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Chapter 26 Part 1 - The Mysterious Art Museum

A street artist's life changed when he ended up at a mysterious art museum. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,Art,Artist,Slice of life,Poor to Rich,Mystery

Belle Époque (5)

The new refrigerator from MG Electronics is named "Belle Époque."

I'm modest, but this name reflects my suggestion.

Initially, Monica proposed the name "Art Nouveau."

Given that my painting resembled the style of Alphonse Mucha, who opened the horizons of the Art Nouveau era, I presented this suggestion, conscious of his influence.

However, through my conversations with Alphonse Mucha, I came to understand the era he longed for.

"Belle Époque," a French term, means "beautiful era."

It typically refers to a golden age in Europe, from the late 19th century until the outbreak of World War I, marked by peace and rapid advancements in economy and culture.

It was a time when technological and artistic developments occurred simultaneously.

No one imagined that the pinnacle of technological progress would lead to war, an era of peace.

Teacher always longed for that era.

When I unveiled his last painting, I wanted to name it after the era he yearned for throughout his life.

Fortunately, both Monica and Sooyoung liked the idea.

Moreover, its name coinciding with the end part of O-Sung Electronics' main home appliances' names made it a strategic competitor, positively reviewed and eventually chosen.

As the black curtains were drawn and all lights in the hall turned off, ceiling lights illuminated the previously veiled kitchen, making people look around in wonder.

A warm-feeling wooden island kitchen table.

And behind it, a deep green Scandinavian kitchen.

The space where wallpapers might have been was adorned with rustic beige tiles.

And then, my painting visible behind the large table at the center.

A large painting in an opulent, ornate golden frame.

It was a beautiful kitchen, but the major shareholders murmured in confusion.

"Where is the refrigerator?"

"Wasn't today's prototype supposed to be a refrigerator?"

"I don't think MG Electronics is entering the kitchen interior business."

I smiled shakily, realizing Monica's intention was hitting the mark.

Monica had said this when creating this kitchen set:

"The point is to make people unable to find the refrigerator. It emphasizes that a cold-feeling fridge no longer disrupts the kitchen interior."

She is indeed remarkable.

Everything was proceeding just as she had planned.

Frankly, aside from my painting, I didn't do much for this project; Monica's contribution was significant.

As Monica slowly walked towards the kitchen, everyone's eyes followed her.

Monica, slightly tossing her hair back, sat on a dining chair and smiled at the audience.

"How about this? Imagine opening your front door to find your beautiful spouse within such a beautiful picture."

I chuckled.

"Ordinary people's spouses don't look like you, Monica."

The major shareholders still looked confused, but due to the prestige and weight of Monica's name, they hesitated to ask questions.

Monica stood up and circled the kitchen, performing a simple contemporary dance.

She opened trays with turns, and made washing-up gestures with her back turned.

The kitchen looked beautiful from any angle. Of course, Monica's beauty contributed to it.

Monica took out a wooden cutting board and a knife, pretending to chop parsley, making the sound of the knife hitting the board. Then, she clapped her hands, speaking to herself.

"Ah, he'll be back soon, I must hurry. Where did I put the onions?"

Monica spun around and stood in front of the painting behind the table.

As Monica leaned against the painting with a seductive smile, the male shareholders' faces turned red.

The women started to notice the beautiful painting, each expressing their admiration.

"What is that painting? I've never seen it before, but why does it feel so familiar?"

"Such a beautiful family painting, it looks like something from a Tarot card. So pretty."

"I'd love to hang a painting like that in my house. It feels like it would bring harmony to my family."

Hearing their comments about the painting, I relaxed slightly and smiled naturally.

"Teacher, are you watching? Even after 100 years, your paintings still receive such admiration."

When Monica turned around to look at the frame, the major shareholders craned their necks, not understanding what she was doing. Then, as Monica pulled on the bottom part of the frame, the painting split in half.

Some of the shareholders were so surprised they even stood up.

"That, that was a refrigerator?"

"I thought it was just a painting! There was a fridge!"

Monica had suggested making the upper two doors of the refrigerator look like a frame.

The lower two doors of the freezer, matching the color of the wallpaper, seemed to merge with the wall, making it appear as if only a framed painting hung there.

The built-in refrigerator, designed in Kitchen Fit style, blended perfectly with the wall.

Monica continued her act and opened the lower freezer compartment. As the seemingly empty wall split in half to reveal the freezer, the number of major shareholders who stood up to take a closer look increased.

Monica then took a few prepared food props from the refrigerator and placed them on the table, then closed both the upper and lower doors. As if by magic, the refrigerator disappeared, leaving only the wall with the beautiful picture in the frame. Monica had erased the refrigerator from the kitchen with this design.

Finally, the major shareholders fully understood the intention behind the new product.

A middle-aged female shareholder started clapping.

"It's perfect! I want to buy one right away!"

The major shareholders, initially stunned by the revolutionary design, regained their composure and began to clap.

Everyone, whether they were already standing or seated, stood up and gave a standing ovation. Monica then stopped her act, performing a turn reminiscent of a ballerina's final dance move at the end of a performance, and came to the center of the stage, slightly bowing her head and knee.

"The Belle Époque is not just a term for an art movement, but a word that describes an era. With our new product, MG Electronics will usher in a new era of revolution in the design industry."

The applause from the major shareholders grew louder.

Those present were individuals highly sensitive to the flow of money.

Their reaction indicated that the success of the business was imminent.

Monica, clapping along, reached out to the major shareholders, acknowledging their applause.

This achievement was thanks to their support.

As the applause grew louder and reached its peak, Sooyoung's closing remarks signaled the end of the meeting.

"This concludes the demonstration of MG Electronics' new future, the Belle Époque. We thank our major shareholders for gracing this occasion. MG Electronics promises to continue innovating in design and maintaining high-quality technology to remain a leader in the industry."

The stage goes dark.

The applause from the audience continues for a while.

I stand alone in the dark corner of the conference room, smiling slightly.

'I've crossed one mountain.'

I had heard that it's common to be rejected in major shareholder or management presentations and to have to redo the design. But Monica, a talented designer, succeeded on her first try.

'She's remarkable.'

I want to be like her.

I want to shine like that too.

Today, I felt my inner desires grow a bit stronger.

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