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Chapter 169 Part 1 - The Founder of Great Financial Family

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Gold Vein War #3(1)

"Justification... It seems like we don't have a proper justification."

As the Emperor pondered, Rockefeller also tried to think of a good excuse.

'It's not there, but we can just stick anything to it anyway.'

"What about this? A large number of orcs have appeared in the border area. Then, wouldn't the imperial army dispatched to protect Montefeltro territory have enough reason to withdraw? No matter how much they like money, they can't just watch the country fall."

Although it was a hastily made-up story, Rockefeller thought it was quite good.

'In a full-scale war with the dwarves, if orcs get involved, the price of national bonds issued by the empire will definitely become worthless. This is definitely a good thing.'

The Emperor narrowed his eyes and thought.

'It's not the right time for trouble with the orcs...'

In the winter, there were cases where orcs crossed the imperial border due to lack of food.

At that time, there were many battles with the orcs and there were excuses to be made, but the Emperor expressed concern that it was not the right time now.

"I don't know if it's winter, but if it's not winter, there's no reason for the orcs to be on bad terms with us. I don't know how to package this."

At that, Rockefeller showed a faint smile.

"Orcs are simple. If you just break the totem they have, they'll make a big fuss."

"A totem?"

At that, the Emperor recalled the previous totem war and expressed his aversion.

"That won't work. What if it leads to a war with the orcs? Didn't they have a full-scale war with the dwarves over that issue before?"

The totem was the most sacred thing to the orcs, and touching it was no different from a declaration of war against the orcs.

Rockefeller also showed sympathy for the Emperor's concern.

"I fully understand the part you are worried about. It's not good for us if we accidentally start a war by using the orcs."

"What do you suggest then?"

"That's why we need to set up a mechanism in advance."

"A mechanism?"

Rockefeller knew very well about the people who could handle this job perfectly.

'There are suitable people for that job.'

"We capture orc scouts in orc territory, and in front of the captured orcs, our magician disguised as a dwarf breaks the orc's totem. Then the captured orcs will think the dwarves are the culprits. But we don't release them, so the orcs can't tell their tribes about what they saw."

Rockefeller's words continued.

"Then the orc tribes near the empire will think this: humans broke the totem. Then they'll prepare for war, and naturally, we can move our troops there."

"That would give us a proper reason to move the imperial army."

"That's right. And by then, the empire will face a huge crisis. They have to deal with both the dwarves and the orcs in full-scale wars."

It was not a bad idea.

"So, you release the captured orc scouts at that time?"

Rockefeller answered with a smile.

"Exactly. Then the released orc scouts will go back to their tribes and tell them in detail what they saw. What do you think will happen?"

The orc tribes that formed an alliance to fight the empire would definitely change their target and start a conflict with the dwarves.

"You had such a plan."

The Emperor nodded as if he understood, and Rockefeller said.

"In that process, the goblins will throw away our national bonds at a cheap price. All we have to do is buy back those bonds at a low price."

"At what price do you think the goblins will throw away the national bonds?"

"I can't say for sure, but I'm sure they'll think it's better than paper at 1/10 of the face value."

"1/10 of the value..."

They issued bonds and received 100 gold coins from the goblins, and they would return those bonds and give them 10 gold coins...

The Emperor once again thought that his financial advisor, Rockefeller, was amazing.

'He's a really scary person.'

"Only the unsuspecting goblins will be deceived."

At that, Rockefeller just smiled.

"Of course, if things go well, that's what will happen."

"I don't know why, but I feel sorry for the goblins."

"Having been a rabbit and messing around in a tiger's den without knowing their place, it's time for them to know their place and spit everything back out."

Rockefeller's smile deepened even more.

"Now that I'm here."

From the emperor's perspective, Rockefeller's proposal was quite interesting.

Being able to repay borrowed money at a low price by arranging things like that.

"But how did you come up with that idea?"

Honestly, it was no different from applying something he already knew in a different way.

'There was a time like this in Earth's history. It was a slightly different case, but in the big picture, it's the same.'

"I just happened to think of it."

The emperor decided to accept Rockefeller's proposal.

If the national bond prices remained the same, it was obvious that the Goblin Bank would use the bonds they held to harass him and the empire somehow.

"But who do you plan to have do that job?"

"I happen to know a suitable person for the job."

"A suitable person?"

"Yes, I seem to have some connections."

The emperor couldn't help but tilt his head at that statement.

* * *

After parting with the emperor, Rockefeller decided to visit his wife, Isabella, who was also a Sinclair mage.

'I don't really want to see her, but I can't not go either. Honestly, she's the most suitable person for this job.'

There was one more person who was suitable for the job.

However, Rockefeller was very negative about that.

'I can't go with him. His labor cost is too expensive.'

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