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Chapter 177 Part 2 - The Founder of Great Financial Family

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Goldman couldn't figure it out.

"I can't figure it out no matter how hard I think about it. What do you want?"

"The loan business you're trying to do. We could take it all away from you. Why? Because your financial power is dead, and we've also grown that much. We have the means. But that's not what I want. I have my sights set on something higher."


"Yes, I'm talking about someone in a higher position than a mere creditor. I want to become that person."

"I don't understand what you're talking about."

"You don't have to. Anyway, I have my own desires, so I'm showing you this favor. If my ambitions were smaller, I probably wouldn't have made this offer to you. I would have killed you and taken your place."

Goldman couldn't understand Rockefeller's intentions and unconsciously made a face.

'I really don't know what he's thinking by doing this.'

"Well, it seems like you're still willing to lend us the money. I don't know what your intentions are, though."

Rockefeller's expression became serious for a moment.

"However, the money we lend you will be in the Goblin Dollars you despise."

When Rockefeller said he would lend them Goblin Dollars, Goldman immediately showed his displeasure.

"You're going to give us those worthless pieces of paper you've created?"

Rockefeller had anticipated Goldman's reaction.

"Bang! Who do you think I am, some kind of fool? That kind of stuff is for you guys..."

"All of it can be exchanged for Ducats."

There was a brief silence between the two.

"What? What did you just say? You can exchange it for Ducats?"

"Yes, you can exchange it for your gold coins, Ducats."

"What are you talking about? Goblin Dollars were originally..."

As far as he knew, Goblin Dollars were a new currency of the empire based on Dalant.

"You guys were based on Dalant."

"That's right. Until now. But if our negotiations with you and this prison go well today, we will be able to exchange it for Ducats as well as Dalant."

Rockefeller finished speaking.

"We have as many Ducats as Dalant."

The Ducats that Goblin Bank had lost due to two investment failures were now stored in the vaults of the Rothsmedici family.

That's why Rockefeller could speak with such confidence, and Goldman couldn't object to it.

'Well, where would our lost Ducats have gone? They must be in his hands.'

"So... you're going to exchange the Goblin Dollars we bring for Ducats?"

Rockefeller replied with a friendly smile.

Of course, his intentions were different.

'You don't have a choice anyway. If you wanted a choice, you shouldn't have failed.'

"Yes, without a doubt. Bring the Goblin Dollars and we will immediately give you the corresponding amount of Ducats."

There were some issues arising from this.

So far, Goblin Bank had only done business with Ducats.

But if they borrowed Goblin Dollars now, it would basically mean that their future business would be done with Goblin Dollars.

'Yeah. Now I get it. There was a reason why he was doing us a favor.'

"Alright, you wanted us to use the Goblin Dollars you created. Those worthless pieces of paper."

Rockefeller didn't deny it.

"You're well informed. That's the reason why I'm doing you this favor. Honestly, I have to do this much to get you guys to use Goblin Dollars for business, right? Otherwise, you wouldn't bother using Goblin Dollars that have no trust."

That was fine.

But there was just one thing Goldman was worried about.

"Those Goblin Dollars, can they be exchanged for Ducats?"

When asked with skepticism, Rockefeller confidently replied.

"Yes, they can. From now on, that's how it will be."

"But if you change your mind later, we're the only ones screwed..."

"There won't be such a thing. We're just having an oral agreement now, but this content will be written into a contract and made public throughout the continent."

Rockefeller continued.

"We value trust as much as you do. In fact, without trust between us, you and I would become beggars in an instant. How can people in the world trade with us without trust?"


Goldman didn't deny the importance of trust.

Their business was entirely based on trust.

"If a contract is written and made public..."

There was no room for doubt.

However, Goldman still had one question.

"I mean, the money we're going to use isn't small. No matter how many Ducats you have, later on, when we exchange all the Goblin Dollars we brought for Ducats..."

When he doubted until the end.

Rockefeller relayed to him what he had told the emperor.

"Ah, you must not know this. If this negotiation goes well, the Dalant in our empire will gradually disappear."

"What? You're getting rid of Dalant?"

"As you know, Dalant has copper mixed in it, which has lowered everyone's trust. I don't like that. Gold coins should be pure gold, not mixed with copper. That's fraud."


"So I'm thinking of circulating all the imperial Dalants as Ducats, just like Ducats, with 100% pure gold."

Rockefeller then asked Goldman.

"Then you won't have anything to worry about. I mean, the unfortunate situation where there aren't enough Ducats to exchange for Goblin Dollars."

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