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Chapter 171 Part 2 - The Founder of Great Financial Family

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In fact, there was only one reason Goldman had come to this place.

It was to lend the army they had gathered to the incompetent Empire for a fee.

Goldman's goal was to take the costs incurred from the Empire's national debt.

However, Rockefeller had already seen through all of Goldman's intentions.

He knew how the goblins would interfere with the Empire's affairs later, so their actions were also obvious.

'They're planning to lend the army they have and take the additional national debt issued by the Empire as payment. But what to do? It's so obvious.'

"Of course, we have a plan."

Rockefeller was quite a cruel person.

He kept smiling, but even a devil, not an angel, could easily do that much.

"We have our own thoughts, so you can just hold on to your worries. We have a plan."

Rockefeller's inner thoughts were like this:

'Since we'll fall together if we fall, you have no choice but to help us even if it's for free. Knowing that, do you think we'll play the fool?'

A wicked debtor was just as scary as a wicked creditor.

And Rockefeller played the role of a wicked debtor very well.

"So you can just go back without worrying."

Goldman was about to turn his stomach at those words.

He came knowing they couldn't do it on their own, but the debtor was showing off instead?

'Do these guys really want to fall together?'

Still, Goldman, who reminded himself of his purpose, decided to show off in this place.

"Hmph! If we fall, we fall together. We're willing to help a little."

This kind of talk wasn't meant to be with a mere merchant.

Goldman had already turned his gaze to the Emperor and continued talking.

"If you have a plan, borrow the wyvern troops."

The Emperor met Goldman's gaze but deliberately ignored it.

He had a similar thought to Rockefeller.

'If we fall, they have no choice but to help us. Then there's no need for us to pay the cost.'

Rockefeller had also given the same hint, so when the Emperor deliberately avoided Goldman's gaze, Goldman's face showed confusion.

'What, what is this?'

"Are you really going to fall? Why are these reactions so dry? Don't you know anything about the wyvern troops we operate independently? It's the strongest army on the continent. I'm offering to lend it to you."

No matter what Goldman said.

Rockefeller's attitude remained unchanged.

"We'll do well on our own without that. Please don't worry about it."

"Orcs have flipped their eyes and formed a large army, and now you're talking about that? And if you take the Imperial Army out of the Montefeltro territory, you're giving the territory to the Dwarves."

Goldman, who was rather incredulous, pointed at Rockefeller and spoke to the nobles of the Empire who were nearby.

"Do you humans have no thoughts or what! That fool over there is trying to ruin the country. Block it somehow! Otherwise, say something!"

It's like a dog barking.

From the beginning, the nobles of the Empire, who had strong resentment towards him, remained consistently silent.


Watching the nobles of the Empire who had no answer, Goldman felt frustrated inside.

'Are they really determined to fail?'

That can't be true.

Only then did Goldman realize what they really wanted.

'These bastards aren't really hoping that we'll help them for free, are they?'

How did he know that?

Rockefeller, who was smiling slyly, began to speak to Goldman, who looked confused, with the silent nobles of the Empire in the background.

"If you're really worried about us. How about the Goblin Bank, which has the most government bonds we've issued, helps us for free?"

"What, what did you say?"

"Are you pretending not to know after hearing everything?"

Rockefeller's gaze then turned to the nobles present at the scene.

"Isn't that right? If we fail anyway, the government bonds we issued will be worthless. The Goblin Bank, which owns them, won't just sit still either. So, should we make unnecessary sacrifices and hope for the Goblin Bank's help? Let me ask you all."

The ones who answered that question were the most authoritative nobles among the nobles, the people of the Tepes and Sinclair families.

"We agree with Rockefeller's thoughts. We don't need to pay the cost and hope for the Goblin Bank's help. If they think we're going to fail anyway, the Goblin Bank will come forward on its own, right?"

"We also agree. There's no need to spend unnecessary costs."

These rotten human bastards.

Do they really want to fail because they're crazy?

Goldman, whose lips were trembling, glared at the shameless nobles of the Empire and thought about various things.

'I really want to burn them all. These bastards are like beggars. They're as patient as beggars, and they think they know the bondholders like fools.'

If he had taken a fair share of the government bonds issued by the Empire.

Whether the Empire fails or not, he could have actually stood up to the Goblin Bank.

However, since the Goblin Bank had almost swept up the government bonds issued by the Empire.

Goldman had no other choice.

'You dog-like humans. See if I ever buy this crap government bond again. If it wasn't for the Montefeltro territory, I wouldn't have even bothered.'

"Fine, do it yourself. I don't know anymore."

As he turned his back towards the head of the Goblin Bank.

Rockefeller began to give a loud order as if to make sure he heard it.

"Then we'll trust you and wait. Ah, our forces are currently focusing on the northern side where the orcs are moving southward, so if you think about us, please pay attention to the Montefeltro territory."

Upon hearing those words, Goldman stopped momentarily, then shook his clenched fist and began to move again.

'Damn them. Especially that bastard, I hope he goes to hell even if he dies.'

As Goldman poured out curses and bad words in his heart and left.

Rockefeller, who knew he would curse him in his heart, gave him a light laugh and thought this.

'I don't know what curse he poured on me. But I'll never go to hell.'

Why won't he go?

'I've already received an indulgence.'

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