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Chapter 168 Part 2 - The Founder of Great Financial Family

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The situation was such that the imperial army and even the papal army had joined forces to defend the Montefeltro territory.

Considering the mercenary forces independently hired by the Rothsmedici family, it would not be an easy task for the dwarven coalition to invade the Montefeltro territory.

'That's why the bond prices soared so foolishly.'

At the time of the beer bubble.

The bond prices of the empire also soared.

Since the empire had amassed a considerable force, people had predicted the winner of the Gold Vein War to be the empire, not the dwarves.

But what if the situation changed?

'Perhaps the soaring bond prices of the empire will become worthless again.'

Before the Gold Vein War, the empire was in a very difficult financial situation due to multiple wars, including the Crown War.

'Although the discovery of gold mines in the Montefeltro territory caused the bond prices of the empire to rise for a moment, they could not receive their true value before that. The situation in the empire was so difficult that people felt deep skepticism. Doubts arose whether the bonds issued by the empire would be properly repaid.'

So, if the winner of the Gold Vein War were to be the Dwarves,

it was clear as day that the value of the empire-issued bonds would plummet.

'Fortunately, the Goblin Bank bought a large number of bonds at a high price.'

Despite the higher price than usual, the Goblin Bank aggressively bought the empire's bonds.

It was for the purpose of exercising their rights when the empire eventually won.

'So, shall we make the bond prices plummet again?'

Rockefeller first visited the Pope at the Vatican.

"Ask for the Holy Army to withdraw temporarily?"

"Yes, just for a short time."

"But then the territory will be taken by the Dwarves, and that's not what you want, is it?"

Rockefeller didn't deny the Pope's words.

"Of course, it's not a good thing. But I have a goal, and I need to create a situation where the empire loses, so I'm asking for your help."

It was an incomprehensible statement.

What could the plan be?

"No matter how I think about it, that doesn't seem right. If we let them take the land like that, it'll be even harder to get it back later."

"I know. But I'm almost certain about who will be the winner of the Gold Vein War. So you don't have to worry too much."

"Hmm... What's the reason?"

The Goblin Bank's intelligence was more formidable than expected.

So, Rockefeller decided to ask for the Pope's understanding.

"Can I explain it after everything is over? I know that your mouth is tight-lipped, but what if someone hears our conversation?"

"Would that happen?"

"I'd rather be cautious. It's because I have a goal."

Although the Pope couldn't understand immediately, he trusted Rockefeller and eventually nodded.

"I see. I don't know what your intentions are, but I guess you have your own thoughts."

"I really appreciate your understanding. If everything goes well, I will become a more loyal person to you and the church."

"Hahaha, thank you for the words. Alright. For now, I'll have the Holy Army withdraw as you requested."

"Ah, if you need a reason, please tell the people around you that the Holy Army withdrew temporarily due to discord between me and you. It's necessary. That way, people won't doubt the withdrawal of the Holy Army."

After contemplating Rockefeller's words, the Pope nodded as if understanding.

"Alright, it seems like you have something. I'll do as you asked. But after everything is over, tell me why you did that."

"Yes, I'll explain everything to you once it's over."

Following Rockefeller's visit to the Vatican, the Holy Army stationed in the Montefeltro territory suddenly began to withdraw.

People who didn't know the reason tried to find out, and soon heard from the clergymen at the Vatican about the discord between Rockefeller and the Pope.

They didn't know the details, but they knew there was a fight.

And the news of the discord quickly reached the Goblin Bank.

"What? The Holy Army is withdrawing?"

For the goblins who aggressively bought the empire's bonds, believing in the empire's inevitable victory in the Gold Vein War, this was shocking news.

"Damn it. We put so much money into those bonds that no one wanted. But why are they suddenly withdrawing?!"

The goblins, true to their nature, had foul mouths and were quite flustered by the sudden change in the empire's situation.

"Does this mean the empire could lose?"

"No, not necessarily. The Holy Army is not small, but the imperial army won't lose immediately. The empire may be broke, but they have a lot of battle experience. Didn't they just have the Crown War? That experience won't go anywhere."

"No, why did that guy fight with the Pope? Did he get shot in the head or something?"

They were talking about Rockefeller.

"I don't know. Why did it suddenly happen like that...?"

"Is there any way to find out more? This is important."

"We have some connections in the Vatican, but looking at the lack of news, it seems that the rumor is true."

"Then, if the Holy Army withdraws, the empire will have to defend itself?"

"That would be difficult..."

"Let's watch for now. Or maybe we should step in and help."


"We have the Wyvern squad, don't we? If it doesn't look good, we should move before the bond prices plummet."

"Right, we have money, don't we? If it doesn't look good, we can deploy our army to help."


After the Holy Army withdrew,

Rockefeller's next destination was the imperial capital, where the Emperor resided.

Upon arriving at the imperial palace, Rockefeller immediately had a private meeting with the Emperor.

"You're asking for the imperial army to withdraw?"

The Emperor's reaction was similar to that of the Pope, not different at all.

"If we withdraw our defensive forces now, the Montefeltro territory will be immediately taken by the Dwarves."

"I have a mercenary army I hired, and there are also magic stone tanks, so the Dwarves won't be able to occupy it right away."

"Is there a separate reason?"

Rockefeller briefly explained to the Emperor what he had already told the Pope.

"Didn't I tell you before? We have to lower the bond prices that the goblins bought. If we leave it as it is, they will forever be a parasite on the empire. So we have to catch them before that happens."

Only then did the Emperor understand why Rockefeller was asking for the imperial army to temporarily withdraw from the territory.

It was to deliberately lower the bond prices that the goblins had bought.

"But there is no justification, is there?"

Rockefeller's answer to this was quite clear.

"We can create a justification."

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