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Chapter 169 Part 2 - The Founder of Great Financial Family

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It wasn't that Isabella's price was cheap either.

However, since she was his wife in name, Rockefeller decided to ask her for help rather than someone else.

'Besides, how long does she plan to stay here? It feels like she's really just a wife on paper.'

She wasn't living with Rockefeller in the same mansion because she didn't like being married to him by her father's push, and she was staying at her family's home, making various excuses.

Looking at the Sinclair family mansion, which was built as grand as the family's prestige, Rockefeller got off the carriage he had ridden.

'It seems a little bigger than where I live... I'll have to move or expand my place soon. It doesn't make sense for me, who has nothing but money, to live in a smaller place than this.'

When Rockefeller visited without any notice, chaos ensued in the Sinclair family.

The news spread quickly, and even the head of the family who was in the family library was urgently summoned.

The head, Austin, who revealed himself using magic, recognized Rockefeller surrounded by the servants who rushed out.

"This man. What should I do if you come without any notice like this?"

But he was still a son-in-law.

Although they had a bad relationship before, Austin had no intention of being hostile to him now that he had taken his daughter away obediently.

Rockefeller also considered his relationship with Austin and lightly shrugged his head.

"I didn't have to come. I just happened to drop by because I have some business."

"I was wondering when you were going to come. My daughter has been looking for you so much. How much did she nag me?"

Did she really?

Rockefeller didn't believe it, but he didn't show it outwardly.

"I've been too busy to pay any attention to my wife."

"I can understand that you're busy. How busy have you been with the Montefeltro territory lately? It's important that you came here despite that."

"Where is Isabella now? I need to see her."

Upon hearing that, the head thought this:

Now that he had never paid any attention to her before, he finally had the idea to take his daughter away formally.

'You should have taken her sooner.'

"Right now, she's inside. I'll take you to the door, and you can handle the rest."

He didn't forget to say this.

"And please take her with you when you leave. She is now your responsibility, after all. If she keeps staying here, people will talk."

Rockefeller seemed to agree with the head's words.

'Now that I'm here, I should take her. I don't know if she'll follow me obediently.'

"Yes, I'll take her with me so that His Highness the Archduke doesn't have to worry."

There was nothing better than that.

"Please, I beg you."

Thus, with the help of the head, Rockefeller hesitantly arrived in front of Isabella's room and knocked on the door.

Rockefeller hesitated for a moment before arriving at her door with the help of the landlord, and then knocked on the door.

However, there was no response.

As Rockefeller was about to knock again, the door opened and she, who was his wife in name, appeared.



The two stared at each other without saying a word.

Then it was Rockefeller who broke the silence.

"May I come in for a moment?"

She did not answer but just opened the door wider.

Upon entering, Rockefeller looked around the living room, which was quite large for a single woman to use, and sniffed.

'It smells good.'

"Even though we're married, it's not very welcoming, it's too bland. Of course, I know it wasn't the marriage you wanted. But on paper, I am your husband."

He said with a smile, but she seemed to be in no mood to laugh, her expression stiff.

Feeling that bringing up more conversation would only make things more awkward, Rockefeller decided to get straight to the point.

"Ahem! I'll just tell you my business and leave. You must have heard about the large purchase of national bonds issued by His Majesty at the Goblin Bank this time."

Without any reply from her, Rockefeller continued his speech.

"I have a favor to ask because of that, but you remain silent."

"It's because I have nothing to say."

"I didn't want to marry you either. I just did it because I was forced to."

Her expression softened.

Rockefeller, who couldn't understand the reason, was just frustrated.

"Why do you do that? Just speak up."

"Why did you come here?"

"Why did I come? Of course, I came to ask for a favor."

"A favor? Is there anything else?"

"Nothing else. I just came because I have something to ask."


She couldn't hide her disappointed expression and finally accepted it.

What could she expect from a marriage that was not based on love in the first place?

With a resigned look, she asked again.

"What do you want me to do?"

Finally feeling like they were having a conversation, Rockefeller smiled and got to the point.

"It's something only a mage can do. Honestly, I'm reluctant to use someone else for this task. I think you'll have no problem solving it since you probably have a lot of experience."

Rockefeller went on to explain what she would need to do.

After listening to the whole story, she had one question.

"You said you're going to buy back the national bonds at a low price, but whose bonds will they be?"

No one had asked that question before.

Everyone just thought they would become the empire's.

At that question, Rockefeller showed a rather cruel smile.

"Of course, they will be mine."


"I'm buying them with my own money."


From the empire's perspective, the creditor just changes from Goblin to him.

She didn't see much difference.

"Nothing changes."

Rockefeller shook his head, denying it.

"No, there is a difference, of course. Wouldn't it be better for me, who pays taxes to the empire, to have them rather than the Goblins?"

"You're not His Majesty."

"I'm not. I don't want power."

What he wanted seemed very dangerous to her.

"You say you don't want power, but you're trying to control them with money."

"Yes, you're right. You've seen it very accurately. That's exactly what I want. Not sitting in power, but controlling them. This way, I can avoid the gaze of others and be free and safe. And most importantly, I can have unbridled power like them."

She didn't know what to say to him, who spoke openly and honestly, and hesitated for a moment.

However, Rockefeller himself knew very well what kind of conclusion she would come to.

"There is no other place like this in the world. Ordinary people might think like this. Everyone thinks that His Majesty is above all."

Rockefeller slowly shook his head as he finished speaking, as if to show off.

It meant denial.

"In my opinion, it's not. Neither I, nor you, nor anyone else is above His Majesty. There is just this."

Rockefeller took out a Goblin dollar from his pocket and showed it to her.

"And I am the one who controls this."

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