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Chapter 27 Part 2 - The Mysterious Art Museum

A street artist's life changed when he ended up at a mysterious art museum. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,Art,Artist,Slice of life,Poor to Rich,Mystery

Following Monica, Minyoung stepped out in front of the MG Electronics headquarters and headed to her office. Arriving in front of the office on the 8th floor, Monica turned around and asked, "Remember I told you about my dream? Do you remember it?"

Minyoung hesitated as if she couldn't recall, but then quickly remembered.

“The rebuilding of your hometown village?”

Monica nods her head happily.

“I wanted to show it to you too. My beautiful hometown village.”

As Monica opens the door to her office, a large painting in a modest yet elegant frame is visible behind her desk.

Minyoung, thinking it was just a simple portrait, is surprised to see that it's actually a grand piece. She widens her eyes and blinks.

“That's... your hometown village?”

“Yes, Roseto Valfortore. la mia dolce casa (my sweet home).”

The incredibly beautiful Italian village.

The unmodernized rural village resembles a medieval town.

If it weren't for Monica, depicted holding a child and smiling in the center, and the contemporary attire of the surrounding people, one might think it's a Renaissance era painting.

Minyoung closely examines Monica’s portrait in the painting.

Monica, already a great beauty, didn’t need any embellishment for the portrait, shining radiantly beautiful.

But what shone brighter than her looks was her dazzling smile.

The face of Monica, not just smiling but laughing heartily with crescent-moon shaped eyes.

In fact, Minyoung found it a bit unfamiliar, as she had never seen Monica laugh like that.

“You laugh like this?”

Monica, crossing her arms and smiling, looks at the painting with Minyoung and shakes her head.

“No, but I'm going to try to laugh like that from now on.”

Minyoung looks at her friend's profile. The face of her friend smiling.

‘A painting of a person is changing a person.’

It's not just as she is, but as she will be in the future.

Depicting her friend, joyous as she rebuilds the village. This is a future yet to come.

Monica, looking at the painting with a happy face, says,

“On days when I'm so tired and want to sleep for about ten hours after returning to the hotel, looking at this painting gives me strength. It makes me eager to return to my village and smile happily like that. It gives me energy I didn't know I had.”


Minyoung, who is several years younger, has known Monica as a senior from their school days.

They became close because they used adjacent rooms in the dormitory, even though they only spent a little over a year at school together.

Minyoung feels that the Monica she knew then and the Monica now are different.

‘Monica always used to get sad when talking about her hometown.’

But now?

She’s beaming as she looks at the painting of her hometown village.

She says it gives her strength just by looking at it.

She wants to work towards creating such a future, not just dream about it.

Minyoung looks again at the painting.

The beautiful painting resembling the style of Alphonse Mucha.

It might be called a derivative work of Mucha when it goes out into the world, but the value of art is determined by the satisfaction of the owner.

To Monica, this painting is worth far more than the ten million won she paid for it.

Minyoung wonders about the person who created such a painting.

“What did you ask for when you ordered the painting?”

Monica thinks back and says,

“I didn’t like the portrait that was drawn for me on the street, so I asked to have it redrawn.”

“·········· Is that it?”


A painting containing her hometown, her dreams, and a happy future.

She simply asked for a portrait to be drawn and got this?

Minyoung looks at the painting again and asks,

“What's his name?”

“Ban Jung-hoon.”

“How old is he?”

“I think he said he was twenty-six.”

Monica, not too concerned with age as a Westerner, only roughly remembers the age, but coincidentally tells the correct one.

Minyoung thinks for a moment and asks,

“Can you give me his contact?”

Monica looks surprised.

“Anna’s style?”


“Hmm, Jung-hoon is handsome. He's the best-looking guy I've met since coming to this country. Of course, he's not as good-looking as celebrities on TV.”

“It’s not about that.”

Monica narrows her eyes and looks at her friend, who is again looking at the painting.

“Then, a commission for a painting?”

Minyoung nods slightly.

“The product demo is over, so the external designers won’t have anything to do, right?”

“Well, that’s true.”

“Do we need his face for marketing after the official product launch?”

“Well, nothing has been decided yet.”

"If needed, I’ll let you have him. Until then, I want to use him."


Monica pondered for a moment, then shrugged. "Okay, should be fine. You’ll pay well, right?"

"Of course."

"Alright, but I’ll ask Jung-hoon first before giving you his contact."

Minyoung nodded and looked at the painting again. 'I still need more information.'

She planned to instruct her secretary to research this painter, Ban Jung-hoon, on her way out. If he didn’t have a proven career, further verification would be needed.

Monica, admiring the painting again, asked, "But what job do you have in mind for him?"

Minyoung, staring intently at the painting, replied, "My father has just given me the management rights to one of our hotels."

"Oh? Where?"

"W Tree Ambassador Hannam."

"Wow, congratulations. You're a business executive now. Can I visit sometime?"


Monica nodded in satisfaction, piecing together her friend's words and smiling knowingly at her intention.

"Interior decoration, right?"

Monica had quickly figured out Minyoung's plan to employ Jung-hoon for the hotel’s decorative art. She appreciated having a friend who didn’t waste time.

Without a word, Minyoung nodded and stepped closer to the painting.

"Of course, if he lacks experience in this field, it might be difficult to entrust him with the job. I'll have to verify first."

Monica smiled with her eyes.

She had done the same verification before entrusting work to him.

Jung-hoon, still unknown in the art world, would likely face such tests for a while.

"Jung-hoon is about to face another test in his career."

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