon apologized.

"I apologize for my rudeness. I've been so preoccupied with policies that I keep thinking about the benefits the existence of a dragon could bring to our empire. We even made promises with the vanguards. It's too much greed."

"It's alright. Isn't that what humans are like?"

The Crown Prince smiled and changed the subject.

"In a month, there will be a memorial service. It's a memorial service to send off the magician who has become a star. Would you please attend?"

"I have no reason not to, as they devoted their life to protect this continent."

"I'm glad. The magicians who followed them will also be able to rest in peace."

The conversation with the Crown Prince ended there.

The Crown Prince moved to the prepared seat under the guidance.

'Did the empire come late because they knew they would ruin the atmosphere?'

There would be those who have a good impression and those who have a bad impression of the empire due to its size.

So, they entered a step late to consider them.

'Come to think of it, there are still people who haven't arrived yet.'

He thought everyone had arrived, but upon reconsideration, there were almost no familiar faces among Reed's friends.

That's when it happened.

Lights from the northeastern forest were heading this way.

Upon closer inspection, thirty orcs carrying loads were walking towards this place.

'The Barchan Union...'

The country was where the orcs, the only non-human nation recognized on the continent, gathered.

In every aspect, they had superior physical strength and power compared to the average human, but they were a race with lower intelligence.

'So did they walk to this important event?'

They would have arrived by sunset at the latest if they had taken a carriage.

Reed went to greet them personally.

He greeted Larksper, who was at the forefront.

"You're here?"

"Brother, I'm quite late."

"It's not just a little late. Shouldn't you have at least borrowed a carriage?"

"Walking is more comfortable."

He didn't know what kind of stubbornness it was, but it seemed to be a pride unique to orcs.

Larksper and his companions went to their designated spot, set up tents, and unpacked their loads.

In the meantime, Larksper and Reed moved to where Phoebe was.

While Reed fetched drinks, Larksper looked up at the sleeping Phoebe and sighed.


"What's wrong?"

"Dragon. It reminds me of that battle."

Larksper and Adonis.

The two fought fiercely and stalled until the very end.

They saw the recorded footage and knew how grateful they should be to them.

"It felt like there was an insurmountable wall."

"Were you frustrated?"

"Of course."

Larksper nodded his head calmly, admitting the embarrassing story.

"I thought you wouldn't admit that because of your strong pride?"

"It was my clear defeat. Anyone could see that I was purely overwhelmed by power. So, if I don't admit it, I can't move forward."

Larksper hit his chest.

It resonated majestically like the sound of a drum on the battlefield.

"Larksper must be an inspiration as the Great Chieftain."

"It's a good mindset."

"Do you think orcs can grow as much as humans?"

He asked a sensitive question.

However, Reed knew the answer.

"As long as you have the determination to prosper the kingdom, I believe it will be steadfast."

"I see."

Larksper's desired kingdom will undoubtedly be realized.

He knew how much effort he put in and how much the heavens helped him.

As the conversation came to an end, someone else came to find Reed.

The late-night guest was one of the close people Reed hadn't seen during the day.

Adonis approached.

"Chief of the Orc tribe, how are you?"

"Deputy of Hupper, how are you?"

It was a strangely stiff greeting that didn't suit the two.

When their swords clashed, they were a perfect match, but when it came to social situations, they were more awkward than anyone.

Leaving the awkwardness behind, Larksper returned to his area, and Adonis walked towards Reed.

"I apologize for the late greeting, Tower Lord."

"It's alright. I've been receiving greetings all day, and I was getting tired. I thought I'd receive a perfunctory greeting from Adonis as well."

"Are you okay now?"

"Of course."

"I see."

Adonis said so and looked up at Reed.

Reed glanced at her and was momentarily surprised by her expression.

"What made you so happy?"

"No, not particularly."

"Then why are you smiling like that?"

Adonis was smiling.

If it wasn't due to excessive refraction, Adonis' face, illuminated by the torchlight, was undoubtedly smiling.

Adonis tilted her head.

"Am I smiling?"

"Yes. It seems so."

"I see."

The gentle smile didn't disappear but deepened even more.

She was a knight who roamed the rough battlefield, but her essence was still a pitifully beautiful woman.

Seeing the charming beauty's smile, Reed didn't know where to look and quickly turned his head away.

"It seems that I'm smiling because you're so comfortable, Tower Master."

"What's so comfortable about me?"

"You're the only one who calls me Adonis, and the only one who opened my heart. I guess that's why."

"It's hard to find someone like that when you're in an important position like Adonis. But there will definitely be someone."

"I wish there was someone as comfortable as you..."

Adonis decided to think positively.

And she glanced up at Reed again.

"Tower Master."


"I wish you happiness."

"Thank you."

Adonis briefly greeted and disappeared into the darkness.

She moved her steps lightly, not knowing if she was excited or thrilled, and disappeared into the darkness.

'Is that all the people I need to greet?'

Reed closed the book.

"I was going to lay down a makeshift bed and go to sleep until tomorrow."

"It seems you're going to sleep."


"I think it's better to go and greet him tomorrow."


"He’s tired. It can't be helped. Humans need to sleep."

They say that daytime talks are heard by birds and nighttime talks are heard by mice, but even small voices sounded noisy.

How long did they plan to whisper?

Reed, on the other hand, was annoyed and yelled at them.

"Just come over."

Two women hidden in the darkness stepped forward and revealed themselves to Reed.

As expected.

The Silent Saintess, Rachel, and the Contemplative Saintess, Isel.

"I didn't intend to show myself like this. I'm sorry. Was my voice too loud?"

"Weren't you talking like that for me to hear?"

"Oh my? We didn't have such intentions. Right, Rachel?"


Rachel sighed in response.

Isel laughed brightly.

It was a shameless grin.

"I didn't hear that the saintesses would attend this festival. Did you change your mind?"

"No, we just came to greet you."

Reed glanced at their outfits.

If they had intended to participate in the festival, they would have worn saintly clothes.

Even if not formal attire, they would have at least worn practice clothes.

But it wasn't even that.

Rachel wore light leather armor, and Isel wore a blind nun-like outfit.

It was very similar to when they met in the Huper Kingdom during the demon disturbance.

"That's right. We didn't come here to attend this festival."

"Then why?"

"We came to say farewell."


Reed shuddered.

He thought that the farewell might mean death.

"Ah, it seems that the meaning was conveyed strangely. Don't worry. It's not about dying, but that we won't meet often from now on."

"Is that so? Will you explain why you're saying farewell?"

"As of yesterday, we officially stepped down from the position of saintess. It's currently vacant."

"You stepped down from the position of saints...?"

Reed asked them as if he couldn't understand.

"Even now, the fragments of our hero's past, left behind, still remain on this earth."

Ghosts of the past.

They are quiet these days, but there's no doubt that the evil ones will cause trouble somewhere.

Even if they were not such beings, they were already dead.

Since their existence contradicted the teachings of the Alte Order, they believed that leading them to death was the right thing to do.

"The task of resolving the hero's issues is left to those who have a connection with the hero."

"Am I not included in those who have a connection?"

"Because you are his descendant? There's no need. The hero is not attached to bloodlines."

Isel added with a smile.

"Of course, we were fed up with our order, and we wanted to deviate a bit. We plan to wander around the continent and break free from our Althea."

"You're shamelessly saying something that would shock the people of the order."

"You know the saying, 'marrying a god'? I'm sick of my husband's face, what can I do?"

Although Rachel tapped Isel's shoulder and gave her a hint, Isel didn't budge.

Reed glanced down at Rachel's waist.

The hero's sword was firmly in her waist.

"What do you plan to do at the end of your journey?"

"I don't know."


Isel just smiled.

Reed didn't go any further either.

Since it's their life, all he can do is respect their decision and bless them.

"I'll pray for your journey to be safe."

"I'd rather have a lot of trouble. That way, we can catch those things scattered by the hero."

As he was about to answer Isel's words, someone intercepted.

-I'll pray for you instead.

Phoebe opened her eyes slightly and looked at Isel and Rachel.

"Oh my, Deputy Tower Master, you've grown a lot, haven't you?"

-Right now, I'm a dragon.

It was a threatening attempt to break the momentum.

But Isel didn't waver.

"That's right. But dragons are immortal beings who cannot feel desires, so this festival... wouldn't it stimulate your appetite? Over 100 kingdoms are offering sacrifices, can you eat all that?"

-Of course. I saved this continent, so shouldn't I have the right to receive that much?

"Ha-ha, I see. I wonder if you can't return to being human because you've eaten too much. No, could it be that you'll turn into a cow?"

Their faces were smiling, but a cold chill was swirling around them.

They felt like they found a proper rival without even meeting a few times.

"Stop fighting like children."

Reed calmed Phoebe down by stroking her head.

Phoebe obediently lowered her head as if nothing had happened.

"Just watch the festival and go."

"Thank you for your consideration, Tower Master. We don't have the luxury to enjoy the festival."

"In that case..."

"We appreciate your concern, but you still have things to solve, don't you?"

Isel smiled at Reed.

"Two more to go."

What she was talking about was the seven disasters that would destroy the world.

It's not far from the end now.

It's time to think about themselves, as they said.

"Do you think fate will go the right way?"

"If it's you, there's no doubt you'll do it."

"Is that the future the saintess prophesied for me?"

"Do you have to see it to know?"

Reed lowered his head at Isel's question.

"There's no need to see it, necessarily."

Reed had a strong belief.

A belief that he would be able to overcome any adversity that came his way.

Isel showed a satisfied expression.

"We will take our leave, Master of Silence Tower. May the protection of Althea be with you."

"May the protection of Althea be with you both."

Isel and Rachel greeted him and disappeared into the darkness.

He waited under the torchlight, wondering if there were any more people coming to greet him, but no one else came.

The next day.

The full-fledged festival began, and the chefs started to bustle about.

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