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Chapter 34 Part 2 - The Founder of Great Financial Family

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Thus, Carter, who had taken a separate seat from Rockefeller, scolded Rockefeller in a small but sharp voice, conscious of the lord not far away.

"Why did you say that? 5,000 dalants? We don't even have that much money."

"Why do you say that? I already told you that I'm talking about a loan even for the nonexistent money."

Rockefeller continued.

"And now the golden opportunity to lend that nonexistent money has come. Didn't you say that there are no people who need that much money now? But now they're here, so we have to lend it to them."

Rockefeller emphasized his following words.

"This is an opportunity."

"But how can we lend the money we don't have?"

That was absurd.

Rockefeller looked at him with an exasperated expression.

"Didn't I explain enough? Did you forget already?"

Of course, Carter had listened to Rockefeller's explanation before.

He had even considered it.


"I did listen."

"Mr. Carter, did you ever seriously consider what I said?"

Lending not only his own gold coins but also those entrusted by the clients was somewhat acceptable in Carter's common sense.

But creating non-existent gold coins and lending them, as Rockefeller suggested, was completely beyond his common sense. Carter understood this theoretically, but he had no guts to execute it.


Because it was a way of making money that was completely out of his common sense.

"To be honest, I didn't need to think more about it. I just thought it was nonsense. Isn't it just theoretical? They don't lend like that in Lyon either. Making nonexistent money and lending it? It's unbelievable."

"Do you really think it's impossible?"

"Can you do it without ever trying it?"

At his words, Rockefeller called him with a serious look, unprecedented.

"Mr. Carter. Have I ever made a mistake since I started working here?"

"No, you haven't."

"Instead, your income increased significantly, right?"

"Well, yes."

"Do you know why that happened?"

"What do I know? Maybe I was just lucky."

"Lucky? Well, maybe you were lucky. But this is talent."


"Yes, talent. There are people in the world who are good with swords, people who know magic. People with great dexterity, or even those who are just good at running. Each one of them is born with good talent. Of course, I was born with the talent for making money."

Rockefeller continued.

"Mr. Carter, I must lend non-existent money by all means. That's the only way to make real money."


"I can really guarantee that if you do as I think this time, you will make a lot of money. If that doesn't happen, I'll quit working here. What's the point of a talentless guy like me giving advice to someone like you, sir? It's meaningless

Although he couldn't agree to create nonexistent money and lend it, he couldn't lose such a competent assistant.

Carter persuaded Rockefeller not to quit.

"No, don't quit. Just this once, can't we go the normal way?"

"What is normal?"

"What are you talking about? I'm saying, let's just lend the gold coins we have. Don't create nonexistent money."

At that, Rockefeller calmly shook his head.

Knowing that Carter, currently objecting, would change his mind once he made an enormous amount of money, Rockefeller decided to push him.

Carter might end up changing his mind anyway with the results in his favor.

"No way. Absolutely not. If you want to keep me by your side, you have to make a decision. Either you trust me this time or you lose me by sticking to the existing method."

Rockefeller forced him to make a choice with a strong gaze.

"The decision is up to you, Mr. Carter.

"Ha... you rascal."

Rockefeller's words forced Carter to make a difficult choice between the two.

What kind of assistant could do this?

'This guy... What is he trying to do? Lend money that doesn't even exist in the world?'

If that boy was not insane, then what could he be?

What was he thinking about doing this?

'I don't know. What am I doing with him?'

Carter sighed heavily, wasting time, and finally agreed.

He decided to trust Rockefeller's words for once, pretending to be crazy.

As long as everything went smoothly and without problems, he could make a lot of money, just as Rockefeller said.

"To be honest, I don't know. If you hadn't done a good job, I wouldn't have allowed this. It's something I can't understand in my common sense."

At that, Rockefeller grinned.

"Mr. Carter, just don't think too complicatedly and watch the results. You may not know it, but you'll be satisfied."

"Yeah, I suppose. As long as there are no problems."

When he showed a slightly worried look, Rockefeller looked confident.

"I can guarantee that there will be no problems. There must be others who do this the same way. If not in this world, then perhaps in another."

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