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Chapter 177 Part 1 - The Founder of Great Financial Family

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Prison Agreement (2)

"What proposal!"

Rockefeller spoke to the sharply retorting Goldman.

"I know you've suffered huge losses due to two investment failures. You made a mistake during the beer bubble, and also failed in government bond speculation."

Just thinking about it made his blood pressure rise.

As Goldman glared at Rockefeller as if he wanted to kill him, Rockefeller ignored it and continued his words.

"Especially the government bond speculation was a problem. No matter how much Goblin Bank is, you've collected government bonds so recklessly that you could buy a country like the empire, so the impact when it became worthless would probably be unimaginable."

What is this guy trying to say?

He won't even compensate for it anyway.

"So what? Why are you poking at the sore spot and making a fuss if you're not going to compensate for it?"

"Red lights would have come on for all the loan businesses you're currently running. Don't you need to have money to lend and make a profit from it? That's how you can slowly make up for the losses you've seen this time."

Rockefeller then made a proposal.

"So I want to make a suggestion to you who are in a bad situation. It seems that you are short of funds to operate right now, so we will lend you that."


"You heard me right. Don't you need money to do interest business? Or can you get money from somewhere else besides us?"

It was unbelievable that he would lend money.

Usually, it would have been a story that wouldn't even be heard, but Goblin Bank's situation was the worst as it had come to the empire to show off its power.

Two investment failures.

The amount of loss was astronomical, and in order to make up for it, the loan business that had been done so far had to be maintained or expanded even more.

What was needed here was funding.

But there was no funding due to investment failure.

'Damn it. I need money, but it's a bit awkward to borrow from that guy.'

Rockefeller, who seemed to see through Goldman's inner thoughts, spoke.

"Do you need money, but it's a bit awkward to borrow from me?"

The sneaky laugh really didn't sit well with him.

But what can he do?

Rockefeller was the powerful party here.

"You bastards. We don't need your dirty money..."

"Is there dirty money? Wouldn't the money I have become clean money once it's in your hands?"


"Don't think foolishly. As you have been doing so far, put aside your emotions and only put reason first."

The following words were key.

"That's how you live, right?"

The last resort of Goblin Bank, which was on the verge of survival, was to bring the last remaining property, the Wyvern military tax, to the empire and demand money.

Goldman, who had nothing to say, thought for a moment and then grasped the reason.

'Yeah, it's foolish to put emotions first here. As he said, I have to live and see. Living is the top priority.'

It was because they had money that they had been able to survive until today, despite being the weakest of all races.

But if we fail like this, it was obvious that those who had been lurking in the shadows would appear and take revenge.

In this situation, would you put your emotions first and reject the helping hand offered by the enemy?

Goldman didn't think so.

Goldman stared at Rockefeller and thought.

'No matter how dirty that guy is.'

With that in mind, Goldman opened his mouth.

"You're going to lend us money?"

Now that he seemed willing to talk, Rockefeller's smile deepened.

"Yes, as you heard."

"What's the reason? You guys have no reason to help us."

"Why don't we have a reason to help? We have something left, so we're doing it. Then why do you lend money to others?"

"Well... So what do you guys get by helping us?"

"What else would it be? Interest income."

Seeing Rockefeller's smile, which seemed to look down on the opponent, Goldman's stomach churned, but he still needed money.

'It's not wrong, but...'

"So how much are you thinking of lending?"

Rockefeller immediately answered the question.

"I'm thinking of lending quite a lot."

"Quite a lot?"

"Goblin Bank is not a neighborhood hole-in-the-wall store. Does it make sense to lend just a tiny bit of money? You have to lend at least a certain amount for it to be meaningful."

Goldman widened his eyes and asked again.

"What about the interest?"

"Interest? Interest is..."

There was no point in raising the interest too high.

If the interest was high, he would definitely refuse.

'This much would be appropriate.'

"What about 5 percent?"

At that, Goldman's eyes widened.

He was worried in case, but he suggested a reasonable level of interest, which was lower than he thought.

Usually, the loan interest was 6 percent, so it was 1 percent less.

'If we borrow money here at 5 percent and continue the loan business at 6 percent as we have done so far, then 1 percent is left, right? That 1 percent is our fixed income.'

The surprisingly sweet proposal made Goldman suspicious.

Why are they coming out so favorably?

"What's the reason? Why are you being so kind to us who aren't even pretty? If you know our situation anyway, you can bluff with the loan interest."

Goldman's words continued, full of suspicion.

"Honestly, if we lend at 5 percent interest and continue the loan business at 6 percent as we have done so far, we will definitely see a 1 percent profit."

"Yes, that's right. That's what will happen. You will have a guaranteed 1 percent profit from us even if you borrow money from us. And if you increase the loan interest, you can aim for additional profits. If there is no problem with the loan business."

"Then why on earth would you do this without any significant gains? We are competitors after all. If you don't lend us the money, we can’t lend it to others and make a profit from it. Why are you doing this in the first place?"

The world was smaller than they thought.

As long as the economy didn't grow much larger than it was now, there would be a limited number of people to lend money to.

So from Goldman's perspective, it was hard to understand why Rockefeller would willingly hand over a profitable loan business to them and cut into his own profits.

When the question continued, Rockefeller replied with a light laugh.

"Well, I have my own desires."

"What do you want?"

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