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Chapter 161 Part 1 - The Founder of Great Financial Family

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Beer Bubble #3(1)

That evening.

Quickly packing their bags, the two rode the luxurious carriage they had acquired as a symbol of their newfound wealth, leaving Black Label with full speed.

And a few days later.

When they arrived at a tavern in the Montefeltro region.

Beer was actively being traded at a price that had risen 900 times.

The price had gone so insane that even St. Johan seemed to give up.

Yet the fact that people were still buying it meant that there was still room for the beer prices to rise further.

"See? Wasn't I right? I told you it would go up even more, didn't I?"

"Yeah, you were right again. It did go up."

The two didn't find it odd that the beer price had risen 900 times higher than before.

Rather, they thought the price would rise even more, but never thought it would go down.

"Let's buy as much as we can. If we leave it, the price will rise again."

"Sam's over there."


Unlike the two, Sam had been feeling extreme fear due to the skyrocketing beer prices and had been agonizing for days, eventually deciding to sell everything at a price that had risen 900 times.

"Hey, Sam! Are you selling beer this time?"

"Yes, it's been a while."

Sam didn't know why the two had come back.

There were still many speculators willing to pay extra to buy beer at such a crazy price.

Continuing to hope for even higher prices.

'Could they really think the price would go up even more from here?'

Of course, it could go up more.

It had been doing so until now.

But even the dwarves were rational beings.

No matter how cursed the beer was, this price was the highest they could accept.

Buying beer at this price?

'At this price, the dwarves might give up on the war, right?'

"Do you really think you'll buy it?"

At Sam's question, Bob confidently nodded.

"Of course! When has the beer price ever gone down? It's always been going up."

The beer price, which had skyrocketed through the ceiling and went straight to the moon, had given everyone the belief that it would never fall, just like faith.

"Seeing that there are still people trying to buy at this price, the beer price will go up even more."

"I do think it'll go up more, but... I have a lot of stock right now, so I want to sell it first."

From Bob's perspective, Sam was a coward.

'Tsk, tsk, that's why you can't make money.'

"Then give it to us. We'll buy as much as we can."

If a fool was willing to buy at a higher price, why would Sam refuse?

"Alright, let's do that."

So, Sam was able to 'Exit' from the hellish tavern after selling all of his beer barrels to the speculators, including the two.

Someone once said.

Buying is a skill, and selling is an art.

'I sold it well. Don't look back even if the price goes up.'

Having freed himself from the curse of beer that had been suppressing him, Sam glanced back at the speculators who were struggling to become even richer in the hellish pit.

'I have a principle. I never buy something I've sold once. I must always remember this.'

Even if the beer price goes up more than it is now.

Even if it hurts.

Sam swore to the tavern that he would never buy beer again, according to his principles.

'Well, good luck. I'm out of here.'


* * *

Rockefeller, who had started a beer business with Priest Peter in the Montefeltro Diocese, found out that his family member and younger brother Joshua had ventured into beer hoarding.

'It seems Joshua has a talent for this kind of thing.'

If hoarding or monopolizing supplies was successful, it was natural that beer prices would skyrocket.

'Besides, I have the largest supply chain, so if I do it right, beer prices could rise to an absurd level.'

Rockefeller never imagined that beer prices would rise 900 times higher than before.

And when it reached 900 times, Rockefeller was engulfed in an inexplicable sense of anxiety.

For now, beer prices were soaring, but that was only for a moment.

'Once the enthusiasm breaks, it will tumble down just as much as it has risen. I don't know what the trigger will be, but this is dangerous.'

So, Rockefeller hurriedly met with Joshua to dispose of the monopolized beer.

Joshua didn't know why his older brother had come to see him after such a long time.

"What brings you here? Don't tell me it's about the beer?"

Rockefeller nodded.

"I heard the news. You're monopolizing all the empire's beer, right?"

"Of course. I lost to you, Rockefeller, in the Totem War, but not this time. You know the current beer price, right?"

He didn't want to blame it, but the problem was the beer price that had gone so insane that even Lord Johan had gone on a trip.

"Joshua, don't you think the beer price has risen too much?"

"What's wrong with it rising? It's a good thing."

Who wouldn't know that it's good for the price to rise?

The problem was the exit.

Buying was a skill, but selling had to be an art, right?

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