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Chapter 167 Part 1 - The Founder of Great Financial Family

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Beer Price War #2(2)

As Goblin Bank began to absorb all the beer on the continent, those who had hoarded beer in the empire to profit from the price difference were in utter chaos.

The soaring beer prices made them dream sweet dreams.

But was there any law that said others shouldn't dream the same dream?

Although late, nobles and wealthy commoners also dreamt of hitting the jackpot as they saw the skyrocketing beer prices.

'It's not too late even now. Beer prices are changing daily.'

Those who dreamt of turning their lives around sold all their assets and ventured into beer hoarding. The already sky-high beer prices began to run even wilder.

Beer prices overturned everyone's expectations and soared up to 500 times the original price.

People started to seek Joshua's bank, willing to take on excessive loans.

As long as they bought beer, the price increased, and the risks associated with loans seemed invisible.

"You came too?"

"You came as well. Is it for the beer?"

"No need for long talks. I'm also trying to buy some beer this time."

"I've already put all my assets in, and now I'm taking out a loan to buy more."

"Ah, really? That's similar to me."

"Beer is faith. It's like an unbreakable fortress."

"Yeah, right. Beer's the thing that goes up as long as you buy it. You know, it's getting harder to get beer, like picking stars from the sky."

"You have to hold onto beer no matter what. It's going to go up 1,000 times, even 10,000 times soon."

Joshua looked at the speculators who filled the bank, talking only about beer.

'It's nice, but...'

The beer prices he had raised himself.

Seeing people willing to take loans due to the crazy prices made him have various thoughts.

'Right now, I'm the one driving up the beer prices. As long as I keep this position, they won't be ruined. But...'

Nothing lasts forever.

What would happen to them if he started disposing of the beer he had?

He didn't know for sure, but Joshua could easily predict at least that much.

'They'll probably have secret meetings near the nearby river.'

There was no ill feeling or any other emotion here.

After all, they were speculators.

They enjoyed gambling with their own money and feasting on others' money.

Would Joshua pity those speculators who came to his gambling den?

'It's a bit wrong to pity people who lose money at a gambling den.'

Speculation, another name for investment, was mostly a zero-sum game.

If someone won money, someone else lost it.

'Rockefeller said that if you want to take other people's money, you should do it as legally as possible.'

What exactly was legal?

Joshua roughly understood what Rockefeller meant while causing this incident.

"At least these people won't blame me when the beer bubble bursts. Instead, they'll curse themselves for forcing risky investments."

Perhaps what Rockefeller wanted to say when he was young was this?

'Yes, that's right. Rockefeller must have wanted me to make money like this when I grew up. This is legal in its own way.'

Then, to Joshua,

A customer asked something.

It was about loans.

"I'd like to take out a loan for the beer, how much is the maximum amount possible?"

Joshua looked at him with his thin eyes.

His appearance was not shabby, and he had an adequate amount of flesh, looking like a typical wealthy commoner.

Like the other speculators here, he seemed to have come to buy the recently skyrocketing beer.

"The maximum?"

"I want to borrow as much as possible."

"So, you want to borrow up to the limit?"


Joshua suddenly became curious about the thoughts of the man who wanted to invest in beer up to the limit.

What would he do if the price of beer dropped?

'It's a question I wouldn't normally ask.'

There are many people who will lend to him anyway, and they will continue lending regardless of what he says.

So Joshua asked the man, who was staring at him desperately, again.

"You said it was because of beer earlier. What will you do if the price of beer crashes after today?"

At that question, the speculator laughed softly.

"What are you talking about? The price of beer crashing?"

He shook his head.

"Come on, it's nonsense. I've been that kind of person. I've ignored the strange rise in beer prices since the beginning, thinking it would definitely fall. But the price of beer just won't drop. It seems that everyone buys it no matter how expensive it is because of the curse of the beer held by the dwarves."

He continued.

"The war doesn't seem to end soon, and the price of beer will definitely rise. Then I have to buy it all with my entire fortune."

"But there's still a chance, right?"

"A chance? Well, it could happen, but..."

He looked around the noisy bank and seemed confident.

If they all borrow money to buy beer, can the price of beer really fall?

'It will never fall. Never.'

"I don't think so. Can't you see all the people in here?"

As he pointed to the customers in the bank and asked, Joshua also briefly scanned them.

The man who faced Joshua continued.

"They all came to buy beer. Do you think the price of beer will fall?"

Joshua almost agreed.

If it weren't for Rockefeller's warning.

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