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Chapter 174 Part 2 - The Founder of Great Financial Family

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 "I may not know."

There was no barbaric act of killing the opponent.

Goldman was one of the three leaders of the Goblin Bank.

If they were to do that, they would have to be prepared for a full-scale confrontation with the Goblin Bank.

So, Rockefeller decided to use him in a better way.

"I don't think we'll cause any harm to you, the leader of the Goblin Bank. We'll treat you well while you're captured. However, in order to be released from here, the Goblin Bank will probably have to pay a significant amount of money."

Rockefeller was the one who controlled the Goblin Dollar he had created.

And while the Goblin Dollar held immense power within the empire, it wasn't the case across the entire continent.

So, one could see this as part of his plan to dominate the entire continent with the paper currency he had created.

"And we only recognize the Goblin Dollar as currency."

"What are you talking about? You guys were using Dalant."

"Dalant is nothing more than a foundation for producing Goblin Dollars."

"What? When did that start?"


"What do you mean recently! Who are you to decide that?"

"Are you already forgetting my position? I oversee the empire's currency and finance ministry. I manage the currency system of this country. So, if I say so, it is naturally the case."

He was asked to pay money to be released.

That was something he could accept.

However, it was outrageous for Goldman to be told to pay in Goblin Dollars, a currency he didn't possess.

"Fine, you can do what you want with that. But only Goblin Dollars can be used for release?"


"But we only have Ducats?"

"So, to put it simply."

Rockefeller's continuing smile was quite a sight.

"When you want to be released, you'll have to pay in Goblin Dollars, not your gold coins."

"So what are you saying! We only have Ducats!"

From Goldman's perspective, it was truly absurd.

"We need to have Goblin Dollars to..."

He couldn't help but laugh while speaking.

Why on earth was the empire's currency called Goblin Dollar?

'But why is it called Goblin Dollar?'

It was a really funny name when he thought about it.

'What does it matter.'

"We don't have Goblin Dollars. What kind of nonsense is that?"

At his words, Rockefeller responded.

"Ah, I see. It's surprising that you don't have Goblin Dollars, the common currency of the continent."

"Common? The common currency of the continent is our Ducat, and what is this Goblin Dollar you're talking about? It's just a piece of paper you made! How dare you call it a currency!"

"Anyway, you can't be released with Ducats. So, if you really want to be released, you should deal with our Goblin Dollars at the Goblin Bank."

Rockefeller continued.

"And we are printing Goblin Dollars based on gold coins. So, you can get Goblin Dollars with Ducats at the Goblin Bank."

Goldman couldn't help but know that Dalant was a cheap gold coin.

"Our Ducats are better than that! What kind of absurdity is this! If there's any common sense in the world, they would just accept our high-quality Ducats! What kind of nonsense is it to demand that we produce Goblin Dollars!"

Rockefeller's response was very predictable.

"That's none of our business."

"What? It's not your business?"

"Of course it's not our business. In any case, we only accept Goblin Dollars. If you don't have Goblin Dollars, you'll have to rot in jail forever. And as for common sense."

His following words were the final blow.

"Find it in your own home. This is not your living room, but the empire. Follow the laws of the empire. Don't you even know that?"

"You damn dog! What kind of nonsense are you spouting!"

Goldman glared at everyone and shouted.

"Where is this trickery coming from!"

"Whether it's trickery or not, that's none of our business. Anyway, if you don't have Goblin Dollars, you'll never be released. If you want to be released, please consult with your people."

The conversation ended there.

Rockefeller casually dismissed Goldman with a nod of his chin, and the hall became noisy again with Goldman's screams as he was dragged away and then quieted down.

Then, one of the nobles opened his mouth to Rockefeller.

"But, Sir Rockefeller, do you intend to make the Goblin Dollars we use the common currency of the continent?"

The nobles stirred, waiting for Rockefeller's answer.

It didn't take long for Rockefeller to respond to the question.

"Yes, as you heard. My plan going forward is to make the Goblin Dollars we use the common currency of the continent."

At his words, all the nobles began to stir.

Then another noble added.

"Is that really possible? Other races, besides us, use their own currencies. The dwarves use Sovereign, the goblins use their own Ducats, and the elves use Denarion, a silver coin, as their currency. If there is any currency that is recognized as the common currency of the continent, it would be the Ducats produced by the goblins. Would everyone really use our Goblin Dollars as a common currency?"

To that question, Rockefeller just smiled.

"Of course, it won't be easy. But that doesn't mean it's impossible."

"If it's not impossible, do you have a plan?"

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