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Chapter 174 Part 1 - The Founder of Great Financial Family

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Gold Vein War #3(6)

"Are you threatening us now?"

Despite Rockefeller's question, Goldman remained unyielding.

"Threat? Threat or not, what does it matter? I'm just asking for a fair price right now. Do you think we're fools who helped you out for nothing? The cost of feeding the wyverns for a month alone is enormous. At the very least, we should get the cost of the food back."

"No, you should at least choose the right place to threaten. What is this? Some kind of useless threat?"

"What? Fine, I never liked you from the beginning. You still don't seem to grasp the situation, do you?"

Rockefeller shook his head lightly.

"I guess not. I never liked you from the start, and if you keep acting like this..."

His following words were quite ominous.

"We have no choice either."

Goldman scoffed at the sarcastic remark.

Then, Rockefeller touched his pendant, and a familiar face suddenly appeared before them.

"You, you!"

The one who recognized him first was none other than Goldman.

With his eyes wide open, Goldman was dumbfounded by the sudden appearance of Lee Han.

"How are you here?"

Rockefeller spoke cruelly with a smile on behalf of Lee Han, who had come without knowing the situation.

"Ah, you didn't know. If you knew even a little about the relationship between Lee Han and me, you would never have done this."

Lee Han, who had come because of the wyvern roars from all directions, frowned.

"Hey, Rockefeller, what's going on?"

Lee Han, who was in no position to treat Rockefeller with respect, was probably the only one in the empire, and on the continent, to do so.

Rockefeller greeted him with a smile.

Lee Han, welcome.'

"You're here. I called you because there's something I need."

Lee Han could roughly guess the reason why Rockefeller had called him.

The leader of the Goblin Bank and the roaring wyverns outside.

Rockefeller wouldn't have called him, who has an expensive labor cost, for trivial reasons, so the reason for calling him was obvious, wasn't it?

'I roughly get it.'

"What do you want me to do?"

Now that he trusted Lee Han, Rockefeller became more unyielding.

"Well, some goblin tried to make an unreasonable threat, so I thought I'd ask for your help, the one who claims to have no rival in the world."

"You know my labor cost is very expensive, right?"

"If you help me this time, I probably won't have to call you for a while. Didn't I take good care of you?"

"I've benefited a lot from you. You can ask me for any favour."

Lee Han glanced at the emperor and the nobles who were buzzing around the hall.

Among them, there were a few who had a bad relationship with him.

When did their relationship change from enemies to this ambiguous one?

'It's certain that I just need to consult with him about my work in the empire.'

Lee Han was quite calculating.

All he had to do was ask Rockefeller for help if he needed something in the empire.

In that sense, Lee Han was willing to listen to Rockefeller's request.

The little lizards outside are just a piece of cake.

It's nothing.

"Just wait a little. I'll stretch my body and come back."

As Lee Han disappeared, the flustered Goldman looked around for the missing Lee Han.

"Uh, where did he go?"

At that moment.

The roar of the wyverns outside the imperial palace became even more violent, and a series of ear-splitting noises began.

Then, something huge seemed to collide with the palace, shaking it greatly.

However, since the palace was built so sturdily that it could withstand hundreds of years, the only thing that happened inside was dust falling from the ceiling.

In the noisy palace, Rockefeller calmly addressed the emperor.

"Your Majesty, it seems there will be a little commotion outside. If there's any damage, our Rothsmedici family intends to compensate for it all, so please don't worry too much about this."

The emperor, who had been listening to the conversation, silently nodded his head.

It meant he understood.

Rockefeller's gaze then turned to Goldman, who was left in the room, restless.

"You've been quite silent."

As Rockefeller playfully complained, Goldman, who had unknowingly been stepping back, stumbled and fell.

The laughter of the human nobles filled the room, and the armed knights blocked Goldman, who was trying to escape amidst the ridicule.

"You, you guys! Don't you know who I am? Get out of my way!"

But shouting loudly was a thing of the past.

His image was already not good, and the behavior of the knights who caught him was quite rough.

Rockefeller walked up to the captured Goldman, his lips curling into a smirk.

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