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Chapter 25 Part 1 - The Mysterious Art Museum

A street artist's life changed when he ended up at a mysterious art museum. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,Art,Artist,Slice of life,Poor to Rich,Mystery

Belle Époque (4)

Thirty days flew by in the blink of an eye.

The dream collaboration with a major corporation.

Honestly, until that strange dream in the art museum, my dreams were more modest.

I hoped to get a chance for a small personal exhibition, sell a few paintings there to support myself, and work more on my art, taking on designs for small company booths at expos or small decorative items.

But this is something else.

From the start, it felt like I had reached the top of my dreams.

So, these past 30 days felt like a dream to me.

It was my first time realizing how complex designing home appliances could be.

Thinking about it, it seems obvious. Why had I never considered it before?

Art designs going into home appliances.

Not like painting directly on a real fridge,

Not just printing my painting and sticking it on like a sticker.

A separate process is created for the part of the fridge where the design goes, making the painting an integral part of the fridge, produced automatically.

It was the fruit of tremendous effort and sweat, not just from designers but also from numerous factory workers, technicians, and computer programmers.

My last day at work.

Today, I have a prototype demonstration in front of MG Electronics executives in the morning, and in the afternoon, in front of the company’s major shareholders. Monica handles the executive report alone, but for the shareholder event, the entire design team and I must be present.

Of course, Monica or Sooyoung will lead the presentation, not me.

The venue for the shareholder demonstration is in Cheongdam-dong's West Grey Hotel lobby.

I’ve been nervously gulping and sitting on a corner sofa, trembling my legs. I've been to the company for 30 days, but I only know Sooyoung and Monica, so there's no one to be with when they're not around.

'I wonder how the executive report went? What if the major shareholders react negatively?'

I haven’t heard the results of the morning's executive report.

Since Monica and Sooyoung didn’t return to the office and went straight to the hotel to prepare for the afternoon event, I could only be nervous, biting my nails.

Then, a robust man's voice is heard.

“Artist Ban Jung-hoon.”

Is he calling me? It’s an honor to be called an artist.

I turn my head and see a well-dressed, middle-aged man standing there, with a decently protruding belly and an imposing presence.

His sharp eyes seem to hold charisma fitting for his position.

“Yes, I am Ban Jung-hoon.”

The man offers a handshake and says,

“I'm Kim Shin-il, the Domestic Business Manager at MG Electronics.”

Wow, the business manager – I heard he’s quite powerful. I’ve heard about him from Sooyoung. I shake his hand and bow.

“Nice to meet you.”

“Ha ha, you are much younger than I thought.”

Kim Shin-il holds onto my hand and laughs.

It's awkward having a stranger hold onto my hand like this.

"I saw the executive demonstration."

Wait, does the business head also attend the executive demonstrations? I thought it was only for vice-presidents and directors.

"Ah, you saw... it?"

"Yes, it was very impressive."


Honestly, I wanted to ask right away.

How was it?

What are people saying?

Is it okay?

Was there anyone who criticized it?

But I forced myself to swallow the questions screaming to get out of my throat. It would look too desperate. I tried to appear composed and naturally released my hand with an awkward smile.

As Kim, the business head, watches middle-aged men and women, who appear to be major shareholders, enter the hall, he continues speaking.

"To be honest, I was opposed to this project initially."


"Oh, don't get me wrong. It's not that I disliked your design, I was against it from the competition stage. But after seeing the design drafts brought by Monica, I became an absolute supporter of this project."

Phew, I thought he was a villain, but thankfully not. Manager Kim continues.

"To be honest, it's my first time seeing it."

"Excuse me?"

"The sight of the president giving a standing ovation after seeing the prototype."


For a moment, my thoughts froze.

With a smile, Kim-bujang pats my shoulder and then heads towards the hall, saying,

"I have high expectations for you. Well then."

As Manager Kim's figure fades into the distance, I just stand there, blankly staring at his back.

'The president of MG Electronics clapped at the design?'

Is it just lip service? No, why would a major corporate division head say such a thing if it weren't true? Really? Did the executives actually praise it? A standing ovation means high praise.

Then, I hear Sooyoung's voice.

【Ladies and Gentlemen, major shareholders of MG Electronics, please make your way into the hall. Soon, there will be a demonstration of MG Electronics' new product.】

I quickly gather my thoughts and hurry into the hall.

'Wow, there are so many major shareholders?'

In dramas, you see about thirty people sitting in a major shareholder meeting. But in real life, there are so many more. It looks close to a hundred.

I couldn't dare to sit at the same table as them and instead stood at the back wall in a posture similar to the security guards. On the stage, there is a huge object covered with a black cloth, much bigger than a refrigerator. Of course, I know what it is.

For appliances like refrigerators, a mock kitchen is set up during the demonstration, and the refrigerator is installed to look like it's actually in a house. So under that black cloth is a mock kitchen set.


A refrigerator that underwent numerous design revisions.

Of course, it wasn't my drawing that was revised, but the design team, including Monica, spent a lot of time adjusting the size of the refrigerator slightly, changing the design of the edges, or changing the color of the door to highlight my drawing.

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