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Chapter 171 Part 1 - The Founder of Great Financial Family

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Gold Vein War #3(3)

Once Rockefeller introduced himself, Goldman had no trouble recognizing him.

He was the one who quickly grasped the financial lifeline of the Empire and rapidly rose to the core of power.

'So that's the guy. The head of the Rosmedici family or something like that.'

"Ah, I see. You're the one from the rumors. I've always been curious about what kind of influence you had, and now I see that you're just a greenhorn."

Despite the provocative words, Rockefeller simply let it pass with a light laugh.

'Nice to meet you, Goodfood.'

"It's an honor, in a way, to meet the head of the Goblin Bank at such an occasion."

Despite Rockefeller's words, Goldman responded insincerely.

"At least you have manners. If a nobody like you didn't have manners, it would be a big problem. I'm the biggest bondholder of this country, and if I set my sights on you, it's not going to end well."

"More importantly, what brought you here? We're doing just fine."

At that, Goldman snorted.

"Hmph, what do you mean, what brought me here? I came to check if you can repay the borrowed money properly."

Rockefeller responded with a light laugh to Goldman's blunt statement.

"Ah, I see. But what about this? We're doing really well. You made an unnecessary trip."

"An unnecessary trip?"

Goldman's mood soured.

He didn't like Rockefeller's arrogant tone.

"This guy has a loose tongue, blabbering nonsense everywhere."

Goldman's voice grew increasingly menacing.

"Hey, you! Watch who you're talking to when you spout nonsense! If I thought you would pay back the borrowed money properly, why would I bother coming here in the first place?"

At Goldman's deafening roar, Rockefeller didn't frown but rather marveled at the power of the head of the Goblin Bank.

From another perspective, wouldn't it be quite a sight for someone to say whatever they wanted in someone else's home?

'Really, what a remarkable nerve. Even though he's the biggest bondholder of the Empire, I didn't expect him to have the audacity to say that much. Especially since he's a powerless goblin who can't even protect his own body.'

In a different light, Goldman could be considered Rockefeller's role model.

'That appearance. That will be me someday. But I won't be as rude as that. It's a lower class.'

"Ah, I see."

Rockefeller continued with a smirk.

"You really have no words for such an extraordinary debtor. Since we've been in the same industry for a long time, I believe you know what I'm about to say in this situation."

"What are you saying?"

Goldman didn't care, but he still listened with a frown.

Rockefeller continued speaking to Goldman.

"When a creditor lends money, they stand and lend it."

Rockefeller's smile was more sinister than expected.

"But when it's time to collect the money, they have to lie down and take it. You're acting too bold in front of such an extraordinary debtor."

"What, you, what did you just say?"

Rockefeller, too, didn't hold back with his crude words.

"Why are you asking again when you've heard everything with your wide-open ears? Do you want me to say it again? Behave yourself in front of an extraordinary debtor."

Goldman had received multiple reports on Rockefeller, but he didn't know he was this audacious.

'Is this guy really talking with a clear mind? Does he know what I can do and still blabber like that?'

"Are you in your right mind?"

Rockefeller tilted his head.

"Am I in my right mind? I'm perfectly fine. Completely normal."

Then, Rockefeller asked the nobles present.

"Do I look like I've lost my mind?"

Even if they thought he had lost his mind, the nobles who knew his position well didn't dare to step forward.

At best, the people from the prestigious Tepez and Sinclair families might have said something, but they were already tied to Rockefeller through marriage, making it difficult even for them.

If there were any issues at this gathering, they had no choice but to support Rockefeller.

"No answer, I see."

Rockefeller looked back at Goldman.

"The people here say I'm normal."

"This guy really has a big mouth. Fine, you stand and lend money, and as you said, I'll lie down and take it when it's time to collect!"

Goldman furrowed his brows and scolded them.

"Do you really think you can say that in front of the bondholders who hold the clubs? With just one word from me, this place will turn into ashes! Are your ears properly open that you can't hear the wyverns' cries outside?"

True to his warning, the inside of the castle was extremely noisy due to the wyverns' howls outside.

However, Rockefeller stood firm and confronted him.

"Then just burn it all and leave. What's the big deal?"

"What? Burn this place?"

"Yes, considering you've come all this way to worry about us. If we fall, you'll fall too, right? Then let's just all fall together. Why make it so complicated?"

"What is this guy saying?"

"Did I say something wrong?"

"This guy is really something."

Ah, the blood pressure.

Goldman, who had almost lost his grip on reason for a moment, quickly regained his composure.

One of his characteristics was that he could quickly find his reason when it came to money matters.

Even if he didn't like someone, if it was in his interest, he could quickly change his stance.

'No, I've gotten caught up in this guy's pace.'

As expected, the young man described in the report was truly remarkable.

He seemed to be bluffing as a debtor with an impossible attitude, but Goldman couldn't help but notice.

"Ahem! I got a little too excited. Well, dealing with guys who occasionally show off after borrowing money, I sometimes lose my reason too. I can't deal with this guy with a club, nor can I not deal with him."

Goldman, who had calmed down for a moment, opened his mouth towards the quiet audience.

"Anyway, do you have a plan?"

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