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Chapter 172 Part 2 - The Founder of Great Financial Family

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However, their hopes were shattered when the Imperial Army was pushed back all the way to the capital.

The goblin bank leaders, who had been eagerly awaiting news of the Imperial Army's victory, were at a loss for words at the crumbling state of the Imperial Army.

"What are these guys... idiots? I mean, if they're going to be pushed back, they should do it moderately. I can't understand why they're retreating so blatantly. The capital is already within reach. This is... just a total failure."

If the capital fell into the hands of the orcs, the Empire would be on the brink of collapse.

The rapidly falling price of government bonds was also a clear sign that they would become worthless.

"I heard that the situation in the Montefeltro territory isn't looking too good either."

As the dwarves joined the offensive due to the Empire's unfavorable situation, even the Montefeltro territory, where the world's strongest wyvern army was stationed, could not avoid the crisis.

As the dwarves' offensive intensified day by day, there were rumors circulating within the fortress, which was the front line and the last line of defense of the territory, about abandoning the fortress.

"It seems that the Montefeltro territory might give up the fortress and hand over the territory itself to the dwarves."

"We're only helping them out. If we hadn't, they would have been ruined long ago."

"Ah... what should we do?"

The collapse of the Empire meant their own collapse as well.

The investment they had made in imperial bonds was no small amount.

"How about selling off the bonds before it's too late?"

This was something they could never have imagined when they had bought the bonds in large quantities.

But the situation was so bad that they were considering selling the bonds they had bought at a low price.

It was better to sell them at a low price than to hold onto them and have them become worthless when the Empire collapsed.

"No, if we sell them at that price... we'll just go bankrupt. How much did we buy them for?"

As the price of the government bonds issued by the Empire plummeted due to the full-scale war between the two powers, even trading at one-tenth of their face value was difficult.

If they were to dump the government bonds they had bought in large quantities in such a situation, it could lead to the bonds becoming not just worthless, but mere paper.

"Are there people who would buy them if we sell?"

"Well, there is a price, so there must be someone willing to buy them."

"If we dump the bonds like that, we'll go bankrupt too. You know how much we bet on that."

"Ah... damn it. I never thought I'd taste such bitterness in bonds after beer."

"If we end up losing like this, let's never touch the Empire side again. We're really going to go bankrupt at this rate."

Although they thought they could control the world as they pleased, strangely enough, things did not go as they had planned this time.

"Damn it. We screwed up this time. We completely bet on the wrong side. We should have bet on the dwarves instead..."

"Those trashy Imperial bastards. I hope they die and go straight to hell."

"What can we do? We have to salvage at least a little. The bonds will become paper if the Empire collapses, right?"

In the end, their intentions could only converge in one direction.

"Let's just sell them. Let's sell everything and get out of here."

"At least it's better than paper."

"Yeah, a little money is better than paper."

"Please, let those imperial bastards die and go to hell."

* * *

Inside the Empire, many words were being spoken due to the Imperial Army being pushed back to the vicinity of the capital.

There were increasing talks that the Empire might collapse due to the southern orcs, and the resentment of the nobles towards Rockefeller, who repeatedly ordered meaningless retreats, grew day by day.

Especially, the emperor, who had to endure the resentment of the nobles, was in a very difficult position.

"Your Majesty, I heard that our brave Imperial Army, which has never been timid in any battlefield, is continuously retreating meaninglessly. Due to this, the orcs' momentum is sky-high, and we continue to give them favorable positions. The fact that the Imperial Army has meaninglessly retreated all the way to the vicinity of the capital is clearly a problem."

No matter how powerful Rockefeller and his influence were, if the Empire was on the brink of collapse due to the war with the two forces, even the nobles who couldn't stand it any longer dared to criticize Rockefeller.

"From what I've learned, all of this happened due to someone's orders."

His gaze was fixed on Rockefeller, who was standing closest to the emperor.

His glaring eyes were quite fierce.

"I don't know what he was thinking when he gave those orders. But if this situation continues,"

He seemed to be prepared for something.

"We will have no choice but to take extraordinary measures."

The nobles then began to stir, and their opinions also began to flow unfavorably towards Rockefeller, who had no choice but to intervene and try to calm them down.

"I know what you all are dissatisfied with. But if you wait a little longer, I will surely bring you good news."

"When will that good news come? The enemy is right in front of us. In this situation, shouldn't we take some action immediately?"

Rockefeller was not unaware of the resentment bursting out from everywhere.

'The goblins seem to be holding on quite well... but they must be at their limit now. In a situation like this, they have no choice but to sell.'

Just then, Rockefeller heard something from a hastily approaching subordinate and began to smile at the corners of his mouth.

'It's over.'

Finally, the long-awaited goblin government bond sell-off began.

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