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The Founder Of The Great Financial Family - Chapter 35 Part 1

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The previous translator split the raw chapters arbitrarily, so Chapter 80 was actually a portion of Raws chapter 35, which is where I'm starting from. I also posted a summary chapter on Ko-fi, do check it out.

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Faith Creates Wealth (3)

The lord finished speaking with a slightly strained smile, and Carter was able to sense the negative thoughts hidden within that smile.

In the past, there had been someone like the lord who had such a smile towards himself.

'That guy was exactly the same back then. At first, he would pay back well but suddenly started borrowing large sums and never paid back. Even remembering it now makes my teeth chatter.'

In Carter's experience, not all bad debtors had been bad from the beginning.

They were also once good debtors with excellent credit.

But at some point, their circumstances changed, and they turned into bad debtors.


At this point, Carter felt the need for Rockefeller.

Only his assistant Rockefeller was able to cleverly maneuver this kind of situation.

Then, the quick-witted Rockefeller interjected between the two.

"Considering the situation, I think we can lend 5,000 dalants to you, my lord."

Carter was not necessarily happy with Rockefeller's interruption, but since he provided a straightforward answer to the lord's question, the lord had no reason to dislike Rockefeller.

"Good, can you lend me that amount?"

"Yes, of course we can lend it to you. Who are we to refuse when someone wants to borrow from us?"

Upon hearing this, the lord wore a satisfied expression.

"Pleasant to hear."

"My lord, so 5,000 dalants will be enough?"

"There is no more to lend anyway, is there?"

"No, if you need more, we are willing to lend you more."


At those words, the lord and Carter were both surprised.

The lord seemed to be surprised at the hidden wealth within the bank, whereas Carter thought otherwise.

'What nonsense is this? Lending more than 5,000 dalants?'

Since they were lending nonexistent money, Rockefeller's words were not impossible. However, Carter's anxiety was multiplied by Rockefeller's bold speech.

At that moment, the lord cleared his face of satisfaction and frowned again.

Then, his gaze transformed into a blade once more and pierced Carter.

"How much gold do you have hidden away? Secretly hiding enough gold to lend more than 5,000 dalants?"

Unaware of the fact that they were lending non-existent money, the lord pressured Carter, who became a liar in the blink of an eye, and he reflexively waved his hand.

"No, no, that's not it."

As Carter's gaze quickly turned fierce and his speech stumbled, Rockefeller realized the situation and stepped in with a smile to save it.

"My lord, that's not the case. The amount of gold that we can lend from our shop is only 5,000 dalants owned by Mr. Carter personally."

"Then where do we get the loans from?"

If a bank secretly lent other people's money and rumors spread, the lord would naturally have to take responsibility for that sin.

Therefore, Rockefeller was trying to obtain the lord's consent in advance in case of that situation.

"My lord, you know that we can't lend other people's gold when borrowing from our shop, right?"

"Don't tell me, you want to lend other people's gold?"

The lord wore a rather displeased expression.

It was beyond his common sense, which is why he felt that way.

"That's a crime. Other people's gold coins are naturally others', so why lend them to others? It's not even their own gold coins."

"But, my lord. Isn't it the situation? You need a lot of gold coins right now, but as we follow the existing rules, we can only lend up to 5,000 dalants. However, if you turn a blind eye to this, we can also help as much as possible."

The lord continued to show an unwelcoming expression.

The life of the bank was trust.

In that sense, people were entrusting their life-like gold coins, and it's a joke to play around with those coins.

If it were usual, he would have gotten angry, but as someone who urgently needed money, the lord could not ignore Rockefeller's words.


To the lord who was coughing for no reason, Rockefeller subtly suggested.

"We take the risk and help you a lot this time, could you please look after our convenience as well?"

"What convenience?"

"We hope that you will quietly turn a blind eye to breaking the existing rule that we can only lend our gold coins. Then, it becomes possible for us to lend you more than 5,000 dalants this time."

Rockefeller finished speaking.

"Of course, if you grant permission."

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