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Chapter 176 Part 1 - The Founder of Great Financial Family

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Gold Vein War #3(8)

"Are you saying that they would need goblin dollars to buy gold?"

"Yes, wouldn't that create demand for goblin dollars?"

After all, it was the empire's decision on how to sell the gold they had.

If the empire only accepts goblin dollars for gold transactions, other forces have no choice but to follow the reality.

"Indeed, since we have a large amount of gold reserves, there is no other way for others. They have no choice but to accept goblin dollars."

"Moreover, goblin dollars can be exchanged for ducats, so they won't have much resistance in accepting them."

The emperor nodded as if he understood.

"That's a good method, but is there a better way? Like collecting taxes only in goblin dollars, for example."

"There are many other ways besides forcing gold transactions to be in goblin dollars."

There might be many ways to activate goblin dollars when you look for them.

Rockefeller decided to mention this one.

"One of them is this. Currently, the financial business of the continent is monopolized by the Goblin Bank. I may be a pivotal figure within the empire, but the Lyon Guild and I are just bank operators of a single country when looking at the entire continent."

The emperor didn't deny his words.

Indeed, when looking at the entire continent, the goblin's financial business was vast, as Rockefeller said.

Rockefeller continued.

"The scale of funds they have lent to various forces is enormous. And all those forces are paying interest in ducats."

The goblin's lending business also contributed to the goblin currency becoming the common currency of the continent.

That's why Rockefeller planned to use that point.

"Just make it possible to pay the principal and interest in goblin dollars from now on."

"Ah... I see there's such a way."

Then the emperor expressed his doubt.

"But will the Goblin Bank accept goblin dollars instead of ducats?"

"Goblin dollars can be exchanged for ducats at any time. We, who hold the most gold on the continent, guarantee it. If they still insist on using their own ducats rather than the more convenient goblin dollars, then we will force them."

"Force them?"

The emperor was still doubtful.

"How can you force them?"

Would the Goblin Bank necessarily listen to Rockefeller's words?

"I don't know. Do goblins have any reason to listen to our demands?"

Then he thought of a method.

"Do you plan to use the imprisoned goblin leader as a hostage?"

At that, Rockefeller shook his head.

"That's not it. It's not easy to manipulate goblins who are cunning and calculating in that way. They would only harbor strong resentment against us."

The emperor recalled Goldman, who had cursed at Rockefeller and left earlier.

"He didn't seem to have good feelings either. What exactly are you thinking?"

In response to that question, Rockefeller first smiled.

"Your Majesty, do you know the characteristic traits of goblins?"

"Characteristic traits?"

Goblins were known for being quick-witted and calculating, more so than humans, giving them the impression of ruthless moneylenders.

"Are you talking about their quick-wittedness when you mention characteristic traits?"

"Of course, that's part of it, but more importantly, they prioritize rationality over emotions when it comes to money."


In front of money, they had neither enemies nor allies.

That's why the Goblin Bank could maintain its position as the continent's top bank, as they did not act emotionally in transactions.

"If they had refused to give out money entrusted by a client today because they had a bad experience with a client yesterday, or if they had erased all existing transaction records because they became the ruler of the whole world, would the Goblin Bank have remained the top bank on the continent?"

"Listening to you, it seems that goblins are good at distinguishing between public and private matters, even though their personalities are not good."

"That's one of the big distinguishing features that goblins have compared to other races. Even if they had a bad experience with someone yesterday, they strictly exclude emotions and only prioritize rationality and calculation when it comes to money-related matters."

The emperor nodded as if he agreed.

"It seems so. But what does that have to do with anything?"

"Earlier, the leader of the Goblin Bank cursed at me. But even Goldman would drool over the proposal I am going to make. And he will definitely do business. That's why I'm going to visit Goldman later and make a proposal."

"A proposal?"

"Yes, an irresistible proposal."

What kind of proposal would it be?

The emperor couldn't guess.

"Do you have a proposal for them?"

"Yes, I do. Currently, the Goblin Bank has suffered astronomical losses due to two investment failures. On top of that, they have to pay us a considerable amount to get the captured leader Goldman back."

Rockefeller continued without pause.

"If that happens, what will happen to the Goblin Bank's situation?"

"Well... It will become difficult."

As if it was the correct answer, Rockefeller's smile deepened.

"That's right. It will become difficult. Then there will be problems with the lending business they are running. You need money right away to lend money and receive interest, don't you?"


The emperor finally had a rough idea of what kind of proposal Rockefeller was going to make.

"Do you plan to lend them money?"

"Yes, that's correct. I plan to lend goblin dollars to them and receive interest in goblin dollars as well."

Most of the banks under the Lyon Bank were borrowing money from the 'Bank of Rothsmedici,' which was operated by the Rosmedici family, who held the most gold on the continent.

In other words, it was no different from Rockefeller saying that he would bring the goblin bank under his control.

"But will they borrow money from here?"

At that question, Rockefeller smirked.

"Your Majesty, they can't do lending business without money, so do they have any other choice?"

"But from other places..."

Up until the Gold Vein War, the goblin bank was undoubtedly the number one bank on the continent.

If there was a place that could lend money to such a place, it would most likely be the Rothsmedici family, who had become the wealthiest on the continent after the Gold Vein War.

"I see. It seems they have no other choice but to borrow from here."

"That's right. They have no other choice. They are not some small neighborhood store, so where would they borrow such a large sum of money to conduct their lending business? In the end, the goblins will have no choice but to borrow money from a big moneylender like me."

A moneylender above a moneylender.

That was Rockefeller.

The emperor had many thoughts as he looked at Rockefeller.

'What kind of wealth does a person who lends money to those who play with debts obtain?'

It was hard to estimate.

The emperor, who had been lost in thought for a moment, erased that thought and asked Rockefeller.

"So, you plan to make a proposal while lending them the money?"

"You have seen it correctly. I will lend them the money and make a proposal. From now on, they should conduct their lending business with goblin dollars. And they should repay the interest only in goblin dollars."

Rockefeller's words continued without pause.

"If they still cling to ducats, I can say this: If they bring goblin dollars, there will be no problem exchanging them for ducats."

"Will they not doubt it?"

At that question, Rockefeller drove the nail in.

"Your Majesty, our family holds the most gold in the empire. If our gold reserves were lacking, the goblins would certainly have doubts. But that's not the case, so they have no choice but to trust us."

The emperor narrowed his eyes and thought.

Whether it was true or not.

It was an undeniable fact that Rockefeller, who printed goblin dollars, held the most gold on the continent.

"That's true. But there is no certainty in this world."

The emperor's words continued.

"Do you plan to meet with the leader of the goblin bank?"

"Yes, I will visit and make a proposal. There will likely be good results."

"I have my doubts, but I hope for a good outcome."

Although they didn't know, if the goblin bank actively accepted goblin dollars, it was as clear as day that goblin dollars would become the common currency of the continent, replacing ducats.

'I hope that happens.'

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