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Chapter 167 Part 2 - The Founder of Great Financial Family

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'Rockefeller said there's nothing eternal. This must be the same for beer.'

"I see. I'll check the books for now. If there's collateral, more loans will be available."

Hearing that loans were possible, the man who came became excited about becoming rich.

Joshua then gave him a word that seemed to pour cold water on him.

"But you must never forget that the responsibility for all investments lies with you. Even if the price of beer crashes, we have no intention of giving you a break. Even if everyone here dislikes it, we will silently proceed with debt collection."

This was a warning.

But it didn't reach the ears of those who were thinking of becoming rich with beer.

'Even now, the price of beer is soaring.'

"Stop nagging and lend me the money quickly."

There were more than one or two such people.

The next customer was the same, and the next customer was the same.

Joshua thought about the beer bubble he had created while lending money to those who were greedy.

'I never thought making money would be so easy.'

He felt good lending a lot of money to them, and it was even better that they bought the beer he had stockpiled in advance.

'Not only can I make hundreds or thousands of times profit from the beer I bought in advance, but I can also enjoy the money they borrowed.'

They couldn't intend for the moment when the beer price would crash.

But Joshua was different.

If he released all the beer he had in the market, it would be the starting point of the crash.

At this moment, Joshua had only one thought.

'I need to lend more aggressively.'

If there was collateral to seize, Joshua would lend to anyone and everyone, encouraging them to ride the wave of the beer craze by taking on debt.

"Why not create a loan product for beer investments?"

The idea soon became a reality, and Joshua aggressively lent to commoners and nobles alike during the beer bubble.

As a result, beer prices soared even higher, and Joshua smiled at his own success.

One day, Rockefeller, the elder brother and pillar of the family, came to visit.

Rockefeller warned Joshua about the skyrocketing beer prices, and Joshua, having anticipated this, couldn't help but agree.

"Beer prices could collapse not only because of me but also due to other factors. The prices have risen too much now."

With that thought, Joshua became fearful.

The insane beer prices had now become a source of terror.

"Maybe it's time to start winding down?"

With that thought, Joshua began to dispose of his massive beer holdings.

At that time, the demand for beer still existed, so even though Joshua sold a large amount of beer, the prices didn't immediately plummet.

"Thankfully, there's still demand. If the supply had died, the prices would have crashed right away."

As the beer prices that had risen 1,000 times fell to 800 times, then 500 times, screams started coming from a place other than Joshua.

They were the Goblin Bank, who had also engaged in beer speculation just like Joshua.

"Hey, something's wrong. Why did the prices suddenly drop like this?"

The goblins were puzzled by the sudden collapse of beer prices.

"Why did this happen? The prices were rising well, and then suddenly..."

Morgan, with a grim expression, spoke up.

"We can just buy more. We can handle it all on our own."

JP shook his head at that statement.

In the past, they might have been able to forcibly control the beer bubble.

However, having bought a massive amount of government bonds issued by the empire, it had become impossible to catch the falling beer prices and throw them back up again.

Goldman, whose expression was also grim, spoke up.

"We don't have the luxury to do that. We've invested so much in government bonds that we could practically buy the empire itself. We don't have the means to invest more in this insignificant beer market."

"Damn it! Who the hell caused the beer prices to drop?"

"Come to think of it, I heard that some humans bought a large amount of beer. Did they dump it all?"

There was only one conclusion they could draw from this situation.

"Damn it..."

"Let's sell it all. We need to move quickly."

"That's the best option. We need to salvage what we can before it's too late."

"But if we dump our beer, the prices will completely collapse. Are we okay with that?"

They had bought as much beer as Joshua.

"Damn it. What choice do we have? We have to cut our losses as quickly as possible."

Unlike individuals, institutions and large whales couldn't easily dump their assets at the desired price.

Since they held so much, it would take a considerable amount of time to dispose of it all, and ignoring that time to dump their assets would lead to tasting the bitter aftermath of a crash.

However, this was the first time in the history of the continent that a bubble had occurred.

The goblins couldn't even estimate how much damage they would suffer if they dumped all of their assets at once.

"Let's dump it all! Every last bit!"

The steeper the rise, the steeper the fall.

From that day on, beer prices experienced a series of crashes, ultimately creating a legendary tale of Bel and Bob's downfall among the empire's investors.

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