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Chapter 172 Part 1 - The Founder of Great Financial Family

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Gold Vein War #3(4)

When Goldman returned from meeting the Empire's Emperor without any results, fellow Round Table members Morgan and JP expressed their doubts.

"Why did you just come back? That wasn't our plan, was it?"

"Will they come to their senses only when the price of government bonds becomes worthless?"

Goldman explained the meeting with the Emperor to the two goblins who were unaware of the situation.

As he told them about Rockefeller, who was with the Emperor, the two goblins finally understood the situation.

"Damn it. So there was a rotten bastard like that."

"A scumbag of the world. You should have told him to go to hell when he dies."

Goldman responded to their words.

"I almost did. But it felt like bad luck."

"You should have just gone for it. What's so regrettable that you couldn't even say that?"

"If it were me, I would have yelled a lot of curses."


Goldman cut off the two goblins and began to speak about his thoughts.

"The Empire is starting to show off. It seems they know that if they fall, we will fall too. No matter how you look at it, we have to help those bastards for free. Otherwise, we'll be the only ones left out because of the orcs with their eyes turned upside down."

The three goblins' expressions were not good.

"Wretched bastards."

"If it weren't for the Goldvein, we wouldn't have even looked at such shitty government bonds."

Sighs were heard everywhere.

In any case, they had only one choice.

"What can we do? We can't even clean up the fallen government bonds now."

"What do you mean clean up? If the Empire gets through this crisis, it will be worth calling."

"That's true."

As their intentions aligned, Goldman, who had an unpleasant expression, began to mention the following events.

"Let's save those bastards first. It's disgusting to save them with our money, but we can't turn the government bonds we bought into paper in an instant. Dwarves are fine if they occupy Montefeltro territory, but those damned orcs will keep pushing until the Empire is ruined."

No goblin raised any objections.

Shortly after the goblin bank's decision was made.

The wyvern army, which was operated by the goblin bank itself, was urgently dispatched to Montefeltro territory.

It was to help Montefeltro territory, which had a gap in its defensive forces due to the orcs' southward march.

As the sky was filled with the roars of wyverns,

Lord Chester, who had not expected this, was stunned.

"I never thought I'd see the day I'd receive help from goblins. It's truly breathtaking and suffocating."

The overseer guarding the lord was also equally bewildered.

The infamous goblin bank's wyvern riders had come to supplement the power that had become scarce due to the Imperial Army's withdrawal.

"I'm also quite bewildered. I don't know what's going on. The goblins of all things..."

Lord Chester looked at the wyverns in the fortress, roaring so roughly that his ears became deaf.

They were the strongest force that could not be dared without an enormous amount of money.

'In this case, do I really need to execute the plan to retreat and abandon the fortress?'

The fortified border area that was adjacent to Montefeltro territory was the front line of defense.

If this place collapsed, it would be nearly impossible to defend Montefeltro territory from the heavily armored dwarf army.

'It's a real relief. I was even considering giving up the territory itself in the worst case.'

"Anyway, it's a good thing. I guess we can postpone the plan to retreat today."

The overseer also felt an indescribable sense of security as he looked at the wyvern riders, known as the strongest on the ground.

"With so many wyverns, even if the three kingdoms unite as a dwarf army, they won't be able to easily overlook this place."

"By the way, why did the goblin bank's main force come here?"

The lord began to wonder about the possibilities as he expressed his doubts.

'Did they call for money?'

"Did they spend money on them? No matter how much money they have, it would be difficult for them to bring in the goblin bank's main force as mercenaries."

The overseer immediately responded to his words.

"How can people like us know the details? We should just be grateful that we have more troops to defend the fortress."

"That's true, but... Did they agree to share the gold produced here?"

"I don't know about that. But..."

The overseer lowered his head.

"It doesn't seem likely."

The lord, who was scratching his chin, also thought the same.

'If they do that, they won't tolerate it with their personality. Honestly, even if gold is produced, if it's spread everywhere, what will they eat?'

There were already the royal family and the church involved in the interests related to Montefeltro territory.

It would be overwhelming to just deal with these two places, let alone bringing goblins into it.

'It might be possible if they want to eat a little. But it doesn't seem right.'

"Anyway, let's focus on our own work."

Thanks to the sudden participation of the goblin bank, Montefeltro territory, which was expected to fall easily, was barely protected by the new reinforcements.

However, the constant retreat of the Imperial Army, which had hurriedly moved to the northern border of the Empire, made the goblin bank nervous.

The goblin bank was in chaos due to the continuous retreat of the Imperial Army.

In a hastily convened Round Table meeting, the three goblin elders discussed countermeasures with serious expressions.

"Why can't they defend and keep retreating? When did the Imperial Army become such a neighborhood drum?"

"Isn't there a problem?"

"They're just retreating without a single victory... This is a real problem."

"Damn it..."

Under normal circumstances, the Imperial Army, which had quickly turned its forces south due to the southern movement of the orc army, should have been stopped.

However, looking at the current situation, the Imperial Army seemed to have no strength to stop the orcs' southward movement.

"No matter how crazy the orcs are, isn't this too much?"

"The orcs' momentum is truly tremendous. Well, their totems have been disturbed twice from the outside, so if they overlook this, rumors will spread that they are neighborhood pushovers. They know this too, so they have no intention of backing down."

"Let's watch for a few more days. Surely the Imperial Army won't be pushed back all the way to the capital?"

"Yeah. Let's calm down and keep watching the situation. No matter how experienced the Imperial Army is, it doesn't make sense that they keep collapsing like this."

"You're right. Let's just wait a bit longer. There will be good news soon."

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