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Chapter 175 Part 2 - The Founder of Great Financial Family

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"Yes, we are sacrificing the existing one for a greater purpose. That way, the Goblin Dollar can become the common currency of the continent based on the Ducat."

To abandon the Dalant.

It was something the emperor had never even thought of.

"Do we really have to give up the Dalant?"

In response to that question, Rockefeller answered confidently.

"Dallant has already lost its trust. Instead of rebuilding that trust, we can simply take the existing trust and use it for ourselves. That is the Ducat."


Dallant had become rather ambiguous as the empire's common currency at this point.

It was because the Goblin Dollar had already replaced much of its position.

'Indeed, it has become more difficult to see Dallants lately. You can only see them in the royal warehouse or at the bank.'

"So, going forward, the Goblin Dollar will be..."

Before the emperor could finish his sentence, a slightly smiling Rockefeller spoke on his behalf.

"It will be issued with the Ducat as collateral."


"There is no other way. And the Ducat is a gold coin that has gained some trust from all races on the continent. We must use it."

"I never thought the Ducat would be used as collateral... So what happens to the existing Dallant?"

"Most of the Dallants that were in use are now rotting in the vault. Since people do not go after all the gold coins, we can secretly replace the Dallants with Ducats."

Rockefeller continued his explanation.

"I might be exaggerating a bit, but everyone knows that the Ducat contains more pure gold than the Dallant. If we encourage the use of Ducats within the empire, no one will prefer Dallants with less pure gold. Then, we can separate the Dallants into pure gold and copper using magic and alchemy, and create Ducats with the pure gold obtained."

"Will there be no problems in doing so?"

Rockefeller replied with a confident smile.

"Would there be any problems? After all, Ducats are made of gold, and who would object to us making Ducats with the gold we have? Especially when the pure gold content is identical to the existing Ducats. I doubt anyone would raise objections."


The emperor pondered.

Even if the Ducats produced in the empire had the same pure gold content as the existing Ducats, wouldn't they be considered the same Ducats?

'And the empire has the largest gold reserves.'

The empire was solidifying its position as the winner of the Gold Vein War.

So the emperor naturally nodded his head.

"I see. Anyway, what does it matter where they are made? In the end, the important thing is the pure gold content of the Ducat."

"Yes, that's correct. I have no intention of undermining the trust in the Ducat either. If I did, I would lose trust from everyone."

The emperor found it absurd that Rockefeller, who was trying to deceive the whole world with the Goblin Dollar, was talking about trust. However, he did not show his feelings and asked another question.

"If the empire allows the use of Ducats, more Ducats may be needed than expected. Do you have a plan for that?"

"Yes, of course."

Rockefeller's words continued immediately.

"Recently, the Goblin Bank has suffered astronomical losses due to two investment failures. So, who do you think has the gold coins, the Ducats, that they lost?"

Two investment failures.

The emperor knew that they were beer and government bonds.

"It must be the empire."

"That's right. Recently, the amount of Ducats circulating in the empire has increased tremendously. That means a lot of gold coins lost by the Goblin Bank have been released into the empire's market. So, we can take advantage of this situation and secretly replace the Dallants with Ducats."

"Will there be no other problems during this process?"

Rockefeller shook his head lightly in response to that question.

"There shouldn't be any problems. Since the Goblin Dollar system is in place, Ducats won't be traded much among people. Like Dallants, Ducats will be stuck in the vault and move only on paper. So no one will know that their gold coins are being exchanged from Dallants to Ducats."

"I see."

"And when the time comes, you can announce that the empire will use only Ducats instead of Dallants. Then we will naturally switch to using Ducats instead of the untrusted Dallants. And this is the first step for our Goblin Dollar to become the common currency on the continent."

The emperor began to nod as if he understood.

'If the Goblin Dollar is based on the Ducat rather than the Dallant... not only the people of the empire but also others may prefer the Goblin Dollar. After all, the Goblin Dollar can be exchanged for Ducats within the empire.'

It seemed that one issue had been resolved.

Now, the last problem remained.

It was the necessity.

"Even if we establish the trust of the Goblin Dollar with the Ducat, will everyone in the world use it?"

Rockefeller's confident smile continued here as well.

"If there was no need to use it, why would the Goblin Dollar be used so commonly in the empire instead of the Dallant?"

"That's because... taxes can only be paid in Goblin Dollars."

"That's true, but actually, the Goblin Dollar has been used quite a bit even before that. It's just that some people were avoiding it because its trustworthiness was not certain."

The emperor, who expressed doubt, began to be convinced.

'Well, it's much more convenient to use the paper Goblin Dollar than the cumbersome gold coins.'

"Still, it seems very lacking. Can't we make all races on the continent prefer the Goblin Dollar more?"

"There are several ways to do that. One of them is this."

Rockefeller continued his explanation.

"Since we have the most gold in the continent, we will force all races to conduct gold transactions in Goblin Dollars. In other words, if you want to buy gold, you must have Goblin Dollars," Rockefeller explained.

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