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Chapter 25 Part 2 - The Mysterious Art Museum

A street artist's life changed when he ended up at a mysterious art museum. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,Art,Artist,Slice of life,Poor to Rich,Mystery

Then, Sooyoung takes the stage on the right.

With her elegant and clean image, Sooyoung fits perfectly in such events, resembling a famous broadcaster's announcer.

Sooyoung bows slightly at the microphone and begins.

【Thank you, major shareholders of MG Electronics, for taking time from your busy schedules to attend the new product demonstration. Now, let us showcase the refrigerator that will define the next five years for MG Electronics.】

There's a loud applause.

The people are watching the black cloth with a strange sense of anticipation.

The reason for their expressions is that the outcome of today will change the value of their shares for the next five years.

Sooyoung looks towards the stage and says,

【For the presentation of the new product, I'd like to introduce Monica Rosellini, former chief designer at the luxury Italian brand Alessandro Cucinelli and currently the chief designer at MG Electronics.】

The applause grows even louder.

The major shareholders seem more pleased with the arrival of a renowned and trustworthy chief designer than with an uncertain new product.

As the beautiful Monica ascends the stage, gasps and murmurs from the shareholders can be heard. They must be surprised by Monica's beauty.


Standing at the back, I am taken aback by Monica's appearance on stage.

I expected her to be dressed in high-end clothes, stylish and elegant. But Monica's current look is entirely unexpected.

A slightly muted red dress.

Her hair, lush and let down.

Neat Mary Jane shoes.

No earrings or necklace, a clean look.

Even minimal makeup.

Of course, that doesn't diminish her beauty, but it's not the attire you'd expect for such an event.

'In the painting, Monica's look.'


Monica is standing on the stage, exuding a gentle smile, just like the portrait I drew of her.

If her usual image is that of a charismatic, sexy career woman, hard to approach, now she gives off the vibe of a goddess from the Swiss countryside.

Monica deliberately speaks in a refined Italian accent.

Her words are translated for the major shareholders through Sooyoung. She could speak in English, but she chooses Italian to emphasize the elegance.

Monica, with a leisurely smile, walks slowly across the stage, making eye contact with the major shareholders. She begins to speak.

【I have always believed that good ideas or technology are universally valued. In other words, what is good is appreciated anywhere in the world. Take, for example, the top-quality cashmere produced in Mongolia, less than 1% of their total output. It's very thin and light. Yet, it's warmer than heavier woolen fabrics. But do only Mongolians seek this cashmere? No, right? Exactly, it's sought after worldwide.】

True to her fashion industry background, Monica gives an example related to fashion.

【One of the sectors that is sensitive to changes in population and lifestyle is home appliances, including white goods, brown goods, and small appliances. If you look at the recent home appliance market, you can see that the scope of changes in technology and design is increasing. This evolution is to satisfy the aesthetic desires of consumers whose tastes and discernment are becoming more refined.】

Some of the major shareholders nod their heads.

It seems they quickly understand Monica's point, being sensitive to changes in business trends.

Monica smiles and adds,

【However, not only good ideas and technology are universally valued. There's another thing - art.】

There is no need for further explanation on this; it's a universally understood concept.

【I remember visiting a house once, where the interior was so fantastically antique, but the appliances did not match at all. For example, in a house with antique interiors, there would be a modern refrigerator designed primarily in metal or stainless steel. Some people even remodel their kitchen because of the refrigerator. This doesn't fit with the Korean environment where living rooms and kitchens are often designed to be connected. If so, the living room would have brown appliances, and the kitchen white.】

Again, the major shareholders nod in agreement. I watch their reactions, taking a tense breath.

It's finally time to reveal the product.

【Enhancing each experience to be better is the role of modern appliances. But our aesthetic desires in modern living are very strong. Consumers are no longer satisfied with products that only perform well functionally.】

Monica closes her eyes and says,

【Let's all close our eyes for a moment, shall we?】

The major shareholders look around at each other and then slowly close their eyes. Monica slightly furrows her brow and continues,

【Imagine coming home exhausted, opening the front door. Far ahead, you see your beloved spouse sitting at the dining table. Behind them, what do you see? Of course, a refrigerator. But do you want the image of your spouse to be framed in a cold stainless steel frame? We desire something warmer and cozier when we return home after a day's work to meet our spouse.】

Monica spins around, raising her hand high.

【We find peace of mind and psychological fulfillment in art. It's the greatest gift that art can offer. Now, the time has come when appliances need not just functionality and mobility, but also art.】

At Monica's signal, the black cloth is suddenly removed and flies away.

【Introducing MG Electronics' new appliance, Belle Époque, that will satisfy your aesthetic desires and fill the warmth missing in your home!】

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