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Adopting Disaster - Chapter 191

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Disaster Becames Peace (4)

It was a festival to offer their food to the dragon, so they showed off their own strategies to satisfy all five senses.

Phoebe savored various precious foods with her large tongue.

Creak- Creak-.

As Phoebe snorted and made a blissful expression, the tension of the people sitting around her escalated.

Finally, the winner was decided.

It was the southern city, Emoren.

The strong scent and sweet taste were still lingering in her mouth.

With the sincere wish for peace in the south, the offering ceremony ended with a kiss on the foreheads of Emoren's children.

After the offering ceremony, the human festival began.

The murderous intent and fighting spirit felt during the preparation and judging for the offering ceremony were nowhere to be found, and everyone was busy laughing.

It was hard to believe that they had fiercely defended their pride against each other.

Delicious food and alcohol, and the relief brought by peace made everyone brothers for today.

"Master of the Silence Tower, you're just over there!"

The Master of the Monolith Tower waved his hand, drawing Reed's attention.

Other tower Masters were sitting there as well.

"What's going on?"

"Come over here and sit down! These young ones here claim to be the best drinkers!"

The ones being referred to as young ones were the knights sitting on the opposite side.

They usually wore full plate armor and roamed the battlefield, but today they were dressed in light uniforms.

"Magicians can’t handle alcohol easily."

"What's the reason for that?"

"It's ridiculous to think that magicians who sit all day can beat swordsmen who undergo intense physical training."

Then the magicians' side countered.

"Magicians' training is a battle of endurance. We can handle any amount of alcohol because we must be rational in any situation."

"Even if your mind endures, what use is it if your body can't?"

"Isn't the opposite true as well? Without mental strength, the body is just an empty shell."

"We're not just muscle-bound warriors; we're knights who stand at the front. Our physical and mental strength is perfect!"

"What, what did you just say!?"

As other professions were mentioned in the simple dispute between knights and magicians, it became a chaotic scene in just five minutes.

Reed stood up and shouted.

"Everyone, be quiet! If you don't quiet down, the festival will stop!"

The power of the organizer was so strong that everyone closed their mouths.

The sudden silence made even the innocent people focus.

"There's no benefit to us just talking. Anyone can claim to be a top swordsman or magician by just talking, right?"

Reed raised his glass and said.

"The answer is to prove it right here! Let the representatives of each profession come forward and determine the exact pecking order!"

Everyone was enthusiastic about Reed's words.

"Great! But, you can't use magic to detoxify!"

"Do you think we'd do such a cowardly thing!? We'll sit down and drink until someone vomits, collapses, or can't drink anymore."

"Kuku, the Master of the Silence Tower has a fiery spirit, indeed!"

"Hey! Go get some more alcohol! We're going to kill them all today!"

As the alcohol showdown unfolded, the nobles cheered for someone, and some even gambled in the excited atmosphere.

The women sneaked a glance with disdainful eyes, shook their heads, and went into the tents with their children to sleep.

The incredibly ignorant alcohol showdown was won by the magicians.


"As expected of the Master of the Silence Tower!"

"Truly a worthy drinker who has drunk two glasses of that hellish alcohol from Escolleia!"

Reed raised his trembling hand to the overwhelming cheers from the magicians' side.

"Pitiful guy, falling apart."

"Hehe, that guy is the weakest among us."

"You swordsmen won't admit defeat!"

"Ugh, how disgraceful!"

The losers demanded a second round, and the magicians mocked them with jeers.

The night was long, and there was still plenty of alcohol left.

They encouraged each other, made more alcohol bets, and cheers and jeers alternated between the two sides.

In this way, they shared food and drank alcohol.

Unaware of the deepening night, people enjoyed the festival.

* * *

* * *

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The festival site at dawn.

The once-busy campfire was now reduced to ashes, with only embers burning, and men who had fallen drunk lay sleeping around it.

It was a frenzied festival where everyone could finally fall asleep at 4 in the morning.

Reed was also asleep in the midst of the frenzied festival.

At that moment, someone carefully poked Reed's face.

"Master of the Tower..."


"Master of the Tower..."

"Huh? Ugh!"

As soon as he opened his eyes, he saw a threatening face and was startled without realizing it.

Phoebe, who was surprised by his reaction, stepped back and apologized to Reed.

"I'm sorry. Did I startle you a lot?"

"No, no. It's fine. Just that it happened so suddenly..."

Reed slowly got up from his seat.

He felt refreshed without any hangover, probably because he had drunk a lot of high-quality alcohol.

Reed looked up at Phoebe, who was sitting quietly.

He thought she was slowly returning to normal, but her height had decreased by about 10 meters overnight. Her heavy voice was also gradually getting higher and becoming more like Phoebe's.

"You've gotten much smaller."

"I think I'll be back to being human soon."

"I'm glad."

Just as he was relieved that this would be the end, Phoebe's shoulders twitched.

Reed realized that it was a gesture that she had something to say.

"If you have something to say, say it now."

"Well... I want to go somewhere before I become human."


"Yes, with you, Master of the Tower."

It would be a lie if he said he wasn't surprised by her sudden proposal.

But Reed nodded without any hesitation.

"Alright, let's go."

He thought it was best to let her do what she wanted before she turned back into a human.

Phoebe snorted happily like a horse when Reed gave her permission.

"Then, please get on my neck."

Phoebe lowered her head to make it easy for Reed to get on, and he climbed up.

Her size had decreased significantly, so her neck felt like riding on a horse.

As he held her tightly, Phoebe's wings began to flutter.

Leaving a small whirlwind behind, they soared up through the clouds.

Countless stars were embroidered on the blue sky.

Their color gradually faded to yellow.

A fleeting twilight was approaching.

Reed stared at the scenery as if he was lost in thought.

"Dragon Rider."


"I was just wondering if this is what it would feel like to be a Dragon Rider."

"Oh, I should have given you a ride when I was bigger!"

Reed chuckled when Phoebe expressed her regret.

"If you had flown with that body, there would have been a storm."

"But if it's for fulfilling your romance, wouldn't it be okay?"

"Yeah, that much would be fine."

Reed smiled pleasantly, and Phoebe also let out a laugh.

They flew above the clouds with Phoebe, facing the twilight wind.

The place they arrived at was the summit of a mountain.

It was a flat, wide, and high mountain where the ground could be clearly seen.

Reed knew where this place was.

It was the mountain of proof that many knights climbed, prepared for death, to challenge their limits.

It was a meaningful place for all knights, but Reed, as a magician, was different. Reading books while climbing the mountain was more beneficial.

This place would be meaningful to Phoebe.

"Is there a reason you came here?"

"Just because it's the highest."

Or maybe she didn't have any particular thoughts.

Feeling awkward for attributing unnecessary meaning, he turned his gaze elsewhere.

The only thing worth seeing on the cloud-covered mountain was the rising sun in the east.

Its colors blended so beautifully that he couldn't help but be captivated.

"Do you know, Master of the Tower, how beautiful the rising sun is?"

"I don't know... Ah."

As soon as he answered, Reed could understand what she was saying.

Twilight recedes, and dawn reveals itself.

Reed saw the colors rising beyond the horizon-like clouds.

"It's beautiful."

"Isn't it?"

Rather than a response to Phoebe, it was an exclamation.

Phoebe giggled and carefully moved her head to Reed's side.

Reed naturally stroked her head.

"I've always... wanted to do this."

"What do you mean?"

"I wanted to show the person I love the things I've seen. And I wanted to be acknowledged. That what I saw was undoubtedly beautiful..."

"Was it your lifelong wish?"


Phoebe nodded energetically.

However, Reed's face wasn't as bright.

"That means, by making this choice, you almost couldn't fulfill even the wish you had hoped for."


"The more you do that, the more pathetic I feel."

"What are you talking about!?"

Phoebe widened her eyes and asked.

"When I see the love you give, I wonder if I'm a person worth receiving so much. I wasn't an optimistic person, but I wasn't that pessimistic either..."

"You can accept it! Unconditionally! You must accept it!"

Phoebe scratched the ground, timidly expressing her frustration.

"Tower Master... You gave me a reason to live. You showed me how young and foolish I was back then."

Phoebe pushed her head harder against Reed's body.

The horns, which were larger than her head, were gradually getting smaller.

"You saved a beast like me who knew nothing but killing..."

The sensation of her thick scales disappeared, and the soft feel of her feathers was felt.

Soft skin with golden hair like fur.

"I was able to endure becoming a dragon because of that. For you, who gave me everything..."

Tears welled up between her half-opened eyes.

Phoebe, who had transformed into a human, hugged Reed.

"So it's not too much! You understand!?"


"Your answer is weird!"

"If you see how you're dressed right now, it's understandable."

"Huh? Oh no!"

It was then that Phoebe realized she was naked.

"Here, wear this."

"You must be cold..."

"Do you think my heart will be at ease if you stay like that?"

Phoebe put on Reed's clothes.

There was a significant height difference, so there was no problem covering her entire body.

However, the atmosphere that had been created awkwardly broke.

"There's one thing you don't know."

At Reed's words, Phoebe tilted her head.

"It's not just because you were hurt that I took you in."


"I thought you had some ability. I thought you would be useful."


"And now you've been useful like this. When you're gone, I'll be in big trouble. Understand?"

"Heh... you're too much."

She clenched her fist and tapped Reed's arm.

Although she said she was hitting him, it was no different from acting cute.

"I was joking."

"For me, it was serious."

"Sorry. But if I don't do this... It's hard for me to bring it up."

Reed cleared his throat and looked straight at Phoebe.

Reed's expression was relaxed.

Long gray hair, a tall stature.

Golden eyes and a sculpted handsome face.

He was a perfect man, hard to believe he was middle-aged, looking towards his 40s.

Phoebe wasn't the type to fall for a handsome man.

It was just that the existence of Reed was overwhelmingly huge for her.

She often avoided his gaze because it was hard to take in his entire appearance.

This time was no different.

But she didn't avoid his gaze. She stared at him clearly, determined to fight an unbearably huge enemy.

"Sooner or later... there will come a really tough day for you. A day so painful that you can't overcome it like this time."


"But if such a day comes, I will risk my life for you."

"Yes... Yes? For me...?"

Phoebe widened her eyes and stammered.

"I can't do that. I can't create a situation where I have to bother you again..."

"Isn't life more complicated? It's not like things come and go as we want, right? There's no law that says things happen every time."

At Reed's words, Phoebe's smile gradually wavered.

Reed held both her hands.

"And there will inevitably be times when it has to happen."


"Because if we live together from now on, various things will happen."

"Huh? What does that mean? Ah..."

An exclamation in the middle of the question.

A brief silence.

Phoebe belatedly realized what he was referring to.

"Ah... Aah!!"

The information in her head couldn't be accepted easily.

No, there was one answer in her mind.

However, she was too afraid to voice her misconception.

"Originally, I should have taken you to a nice place and given it to you... But it seems like now is the right time."

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