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Chapter 161 Part 2 - The Founder of Great Financial Family

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"Of course, it's good when it rises. But as you said before, there's nothing in this world that keeps rising. If you were at the stock exchange, you'd know what I'm trying to say, right? Everything has a peak."

"Of course, I know that. So, you're saying the current price is the peak?"

"No one knows the peak. But it can be influenced by someone."

At Rockefeller's words, Joshua expressed doubt.

"Who's going to influence that?"

Rockefeller just glanced at Joshua without answering.

"Think about it. Who can determine that?"

After a moment of contemplation, Joshua belatedly realized it was them.

"Is it me? And Rockefeller?"

Rockefeller gave a light nod.

"For now, yes. But there may be other factors that determine the peak. Like if the dwarves suddenly withdraw from the war and return to their home country. Or if the dwarves can get enough beer from somewhere else. There are many other factors, but the most influential among them is us."

Joshua, who had been scratching his chin, took Rockefeller's arrival as a signal.

Now it's time to stop running and slowly get out.

'We've raised it 900 times. Well, this isn't so much raising as it is...'

"Will there be another event like this in the history of the empire? Like beer jumping 900 times?"

At Joshua's question, Rockefeller shook his head calmly.

"That's unlikely. Beer at 900 times?"

The current beer price was enough to make Rockefeller tilt his head.

"Joshua, of course this price is our creation, but haven't you thought that it's a bit too much?"

"Well, it's excessive, but it's not bad, right?"

"It depends on whether we can quietly get out. The important thing is us. We must never lose."

Rockefeller had never dreamed that there would be such a bubble in beer while carrying out this beer business.

'You can never know what will happen in the world.'

"Let's wrap things up and start tidying up. This is enough, and it will take quite some time to release the supply we have to the market."

Joshua began to agree with the suggestion to slowly dispose of the beer.

The price of beer had risen too much.

"But how do you want me to dispose of it? If we dump all our supply at once, the price of beer will collapse."

At that, Rockefeller reacted.

"That's why we have to gently let go, like appeasing a child. That way, there won't be a collapse."

The current beer price was soaring.

If they release the supply here, it would be difficult to rise further.

"Now, if we release our supply, the beer price will be maintained at a reasonable level, as I said before. It may drop sharply at some point, though."

"Then we just have to raise the price to revive the market and sell again."

Joshua expressed one concern.

"But if we sell like that, we won't be able to dispose of all our supply at the current price, right?"

"Of course not. We're different from ordinary people. We can't sell all of our stockpiled goods at that price."

"So what do we do?"

"What do you mean? We still have to pass it on. We're profiting anyway."

If the price had been reasonable, they would have been able to control the dwarves with beer.

But holding beer at this crazy price was no different from holding a bomb.

"The important thing is how much we've earned compared to the amount we've invested. Since the beer price has risen 900 times compared to the past, even if we can dispose of everything at half the price, 450 times, we're still profiting."

"Are you telling me not to think about 900 times?"

"Of course. If we can sell all our supply at the current market price, that would be divine. But realistically, we can't. If we release a large amount of supply, the beer price will either be flat or collapse at worst. And if there's no supply, it's over."

"Hmm... That makes sense."

"First, since the market is good, release as much supply as possible and when the price seems to drop, buy back to revive it a little."

"Do you mean just revive the price? Not buy back?"

"Right. Just give a slight rebound."

The following words were the key.

"That way, the fools who think of themselves as speculators will eagerly take the beer we have at that price. There was a good example before. Remember when the beer price dropped significantly? Those were the early days."

"There was a time like that. I was scared at the time. I never thought the beer price would drop by half."

"Since there's such a good example, people will be easy to deceive. Even if the price drops more than half from this price, if we give a slight rebound, the fools will continue to stick."

Rockefeller emphasized his next words.

"Never miss those fools and gently, like appeasing a child, pass on all the supply."

Joshua nodded, seeming to understand.

"Got it. So, starting now, we're going to dispose of all the beer?"

"Sell it slowly. Don't throw it all at once."

"You should sell slowly too."

"I'm fine even if I can't sell it. I can boil and steam dwarves with that, so it's okay. Just do well. Honestly, the inflated beer price is your work, not mine, right?"

Joshua couldn't deny that.

"That's true."

"Anyway, get out well. No matter how we get out at this price, it's definitely a profit, but it's better to earn more for the family, right? Isn't it?"

"Of course!"

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